Saturday, March 31, 2007

Matching Matching Blue Squared!

So this morning I called Jeff up and said,
"Are you going to wear that blue shirt today?"
"Yeah, I totally am!" He said.
"Awesome. I shall wear my blue shirt as well!"
"And be sure to wear some khaki shorts as well! And I'll wear my red hat! Do you have red?"
"Oh, I am way ahead of you! I have red trim on my shirt!"
"Ok, then also the flip flops. Got it?"
"Yeah, see you at half time!"

Ok... So none of that actually happened. Lies. All Lies. But we did show up wearing pretty much the same thing today. Enough to have people notice at least. Haha. I just thought that was funny. So here we are.

Also take note of Jeff's awesome shirt. Two little squares, one blue, one orange with one saying to the other "you're cool". Quite complimentary indeed. Is this awesome? y/n.

Friday, March 30, 2007

A Jennie and Lili sandwich

So a lovely evening was preordained. Jennie and I had just come back from a refreshing shopping trip, and were enjoying our wide open evening. We decided what better way to celebrate than to eat at Brick Oven! So off we went! What a glorious meal! Deep pan cheese bread, garlic chicken pizza, cream of broccoli soup, and Jennie's old friend as our waiter. We were heading out afterwards, pleased at our success of being in and out of there on a Friday night in only an hour!

"Oops! My seatbelt!" I explaimed! Jokingly, I put on my seat belt and we sped off towards Univertisty Ave. Just as we stopped at the light right in front of Provo High School, we were gleefully discussing our big plans to watch a chickflick and curl up on the couch. Next thing I knew...

A crash, two loud bangs, air bag in the face, dust everywhere, and I couldn't move.

Well, someone had rear ended us at full speed. Aparrently the girl hadn't seet the red light or the 12 cars stopped in front of us, but me and Jenny were now gasping for air among the particles from the airbag. We opened the doors to try and breathe, and I felt a stinging pain on my neck. I yelled to Jennie to see if she was ok, and she was, just coughing. We had a cop on us right away, we had an ambulance come down and I had to sign a waiver saying I refused to go to the hospital, because the swelling wasn't too bad, and it was hardly hospital worthy.

This was all that was wrong with me and a few scrapes on my arms.

So we checked out the damage. Quite totaled. Poor Jennie's car. We were sandwiched between a jeep in front of us and the girl who smashed us. Thank Heavens for seatbelts, or I would be dead right now. Or seriously injured. Anyway, so we filled out paper work, were a little shaken, and about an hour and a half later, the people we bumped in front of us gave us a ride back to Glenwood. It was so kind of them. They also gave us a blanket, since jennie and I were in short sleeves or little jackets. Very kind.

Anyway, Jennie salvaged a lugnut wrench, two umbrellas, her graduation tassel, and a few other bits and bobs that we didn't want to get towed away. Anyway, we are both ok, the car isn't, but we are entirely not at fault. 10 points to us for surviving. Hurray for seat belts and huzzah for other people's insurance!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My latest obsession.

Well, Mandy's dear beloved Ryan is now going on a mission, and on his brief visit in Provo, left in our care... his PS2 and one game. Guitar Hero... I have played this game plenty of times before at apt. 195, but never to this degree. I started playing on the medium level, a little nervous at the challenge it presented, but as time went on, I started to KILL the game. I was a true Guitar Hero. And I conquered all 40 songs with in two days. I decided to test myself even further... I then continued to conquer songs in the HARD level. I am slowly working my way up. I decided to push the ULTIMATE level, and played the first song on expert level. And passed.... I am a true guitar hero. I may not be able to beat all expert levels like Jeff and Drew, but this is a new personal best,and I consider myself a true... Guitar Hero.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Your lips are taste of wine...

Because Doug is amazing, here is an INCREDIBLE editing job he has done of the "I wanna Love you Tender" number of the show, which will most likely be on the DVD. Quite amazing.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

How can I be sure you're not pretender?

"I love you, I wanna love you tender. How can I be sure you're not pretender. You love me today, but what about tomorrow?"

So basically the ward talent show was last night... and this is what we came up with. If you haven't seen Danny and Armi's "I Wanna Love You Tender" I suggest you go upload it right now... I am the one in the pigtails.

Thursday, March 08, 2007



Today marks... the one year anniversary... of Drewsie Woosie leaving us behind!!! Man, what a year it has been. Seriously. Also marks the one year anniversary of starting my giant journal! So! In the event of Drew being gone, here are all the events he has missed so far:
-He hasn't seen ANY pages of my giant journal. At all. None. I've emailed a few, but horrible bad copies.
-I went to NY and saw a broadway musical with out him.

-I have been dealing with ex-boyfriends and cops with out him.
-I graduated from high school.
-I have already done almost 2 semesters of college.
-I have lived with all of his past friends at the Glenwood.
-My whole summer in Maryland.
-Series of Unfortunate Events book number 13.
-ALl the drawings in my sketchbook.
-The Harry Potter 5 preview and news, as well as the book release date being announced.
-He hasn't been around since I have worked at DEB and Men's Den.
-1 Disneyland trip since he's left, where we went to Club 33 and everything else Disneyland includes.
-Drew has never seen any of my movies that I have made. No Prom cartoons, no lip syncs, no music videos. Nothing.
-he is about to miss Nicole and I going to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on tour.
-He isn't going to be here for HP 7 book release or the movie.
-He is missing all my new love life adventures and social experiences.

There are so many more. It is amazing to think that the person I am closest to in this whole world is actually the one I am not even allowed to call on the phone. But I believe in what he is doing, and he has worked harder than most boys would even try to, so he deserves this opportunity. In fact, he had a very inspiring thing to say in his latest email:

"It's amazing to me to watch from afar all the changes and great things that you are learning and doing while I'm out here. I know the Lord is blessing us all for our faith and,hopefully, because of my service. I wish I were there experiencing all these amazing things with you, but I know that this opportunity is very important. At Zone Conference yesterday in my testimony, I told about how amazed I am at the
changes I see happening in my awesome family, which I might not have noticed if
I were so close to everyone, but from afar I see these really awesome arcs of
development in everyone, and I think that's how Heavenly Father feels about us.
He misses us so much, since we can't see Him or talk to Him in person, but He
loves to watch us from afar and see all the amazing things we're doing and
learning as we try to grow closer to Him. Anyway, He loves us, hurrah."

Very inspiring and oh so true. The things we do to learn lessons on this earth is incredible. Anyway, congrats on one year strong Drew! I have not heard one word of complaint against his mission. (usually only companion woes... Who doesn't have those?) But instead always has the most uplifting and hopeful words about how much he loves serving the Lord and how it was worth the struggle to get to where he is. Yet, he remains the most humble of any missionaries. Three Cheers for Drewsie Woosie. We love you dearly. SEE YOU IN LESS THAN A YEAR!!!!!!!

In Honor of Edward

So, work was a little slow, so I had some serious Russian-Photoshop time. (I say russian, because Jeff generously donated it to me for the cause... and it was completely in Russian... Thanks a lot, Jeff... In Russian, that is this: ado;sfakjdkrue;odknm;ladkjgfodf.) ANYWAY! Here are some of the products that I have produced!

This is my charcoal drawing amped up because now he has bronze hair. Seriously. Awesome.

Here is Edward and Bella in cloudy, leafy Forks, Washington. Really cheesy, but I love it still.

And this is for you out there who is still loyal to the "classic vampire" we all know and love. Tis no Edward...

Anyway, there you are. Hooray for Edward, and for photoshop. I am actually almost fluent in Russian now, by the way. Thanks Jeff. I mean sopajosd;ajksd;foia jpfosjd;kasdjfaosd Jeff!

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Black and White Affair

This is me and Jeff, heading out on our big date. Why such an occasion? You may ask. Why is she wearing that fabulous red jacket? You perhaps will query. Why is he wearing those seriously 80s glasses? Read on, and answers will be revealed. Except for the glasses. Jeff just wanted to wear those for fun.

Working at Men's Den is an interesting job indeed. I come across all sorts of marital situations, or special occasions, or just your typical high school prom. I really enjoy it, because I get to socialize, and be a part of one of the biggest events in people's lives. And while I am associating with such people, occasionally I get a few that really leave an impression. My favorite thing is when I get a very enthusiastic customer whom I am really keen to serve, because they have such a cheerful disposition. They leave telling me I have won a life long customer, or that they will surely tell my boss of how fantastic a job I did, things like that.

So the other day, in comes a nice guy, my boss Nathan gave him a really cheep discount on his tux for a fashion party that he was part of. It was a release for the new clothes line of his buddy, Senga. T'was a "Black and White dress only" party sponsered by Magelbey's after hours, and I had a VIP pass for two, after my customer was so pleased with the good service. So I decided to call up good ol' Jeff and we made and awesome date of it.

We had a lovely evening first stopping by Purple Turtle for some Tornadoes and Tots, then we went to my house for some piano action. Jeff is brilliant at the piano, he played "I Know the Truth" on the spot for the first time, while I sang. Also he played many other great songs sight reading as well. We sang come what may also. Jeff has a fabulous voice. He was in Men's Chorus with Drew at one point! Hurray for that.

Anyway, then we made our way over to this party. We got stopped by the bouncer at the door, who was very pleased with our attire and how we followed the dress code. We got inside, got our VIP braclettes, and sat down at a booth. A girl came up to take our order, and we noticed we had to PAY for the food. How appauling! But then, sure enough, she quickly caught sight of our VIP wristbands and sent us to the VIP lounge, where we were treated to free appatizers and free drinks and free delicious chocolate cake. We had our fill, then were bombarded with really ritzy people dressed expensively. So we left.

Anyway, it was a fun night, a free date for a FANCY party (people had to pay big monies to get in) and Jeff was a perfect gentleman. A fun night had by all. Plus I went out and bought a WHOLE NEW OUTFIT! New dress, new shoes, new jewelry, new coat, new everything! I loved it, and felt so pampered and pretty. Over and out.