Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cami's movie thing.

Complete this sentence: If my life were a movie . . .

* It would definately be a lifetime movie. Especially right now. Like the ones with the high school cheer leader and the abusive Jock who every one loves. That is what I feel like right now. There I would be, battling the courts and trying to maintain a healthy relationship, while going to my first year of college, dealing with new roommates, and to top it all off my brother/best friend leaves me behind.

If my life movie had a sountrack, the songs would include (20 song maximum):

* Move Along by All American Rejects
* Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October
* Wonderboy by Tenacious D
* It Ends Tonight by All American Rejects
* You Don't See Me by Josie and the Pussycats
* Fix You by Cold Play
* Survived the Crash by Clay Aiken
* Going Under by Evanescence
* Here There and Everywhere by The Beatles
* For Good from Wicked
* I love the Flower Girl
* Magic Toenail by Brak
* That photo parade song that Nicole and I put on our cartoon.
* Rent from Rent
* I'll Be There by Jackson 5

The actors who would play the roles in my life would be:

* Me-- Oh man... Who even knows.
* He-who-must-not-be-named (not voldemort, but the other evil man)I can't think of anyone. Someone who isn't terribly good looking, but still somewhat charismatic.
* Jeff- By default, Jim from the Office
* Nicole-
* Drewsie-
* Mom--Susan Sarandon
* Dad--Dustin Hoffman

To be continued...

Once in every show! There comes a song like this!

That is a line from one of the best songs from Spamalot. You know, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the musical! Ever since I saw a scene from this performed on the Tonis, I have dreamed of seeing it. Even as I was in New York last summer, I stood on the front steps of the theatre, heart broken because I was not able to see it. But of course, here it came to Salt Lake! Right away, Nicole, Lacie, Megan, and I all bought tickets! So come next September 7th, we shall be going to see Spamalot! FINLAND FINLAND FINLAND! That's the country for me!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


So if you go to and put in your name, it finds every sentence that has your name in it. Here are a few of my good ones.

elise is back from out west
elise is not currently availble
elise is selling like hot cakes
elise is not another search tool
elise is back
elise is just about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on
elise is very controllable at the limit
elise is sound
elise is always looking out for others
elise is the best artist i've had the pleasure of working with
elise is much more aggressive
elise is certainly very difficult
elise is designed for high speed matching purposes
elise is well balanced
elise is retarded
elise is responsible for original artwork and ideas
elise is a simple and delightful car for those who love driving
elise is not about comfort though
elise is staggeringly quick
elise is already a featherweight
elise is able to present the result of a match within just a few seconds
elise is into reading
elise is not street legal in the united states and is for track use only
elise is just about the perfect driver
elise is extreme
elise is great to deal with
elise is environmentally responsible
elise is easy to talk to
elise is a liaison between operations and everyone who relies on them
elise is designed with the exact functions and capabilities as the marcus but with a more feminine look
elise is tall
elise is those five people rolled into one
elise is a talented young artist
elise is a nervous wreck who can just hold it together enough to pass for functional
elise is designed and built on the theme that less is more
elise is so clueless sometimes
elise is right
elise is back from out west

and lili as well...

lili is my name
lili is an extraordinary character
lili is a bright
lili is also available
lili is shaken up
lili is hungry
lili is a new organisation
lili is like never having given or received your very first kiss
lili is somewhat reclusive
lili is blooming
lili is pregnant
lili is unlike any other girl i've met
lili is certain the kidnapping attempt was a mistake
lili is quite the contradiction
lili is fitted for gowns and given dancing lessons
lili is starting to intensify
lili is getting stronger
lili is a true asset to your institution
lili is the only person i know who can look menacing while wearing a slinky
lili is determined that no divorcee will have her son
lili is fascinated by the item
lili is sentenced to three months of rehabilitation through labor
lili is expected to pass over the western tip of cuba on tuesday morning before continuing into the gulf of mexico
lili is sentenced to prison for three months
lili is innocent
lili is mtv asia's animated video jockey
lili is often sad and keeps herself withdrawn from the other decepticons
lili is coming and she is a monster
lili is falling in love with fred again? maybe so
lili is a mongrel
lili is seen in this satellite photo from nasa taken at 10
lili is convinced that an old russian woman has put a curse on her
lili is steadily gaining a reputation among fashion
lili is a must
lili is wreaking havoc during the first week
lili is probably edwards?s paramount masterpiece
lili is currently appearing on screen in a pair of offbeat movies
lili is also sure to be in the eye of the storm for pit players in multiple futures markets thursday
lili is being eaten by what i guess is larvae is there anything i can do to stop it??
lili is coauthor of the music together curriculum with its founder ken guilmartin
lili is done
lili is for sale
lili is a superb actress
lili is not a good choice for passengers with a short list of acceptable raw materials
lili is pure elegance and simplicity
lili is nothing until she meets her great white savior
lili is a gift from god
lili is real
lili is as liberated as they come in the 50s
lili is unsuccessful at several jobs with the troupe
lili is hired as an assistant to the magic show
lili is still my love
lili is a very high yielding potato variety with a light yellow or cream flesh colour
lili is caught by a volunteer trying to sabotage the mothership's engine or whatever and is arrested
lili is currently the opening act for the mega robert plant
lili is also an accomplished illustrator and painter
lili is featured prominently in this beautiful italian book of vintage strippers
lili is kept in the round house in helsinki during the winter
lili is weaned more onto solid foods

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dancing through Life! At the Eclipse Prom!

Well, we made it back from the Eclipse Prom! I am gonna recap our trip here for ya!
It all started on Saturday afternoon. We went and picked Megan and Lauren right up from school and headed right to Arizona. We had luggage and 4 prom dresses piled up in the back, and more snacks and cheeses than you could shake a stick at. So, we drove... and drove... and drove... and drove... for 11 hours.

This is a spiderman fruitroll up tongue tattoo.

Before we even left, we all got our nails done:

They are super annoying but very pretty. But super annoying.

Then we met up with our dear friend from the G-Hood, Chelsea, who lives over there. She took us Kayaking!

Here we all are in our Kayaking glory!

Then we got ready for the dance. I helped everyone with their hair.

Having one before we head out.

Then we were ready to go!

When we arrived at the dance, we first bought our official Eclipse Prom t-shirts, then ate some dinner. Then stephanie meyers, the author, came out and read us the first chapter of Eclipse!! It was very exciting indeed. Afterwards, she said she realized that most of us had probably come stag to the dance, so she brought a few dates we could take pictures with! And out came the two main boys in her books, Edward and Jacob. So awesome!

See? There we are!

There were lots of crazies there, lots of goths, lots of people MUCH more obsessed than we, and it made us feel a lot better that we weren't THAT crazy. People commented on how pretty we were though, also liked our picture of Edward that I drew, which we wrote on the back of and gave to Stephenie Meyers when she signed our books. I think some people really appreciated our modesty! Also, we were the only people who were dancing!!! But we didn't care, because we had soooo much fun, and people actually would come up and dance with us.

So after the dance, we went to Chili's in our shirts and had some delish food.

Then we slept and drove home. We made it with out crashing, and also stopped at a giant Dam. We made plenty of dam jokes. It was fun. THE END!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bella stayed in the Fairfield Inn...

Well, after the longest drive ever from Provo to Phoenix Arizona (with the help of our trusty Magellan) we are pretty much ready to crash. BUT ONLY TOO SOON because tomorrow we need to be completely rejuvenated for....


What is the Eclipse Prom? It is a very exclusive (5oo tickets sold out in 6 hours... They had to create ANOTHER prom that day which we are going to, which also sold out with in hours of opening...) Prom involving meeting Stephenie Meyers, the author of Twilight, getting some awesome prizes, buying exclusive memorabilia, and of course, wearing a prom dress long after high school is over...

More updates tomorrow when we first go kaiaking and also to the actual prom!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Well, for all of you who have seen the potter puppet pals (if you haven't, go to and watch the two cartoons "Bothering Snape" and "Trouble at Hogwarts") They have not started doing LIVE ACTION puppet pals, with real puppets. Awesome sauce. Seriously. I laughed my head off. So take a look. It is funny even if you aren't an overly obsessed fan like myself.

also this one is amazing. Sorry for Harry's random outburst at the beginning. At least it is bleeped, right? It is all worth it for the end...