Sunday, January 28, 2007

You can't stop the beat!

I have GREAT news everyone. Not only is Harry Potter 5, Spider Man 3, and the Simpsons movie coming out this summer, but now, the most amazing movie to look forward to...

Oh man... I have loved this musical since 10th grade, and I finally got to see it live in NY with Chris Cahoon. We LOVED it, and it was so amazing, and now it is going to be a full length movie musical! Finally they started making DECENT musicals into movies! Enough of this stupid Rent crap! Anyway, I highly recommend it. The cast includes Michelle Pfipher, John Travolta (playing an overweight woman) Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron (from High School Musical)and so many more amazing people! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I will be there opening night for sure!

This is a hostage situation... GONE TOO FAR!

It start out fun! Stealing a cell phone here and there, they took my car and moved it to the middle of no where, just funny things like that. Now it has gone too far...

Those boys in 195 stole... TWILIGHT!!! They cruel, cruel boys completely took by copy of Twilight! I know they are just jealous. Every boy is. No boy could ever be like Edward, so they STOLE HIM FROM ME! I just would like them to know, this will not go unnoticed.. Some things are unforgivable.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Men's Den Tuxedos, University Mall, This is Elise!

So with my new laptop in hand, I decided to give you all a tour around Men's Den, my humble abode. I was also testing out my new webcam! So, here we go!

Here i am bored at work as usual... Sigh... Thank heavens for this lap top. I watched 2 hours worth of Simpsons, and a Mighty Wind. So funny.

Here is some nice angles of our show room. Look at all those beautiful vests! The cost $8-10 extra.

And the other angle of the show room. Here we have all of our suits, plus, our most expensive, the DeMarco. It rents for $89.99. Also, I love the tails on the right. A whole wedding party ordered those for 7 groomsmen. So, come to Men's Den everyone, and I can get you some killer prices!

Friday, January 26, 2007

MEET... Edward.

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new laptop, Edward.

Isn't he delicious??!!!?!! The best part is... built in webcam. For anyone who knows me, you understand how very much a webcam is necessary in my life, so you can't even imagine the surprise when I opened up the top, and there, staring me in the face was a built in webcam... Nicole and I already have big plans. Big plans.

Anyway, I am very grateful to have such a nice, new computer, which I DO partly own, and I am planning on protecting this like it was my own child. Or even more. No virus shall taint this laptop. Ever. Anyway, hurrah For Edward.

Edit: Here is a picture taken with my new cam!

Family Harry Potter Evening!

So, as the mother of our Family Home Evening group, I decided that this year we were going to have some KILLER activities. We had some fun ones last year, ice cream making, painting and such, but lately, we have been having awesome times! I did FHEmo night, singing and venting together, expressing our feelings and such, donning a crap-load of eye liner. But I must say, last week was probably my favorite activity.

Family Harry Potter Evening.

Basically we all drove over to Amber and Todd's, where we watched The Goblet of Fire in their theater room. We had a BLAST, dressing up as characters. Luckilly, I had enough merchandise to help out all of my roomies. Anyway, hooray for FHE.

The Best Road Trip EVER! (Well, a close second to Disneyland...)

So basically, Megan and I decided, in the height of our Twilight obsession, that it would be a good idea, in order to cement our friendship, to drive to Phoenix, AZ in may in order to attend the... Eclipse Prom. Yes, the Eclipse Prom will be marvelous indeed, full of fun times and mystery. If you aren't sure what that is, here is the info: Well, that isn't the detailed one we read, but it gives you the basic idea. Really it is a big dance, mostly fangirlies are going to be there, and we are there to celebrate everything edward. Whom is edward, you may ask? Here is a picture of him and me.

So, we called up Nicole who has relatives living in Phoenix, and decided that if we split the gas money, and only live on little food a day, we can leave friday, go to the dance on Saturday, then drive home Sunday! We are completely going insane at the very thought. We REALLY aren't that obsessive or psycotic, but we think this would just be really fun for us to take a road trip for a common cause. Plus we get to hear the first chapter of Eclipse!!! EEEEEE!!!! Anyway, hurrah for our roadtrip! Cheers to us! And Long live Edward!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

For your... bin-formation.

Ok, the title is only because I always like to repeat what people say, except really exagerate that I changed the words to rhyme. Such as someone says, "I am going to go to the store" I then say, "you mean you're going to the... floor?!?!?!" Anyway, onto the real reason I started this post.

I just wanted to say sorry that sometimes I am not the most responsive person to other's blogs. I want you all to know that I DO read them regularly, but as I am curretly confined to my old desktop computer that was the family's computer back when I was in 7th grade, it is really, really frustrating when it takes 10 minutes just to open a browser. BUT! That brings me to my next point...

I JUST BOUGHT A NEW LAPPY! Dad and I have been looking since mine blew up the other day. I feel horrible about it, and I wanted to pay for a whole new laptop, but amazing dad said I could pay half! Which I will gladly do! With this new laptop, I will make websites that are glorious! Anyway, I am SOOOOO excited, it should be here in about a week! I can't wait!

Also, I am very proud of my roommate, Mandy right now. We all had a little discussion on sunday about how our apartment was getting too cluttered, and Mandy responded to that by de-cluttering our room, and I am amazed everytime I walk in, because it looks so lovely. Thanks Mandy for understanding my silly desires to be such a clean freak!

Well, off to Men's Den! Later to al!

Friday, January 19, 2007

100 things, then...

I guess I was always one to go with the crowd... But I enjoyed reading my siblings lists so much I decided to do my own!

1. In the past 3 years, I have been a Blonde, a redhead, and a brunette.
2. I hate hate hate college, and am just passing the time until I get married. I will probably graduate by that time, though. Poo.
3. I haven't gone one day with out talking or hanging out with Nicole for more than a year now.
4. I have had 6 boyfriends since 8th grade, and only to one I have ever told them I love them. He is still the only boy I have ever confessed my love to.
5. I have taken over 600 pictures of myself on my webcam. Probably a LOT more.
6. I still would rather watch a cartoon than any other tv show. Specifically Simpsons, Futurama, Spongebob, O'Grady, and Daria.
7. I am DEATHLY afraid of public speaking. Really, my worst fear. Mostly when there are requirements to be met such as, a certain topic, or rules. Testimony meeting: nearly impossible for me to EVER stand up.
8. Yet, I would rather be on stage than anywhere else in the world. Specifically, a musical. What is the difference? I am given a part, where I am told EXACTLY what to say and how to say it. That is A LOT different than coming up with your own material.
9. I don't think I will honestly and fully trust another man again. It will take atleast 5 years for me to fully trust a guy.
10. All I need for a fun Friday night is Nicole and a tv.
11. If there is something on the internet that you think is funny, I have already seen it. 2 months ago.
12. I cannot, absolutely cannot, sit through class with out doodling. It will never happen.
13. I have more than 7 pillows on my twin bed. I need them all.
14. I have read all of the Harry Potter books combined... over 50 times. Pray for me.
15. I am the youngest of seven children, and yes, I am spoiled rotten. Sorry mom and dad, but yes, you do spoil me, for which I am very grateful.
16. I have BEEN to platform 9 and 3/4. I couldn't make it through though. I don't want to talk about it.
17. I can't go more than an hour with out singing a song.
18. I was student body artist in 9th and 12th grade.
19. I will eat almost anything breakfast at any time of the day. Always.
20. My senior year was the absolute WORST year of my life, but best as well, because I got my best friends out of it.
21. I have talked to a police detective before! Very intimidating. I never thought I would have to do it.
22. I went to see a councilor once, and left feeling like I was more stable before I went in than after.
23. I am deathly afraid of being pregnant. I can't think of anything scarier. Sure I want kids, but man... I can even think about it.
24. For five years now, I have had atleast one HP calendar hanging in my room.
25. I hardly EVER say ANYTHING to make people mad at me. It has caused SOOO many problems like you can't even imagine, but I have always been a passive agressive person, who finds other ways to send a message across.
26. I have watched each episode of Simpsons season 6 and 7 more than 10 times each.
27. I have kissed 5 boys. 3 of which were my boyfriends.
28. I was caught by the cops in mid kiss during my first kiss. Also, the boy I had my first kiss with was also my last kiss.
29. I like to learn how to do things by myself rather than have people tell me what to do. Such as, making up my own hairstyles, drawing, computer stuff, etc.
30. I love to give people things. I always tell Nicole when I am filthy rich I am going to buy her a green bug, first thing.
31. I plan to have my 15 minutes of fame soon, because of one of my movies on the internet.
32. Not one day goes by where I don't wish I could call Drew. Not one day. Sometimes I even dial his number.
33. I have a rotation of 7 shampoos, which I do rotate regularly. It is very healthy for your hair.
34. Being Fantine was the ultimate high and low point in my life. Such an internal conflict, even thinking about those times. I hate them, and never want to think about it again, and yet, I loved being on stage. So cruel, it is.
35. I heart photoshop.
36. I own 3 pairs of boots. Black ones, brown furry ones, and shiney red ones.
37. I am in love with a fictional Vampire named Edward.
38. My cell phone is ripped to shreds, but i can't get a new one, because the scratches are from Splash Mountain.
39. Speaking of Disneyland, I have been 3 times in the past two years. Drew and I could hit every ride in that park in one day, only waiting in line 15 minutes at the most
40. I would rather be at Disneyland more than anywhere else in this world.
41. I would rather DIE than go to my high school reunion. Or atleast do anything that reminded me of my senior year.
42. I have had 7 hamsters, all named sturgeon, except ferdinand, of course.
43. My favorite movie has been, since 6th grade, Mystery Men. It will never change.
44. My ultimate dream is to play Amneris in Aida.
45. I can't write a decent paper. I hate writing papers. I never want to write another paper again.
46. I am spoiled not only by my parents, but also by all my older siblings in some way.
47. I threw a moving away party for myself on the last day of school, where half the school came, then showed my face at school the next year, where I was questioned about 100 times about what I was still doing here. Not good for the self esteem at all.
48. I am probably one of the most insecure people you will ever meet, ever, but I cover it up with weirdness. If I give people a reason to make fun of me, then I don't have to worry about accidentally making a fool of myself.
49. Which brings me to my next point. Oddly, I never get embarrassed. I am insecure, but mind over matter, my friends. Mind over matter.
50. I haven't bought groceries in a month, which is where I am heading out to do right now.
51. I love waffle crisp. A lot. Also Raisin Bran Crunch.
52. I lost 12 teeth in 9 months in 7th grade. I was called chipmunk all the time. Quite traumatizing.
53. My movie on the internet has been viewed over 2500 times. I couldn't be more proud.
54. In my last semester of my senior year, I missed at least one class every day. With out fail. And still got out of high school with a 3.8 GPA.
55. My biggest accomplishment so far still, was being voted Miss Clearcreek in 5th grade.
56. I was on swimteam for 9 years. I won county for breaststroke, then finally quit because I got insecure about my thighs.
57. In my senior year, I often found myself running away to Amber and Todd's house, because no matter how horrible the situation, they always made it better.
58. I have worked in two preschools now, and love it, despite my shady upbringing of children hating.
59. I spent my junior high years making movies such as: Attack of the Killer Beanie Babies, Harrietta Potter and the Squattermelon Stone, The Britney Spears project, and Charlie's Angels: Literally.
60. Most of the time, I would rather sit in my room and play on my computer than socializing. Seriously.
61. I have had a spiderman kiss. It was quite delightful.
62. I am a compuslive clothes buyer. I buy new clothes, then I forget I have them because I keep buying more and more. But I am an extreme bargain shopper, and only buy the cheapest of cheap.
63. I sang the Cat Came Back in the school talent show in 3rd grade, then became a manila 5th ward legend by singing it at girls camp.
64. I made a girl pass out at girls camp by my false stories while snipe hunting.
65. I went on a paligadate with 3 boys last night. We watched Harry Potter.
66. I have been working on a gryffindor blanket for 2 years, and I am only half done. But it is going to be good...
67. I made it through high school successfully based soley on the reputation my sisters left behind.
68. I just spent sacrament meeting drawing scenes from Twilight. I love Edward.
69. In the past year, I have wrecked Amber's car, took her baby to the emergancy room, and who knows how many other disasters...
70. I have the 5th and 6th HP book on my ipod, and i like to listen to them on suffle more than music. I am hoping soon I will have them both memorized.
71. I claim all of Drew's music as mine since he is gone, so now... I have over 15,000 songs on itunes, which adds up to 263 days worth of music. ONly like... 1/8 of that is on my ipod.
72. I have been in several magazines since I was young, including the Friend, Highlights and others.
73. Sometimes I miss Drew so much I want to crawl into a ball and never leave my room again. If you have read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, how Bella feels, that is how I feel.
74. I went to England in 11th grade, and spent most of the vacation sleeping on a bus. Biggest waste of a trip EVER.
75. I have had two beds in my room since 7th grade. It has come in handy so much. I will never be with out two beds again. Until I am married.
76. Speaking of married, I really want to get married. I accept the fact that I won't get married for a while, but I really want to be done with dating. I hate dating guys.
77. I just filled out a 4 page questionaire for the Fourth District Juvinile Court for being a victim of a crime.
78. My ultimate dream came true when I went to Disneyland with my best friend last October. I couldn't have thought of anything more perfect than that.
79. My first CD I ever owned was given to me by Mattie, which was Home by Deep Blue Something. You know, Breakfast at Tiffanie's. I have every song memorized still to this day.
80. My happiest times last summer were playing Lego Star Wars with Jeffy, also with Mattie, rock climbing with Mattie and Jackson, going to NEW YORK with the amazing Chris who was so amazing to take me there, and working with the cute autistic kids at the preschool. And getting paid $12 an hour for it.
81. When we had solo and ensamble for choir in 9th grade, I got 100/100 on my song, and was one of the only ones in my class who did. I sang I Know the Truth accompanied by Drew, which is now my signature song. Forever.
82. Daria probably was one of the biggest influences on my life. I learned my sense of humor from her.
83. I taught myself how to photoshop, and can honestly say I can do it A LOT better than a lot of people out there.
84. I was the illustrator for my school newspaper, and won 1st place in the state at a Deseret News journalism confrence for the picture I drew.

see it here:

85. I constantly am stressed out of my mind that I don't have enough time to do stuff.
86. Jonny always sings, "But the tigers come at night" and it makes me laugh really hard.
87. One of my favorite articles of clothing is my t-shirt that Cami, Jake, and I all bought. It says, "A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome? y/n?". All the boys love it too.
88. I desparately miss my family back in Maryland. I told my roommates I want to move back over there so I can hang out with them again. I miss everyone soooooo bad. It is so unfair that they live so far away.
89. I went on multiple dates before I turned 16. Especially Prom. Drew was always so bitter about that, because mom and dad were so strict with the older kids.
90. I got to go see Drew in the MTC they day before he left to Wisconsin. No words will ever describe the look on his face when he saw us in the crowd. The most amazing feeling ever.
91. I miss living at home. A lot. I miss having my own floor.
92. My most favorite toy as a child was my doll house, which I took the best care of, never loosing a piece. Now, most of the pieces are gone and lost, as I decided children were more important that things. THough I hope I still have most of it for when I have children.
93. I still play dress ups. I love dressing up.
94. I cannot fall asleep with out watching something. 10th-12th grade, I watched old recorded tapes of my rotation of shows: daria, spongebob, MXC, Simpsons every night. Now since my computer is dead, I watch the Office of Strongbad on my ipod. I would rather watch simpsons, but oh well.
95. Nicole and I went clubbing once, and everyone felt awkward around us, as we broke apart from the stupid clubbing dancing, and instead did the Super Star dance, and such. All insecurity is lost when I am around Nicole.
96. I wear flip flops, no matter what the weather. A foot of snow? Who cares.
97. I was ready to graduate from high school in 8th grade. Keeping me in that place was the most horrible experience of my life.
98. I took horse back riding lessons in 6th grade. The highest point of my life. I wish I had never stopped, it was sooooooo fun. I love it.
99. I can't think of another thing to write.
100. I am almost finished with my first giant journal!!! HURRAH!


My favorite thing...

Best.... movie..... ever.....

On a scale from one to clean...

I must say I am rather surprised with myself, but pleasantly surprised. I have become a clean-a-holic. On Sunday, I spent over 3 hours cleaning my front room and kitchen and vanity area of my apartment. This was mostly inspired by me going insane that our apartment was ALWAYS dirty, and that I brought Em and KC over here in Christmas Eve, and it was so messy that is even SMELLED horrible. I was mortified, and couldn't even believe that I lived in such a place. I have been doing a good job of keeping my stuff clean in my room, and really good at keeping my room clean. I am very proud of myself, though, this is something I thought I would never accomplish in my life, and I was so worried I would bet married and be the slobbiest wife ever, but now I think I am going to be a very tidy wife for my man. Anyway, bravo for me.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My new obsession...

I have a new obsession. It is Twilight. I have done nothing but read this book for the last 3 days. No words can ever describe the feelings that have awakened within me. I crave more. I went to the bookstore immediately after I finished this morning, after staying up until 3:30 last night as well, I ran to purchase it but NOOOOOO!!!! IT WAS SOLD OUT! I bought my own copy of twilight, needing to hold it in my hands, and now I NEEEEEEEED THAT BOOK! TO CONTINUE! Mom is sitting on the couch right now reading it. She keeps commenting on how this isn't her kind of book, but I am sure she will warm up to it... I love Edward. I love him a lot. That is all I have to say. I also want everyone to know, that I have big plans in the future of becoming a vampire. This may upset some of you, but just prepare for that. Don't worry, I will be a good Vampire, and control my natural instincts, so just calm yourselves... That is all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coooool down. Cooool down. You gotta cooool down...

Em will know what that title is from. (:

So second day of class was today. It went a lot better. I water colored, I sketched, and I drew geometric shapes. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually following along with that all my teachers were saying! Finally someone is speaking my language. Art just makes perfect sense to me. It clicks in my mind. It comes from within, and feels more like a release than a task to be completed.

So it was really fun learning how to water color properly. It is so involved! Water color paper is actually cloth, for those of you who don't know, and you wet it so many times, wait for it to dry, and paint, wait, paint some more, wait, etc. It is all about layering and water concentration, if you can believe it. I had an interesting observation while in class. Normally, I sit in the back, never talk to the teacher, never raise my hand, never speak unless I have to at all, but in my art classes I am less intimidated, and actually WANT to do the work. It is amazing. SO I asked my teacher loads of questions, and kept up quite nicely! I was impressed with myself. Huzzah.

I also went to Drawing 1. I felt kind of stupid, as I didn't have the proper tools. ME! With out proper art tools! Insane, I know. But none the less, I talked to a nice boy, and a girl from my photography class last semester was in there. It is different to be instructed on my art, I, after all, have only taken one art class ever, so I am used to going at my own pace. It is hard to slow down (teacher yelled at me for going too fast...)*sob* But I am confident that I can handle the world load. Actually, excited for the work load. I am up for a good artistic challenge.

My 2D design class is actually really interesting. Matt, this will help with web design and logo design! That is basically what it is. He is all about exploring our own boundries and limits, so I love that. On the first day of class, we all announced our names and majors. I was the only illustration major in my class, so teacher made me come up to the board as draw what people called out. We were just naming image cliches, such as light bulbs, crosses, hearts, stick figures, smiley faces, cars, drama masks, the peaces sign with fingers, etc. I drew about 80 of them on the board. Every one clapped, and I blushed... A LOT. But it was fun. And today in class we broke down photographs into geometric shapes. I also got 5/5 on quiz, which is amazing. I don't think that has ever happened in the history of quizes. I never get 100%, even when there is only 5 questions. Anyway, our first assignment is to create a self portrait. I laughed, a lot. That is all I ever do. So many things to add, so little time... I am VERY excited. Anyway, I actually WANT do to homework for once. This is very encouraging.

So, school is going well. STill some stressful things to be working out, but other than that, I am pretty sure I can handle it in the long run. thanks to everyone for their encouraging words and advice. I truely appreciate it, and really apply it. Thanks for the love and caring. I miss you all. Love, lili.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So basically I kinda had a break down the other day. This usually happens at the beginning and end of the semester. It begins with me regretting what I have been doing for the past few weeks, or months, or stressed out about everything going on in my life. I begin to hate the monotony of everything, and crave change. Then, when things don't change, it transforms into me getting stressed out about my past, like stupid abusive boyfriends, and lost friendships, messy situaions. I start to freak out and wonder why I had to go through all of that, and want to hit people really hard. Then it all boils down to me wishing Drew would come home. It is a horrible cycle, and it doesn't happen too often, but I hate it. It usually is cured by shopping, but I had to not do that due to my big amount just spent on school. Anyway, then my last resort is to hide away for a while, and be anti social, and listen to music and draw horrible pictures to get thoughts out of my mind. Then I settle. It is funny. It is only when I am at my ultimate highs that things just drop like that. Am I bipolar? Or just extremely sensitive? Who knows. I guess lately I get set off by any little thing.

I guess a lot of this is coming from what happened last year at this time. Very traumatic events indeed. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me crazy. I will never understand how people can live day by day, treating other human beings like absolute garbage. Do I sound like I am rambling? I guess I just want to get all these thoughts out of my mind.

A song comes to mind. Tis called "A New World" from "Songs from the New World":

It's about one moment
That moment you think you know where you stand
And in that one moment
The things that you're sure of slip from your hand
And you've got one second
To try to be clear, to try to stand tall
But nothing's the same
And the wind starts to blow
And you're suddenly a stranger
In some completely different land
And you thought you knew
But you didn't have a clue
That the surface sometimes cracks
To reveal the tracks
To a new world

You have a house in the hills
You have a job on the coast
You find a lover you're sure you believe in
You've got a pool in the back
You get to the part of your life
You hold the ring in your hand

But then the earthquake hits
And the bank closes in
Then you realize you didn't know anything

Nobody told you the best way to steer
When the wind starts to blow

And you're suddenly a stranger
All of a sudden
You life is different than you planned
And you'll have to stay ‘til you somehow find a way
To be sure of what will be
Then you might be free

That song speaks to me. A lot. it is so true to life. And its randomness of hard things that are thrown at you. But of course, you must recover when life is hard.

In the long run, school is going fine, my social life is... sufficient, and I have a good steady job. I don't have much to complain about, it is only when the little things pile up that is becomes too much to think about and I lose it. I feel like no one is on my side, which isn't true, and I remember that after my temporary blindness. There are too many good things in life to get me down. It takes one phone call from Nicole, or an episode of Simpsons to get me up again. I just lose focus, that is all. Anyway, hurrah for stability. Three cheers for the gospel, which does help more than anything, and hurray for SImpsons. And shopping. I am tired now, so I am going to bed. Goodnight.

Monday, January 01, 2007

So comes the new year...

I just wanted to let everyone (including myself) know, that this year is going to be different. No more people pushing me around, no more of me being too sensitive about other people's feelings that I neglect my own. I need to watch my back, make sure I am not being manipulated. I am a completely person that who I was last year at this time, and it has been a change for the better, and I am staying this way. So, then, with that said, here are my goals for the new year...

1. Paint a murial on my wall, possibly including unicorns.
2. See the 5th Harry Potter movie atleast 10 times in the theater.
3. Update my website atleast once a week with all the art I am going to create in the 3 art classes I am in.
4. Write my brother an email every week consistantly, and also talk to all my siblings in some form atleast once a week.
5. Keep up on my journal. Last year, I stopped writing and haven't written since, until I started a few weeks ago. I used to be so consistant.
6. Find ONE decent boy who genuinely likes me. A lot. I guess I have no control over other people's feelings, but I am sure there is SOMEONE out there who will like me... Maybe get a nice kiss or two. That actually MEANS something.
7. Perfect my hair process. I have the perfect shampoo, now just for the perfect blow drying system...
8. To make atleast 10 more movies. Awesome ones. As well as become famous on the internet. Have my movies have over 20,000 views.
9. Learn how to make a full meal, and make it. And eat it. That isn't breakfast.
10. Keep my job for more than 4 months. Not that I have ever been fired, but I like to ya know, move around. But I have a good job, and I am determined to keep it. Huzzah.

So there you are. I hope all of your dreams and goals come true. Also, I want to tell you a secret. I am a magic pinata. I can grant you all of your wishes. Nicole, you want an x-ray machine. Lacie, a pet cobra. Dani, sunscreen, Marucs, Pants that fit. Danny, Karate lessons. Just let me down, and all your dreams come true...

Ready Set SNOW!

Hello all! So basically Nicole, Lacie, and I were at it again. And Marcus came along for the ride! What was it exactly? Well, we decided after being inspired by our lovely day up American Fork Canyon for a sledding trip, we would have to make a cartoon about it. And we did. And it turned out fabulous! Here it is: