Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lili's Toppest of Ten!

So, basically my little philosophy in life is "If you have seen it on the internet, I saw it two months ago." Basically, who knows how, but I keep up with the popular stuff on the web, trying to find the best content. So I decided through all these years of searching, I am going to share with you my top ten. Some of them will be links, some will be videos. No particular order or anything. And Cami, I tried to pick appropriate and not so annoying ones just in case your kids watch them constantly. Here goes:

10: Nicole and I discovered this one a while ago. We watched it several times over and over again. It is the same guy who made Evil Strawberry. I love all his work, absolutely fantastic. My favorite part of this one is the cheerios taste lingering on his lips as he waits for the light to turn green.

9: Adventure Time is VERY dear to my heart. Drew and Jeff showed this one to me, and I have loved it ever since. It is a short film created for a random cartoon show on Nick. I believe it has yet to air, and it leaked onto face book, and has a serious follow. My favorite part is definitely when they are flying on the rainacorn, and they are in the screen just long enough to shout, "YAY!". Hehe.

8: This one surfaced only a few days ago from Nicole. This movie is going to change the world. They just want to make a difference. Haha. I love the part where they kinda flop around while hugging, as they aren't making quite the effort. Also its reference to sports and personal boundries. Ha. I would suggest after watching this, to go to "more from this user" and watch the clip on How to properly walk on the sidewalk. Awesome.

7: Potter Puppet Pals. I can't choose just one, as the cartoons are fantastic as well, but these are surely my favorites.

6: Surely you all must has suspected this one was coming... Oh, what this music video has inspired! We were the smash hit of our talent show after recreating this, and I plan to do it again sometime! So with out further ado...

Also check out our rendition:

5: Matt showed me this one last summer. Golden. Just amazingly golden. In this age of technology and movie editing at the top of its game, David Hasselhoff decides to make a music video, and comes up with this...

4: How to EVER choose my favorite from, it would be simply impossible. So I will give you a general feeling of the best of the best of the best.

Teen Girl Squad:
Episode Nine and Ten are probably my tops.

Strongest Man in the World Contest:
After 10 years of Homestar Magic, they redid their original children's book in their modern style! Stick around after the end to read the original story, THEN watch it again. So fantastic!

And of course, the Kid's Book:
Probably the best ever, as well as the decemberween one.

3: Music video madness. I usually don't get into music videos, but there are a few of my favorites here and there. Here are some serious awesome ones.

Tribute by Tenacious D:

Crooked Teeth by Death Cab for Cutie. Nicole showed this to me. I heart it.

And my personal favorite, Move Along. This song got me through my last few days of high school.

2: Awesome remakes:

Talent show created Super Mario=amazing.

I think this was one of my first internet finds. This is "Aicha." I love the baby mickey and minnie sheets. So dramatic, laying on the floor. "SHE MOVES HOW???"

1: Awesome editing job. This kid has skills. Not any drum skills or piano skills, but indeed movie editing skills. Basically, he just pieced this together for a college project. I think it is quite amazing. I love when he screams. Ha!

So there you have it. Basically you now have a proper internet knowledge of the most popular movies out there. A few honorable mentions of course. Things I am fond of, but not enough to make the top 10.

Numa Numa:
Started the lip syncing fad. Hence all my videos. Basically our whole school did this dance at every school dance.

My Hands are Bananas. Jeff showed this one to me. I certainly do have a place in my heart for it. I laugh at the monkey part.

Viva Pinata Commercial. I think Nicole and I watched this 12 times in a row. Literally. What is more amazing than a talking pinata. One who can act?

And just for Nicole, here is that Crazy Little Skunk Video. This is the lamest, but it makes for amazing inside jokes, and good times at work. We just love how much this guy loves his skunk. "oooooh my gosh! You crazy little skunk!"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Much needed update. Birthday recap!

So it has definitely been quite some time since my last update, but I am quite justified, as I have been quite busy. Even ask Drew about it, who has reprimanded me several times for not writing to him as often. In the past few weeks I have moved home, started a new full time job at the Church Office Building as a graphic designer, and other misc. summer activities. So I guess some well deserved posting is in order.

First things first! My big 19th birthday!

Nicole and my first attempt at a party on the 19th of May quite failed as we were rained out. So our appropriately named party, The Fun, was pushed back until my actual birthday, May the 30th. So, dad pulled a few strings and had Steve Nuttel bring over the WAVE OF FIRE!!!! Twas awesome indeed. My college friends were very impressed, as were the neighborhood children. Infact, that really really bugged me when I pulled up, and there were children everywhere. And when I told them to leave, they were quick to say I wasn't the boss of them, which I responded saying that I was the birthday girl, and I was in charge. They ran quickly away. Ha.

It was very scary and fun, the grandkids loved it, and I am sure the grandkids far away would have loved it too. We should arrange to have it when they are here sometime. We mostly felt it was the funnest because there were really no rules, as it was a private party. Ha. And no one was seriously injured thank heavens.

This is what I call a Brimley pileup. So many Brimleys...

So a good time was had by all. I had wished we had the party on its original date, because about 20 people showed up, but this was just as good. The party ended with delish chocolate cake.

So, also, JEFF came into town! Glorious, glorious day. His hair is ever so long. Basically his BFF Mike was getting married, and we had agreed for their wedding present to paint their apartment. They had a slightly unique request, but we did our best of fulfill their needs. Basically they wanted an underwater front room with them as mermaids and things... I felt that Mike maybe didn't want to be a merman in his front room, so I decided to put my own personal input. Keep in mind this is my first real murel I have really painted. It was all new to me. I had half gallon colors of red, yellow, blue, white and black, and a few small acrylics as well. But we ended up with this:

This is the long shot. Sorry about the quality. I only had my built in webcam on my lappy, so they aren't the best. And here is a close up:

And Jeff did a fantastic job painting this lighthouse all by himself! Seriously had no help with pictures or anything! It was quite fabulous!

Anyway, so we had a fun time there, and here is Jeff:

Such a man, that Jeff... Anyway, it was so great to see him again, but so hard to leave him again. Hopefully we will be going out there for the Temple Pageant!

Anyway, so eventful indeed. Also here is a picture of my crazy hair the other night.

Until next time! Much love, Lili.