Monday, August 07, 2006

Reflecting on my family.

Well, here I am entering my final days in Maryland. I have learned quite a lot since I have been out here. It has been quite a growing experience for me, spiritually and in every other way. I am so thankful for my family, how supportive they all are. Every single one of my siblings have been so nice to me, have been keeping in touch and helping me out.

Amber and Todd are always awesome, and even a few text messages or hellos on the webcam can make me giddy for days! Todd can make me feel more special than anyone else can. He is so protective, and understands the true worth of souls. Let me just say to any guy who treats me or any of my sisters wrong, they better watch out, or else Todd will kill them. I am not even kidding. And Amber knows exactly what to say when I am down. She is like, my second mom, but my sister, so like, my bestfriend-mom-sister all in one. She is so accepting, and is so hillarious. I want all my friends to be best friends with Amber and Todd, because then everyone would be jealous of how cool they are, and how lucky I am to have them.

Mattie is always there to help me with any technical problem, or is just interested to hear what has been going on in my life. Although we don't get to see eachother that awesome, Matt always knows how to show he really does love me. It is fun to talk to my awesome bro when ever I get the chance, he helps me no matter what the problem. And his wife Cortnie is just so precious, and is so inspirational on interior design, and always has something intellectual and interesting to add. She is so pretty and wise, I wish I could spend so much more time with her.

Cami and Jake of course, have been wonderful to me as well, taking me in their home and letting me stay for the summer! That is a big thing to have a whole other person to consider! But they make everyday interesting and fun, and always have things worked out. I will have so many great memories of this summer because of them. Is this awesome(Y/N)?

Drewsie has probably been the best support, though he is the farthest away. Any word from him can cheer me up no matter how down I am. He knows exactly the right thing to say, and is always so happy and hopeful. Even though he is off serving a mission right now, I still know he loves me and cares about me. He is like... another version of me. What could be better than being best friends... with yourself??

Melody and Jonny, I really can't wait until we are all best chums when I live in Provo. They are so adventuresome. Jonny plays the perfect big brother figure to me, and ALWAYS remembers things I tell him, and is so interested in my life. Melody helps me out so much with friend problems and want to be informed. She is so thoughtful and helpful.

Emily and KC have been more than amazing this summer. Emily always finds time to include me in her life, and is so nice to hang out with me. And of course, KC is the only one who can match my Simpsons knowledge skills. They are so cute and funny when they get together, and KC can make me laugh no matter what he says. He is probably one of the most chipper, happy people I know.

And I don't think I can even begin to explain what my parents have done for me. Good grief, how they have looked out for me and cared for me. I have been such a brat these last few months, especially in high school, and yet they have only tried to give me the best of everything. Dad, who I am so impressed with, always is keeping up with all of his kids, and loves to talk to all of us. I miss mom and dad ever so, and can't wait until I can spend Sunday dinner with them.

Anyway, I am just so amazed and thankful for the amazing family I have been blessed with. Everyone is so different, but contribute so many different things to make life so perfect. I truely have a testimony that families are together, and I would want nothing more than to be with the familiy I have for the rest of my life. I love each and everyone of them individually, and know that they love me. I would be lost with out any of them, and there is nothing they could ever do to make me stop loving them.