Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just, you know, because.

Picture of the day... Super Lili in action.

Now for the real things: From everyone else who was doing this. Here goes:

1. Where is your mobile phone? couch
2. Relationship? long-distance
3. Your hair? messy
5. Your sister(s)? Supportive
6. Your favorite thing? Harry
7. Your dream last night? Non-existant.
8. Your favorite drink? Coke
9. Your dream car? Jeep
10. The room you're in? TV
11. Your shoes? Flip-Flops
12. Your fears? Rapists
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Illustrator
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? Nicole
15. What are you not good at? School
16. Muffin? Tin.
17. Wish list item? Flatscreen
18. Where you grew up? PG
19. The last thing you did? Draw
20. What are you wearing? Hoodie
21. What are you not wearing? Shoes
22. Your pet? Sturgeon
23. Your computer? Edward
24. Your life? Slow
25. Your mood? Bored
26. Missing? socialness
27. What are you thinking about? California
28. Your car? Charlie
29. Your kitchen? Food
30. Your summer? Working
31. Your favorite color? Red
32. Last time you laughed? Bus
33. Last time you cried? Yesterday
34. School? HATE
35. Love? Drawing

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Take note...

I figured out why I am having such a hard time liking the new HP movie and book. For the same reason I just saw Hairspray and came out mildly pleased.

It is because Drew isn't here, and these things only remind me of that. And not only that, but Drew was my justification for everything. It was a lot easier to explain things when you have another brain working on your side. Now I am isolated and people are sick of my critical attitude. Well, excuse me for having an opinion. No one would be thinking this about me if Drew were home...

come home, Drew.

Monday, July 23, 2007

All is Well... My childhood comes to a close.

*Included are pictures I "graffitied" onto my friend's facebook walls. I drew them with the mouse and mouse alone. Enjoy*

So, here it is, the highly anticipated review of the 7th book from the biggest Harry Potter critic you all know. After the book I had a lot of VERY mixed feelings, mostly weirded out of my mind that my whole childhood (meaning these books that have taken over my mind since I was 10) have finally come to a close. I am both relieved and heart broken. (Mom said she was going to write to JK Rowling and say THANK YOU for finally ending this ridiculous fad... Drew would understand me if he were home...)

So, before I give my review, I want to say this!


So... to start things out, I will say it was a fabulous book. I loved it, I devoured it, and I cried and such. It was great, so great, mostly every question I had was answered, and it was adventuresome, awesome, the main three kids were so cool.

What was I disappointed in? Now, just because I am about to say these things DOES NOT mean I do not like this book in anyway. It is my duty as a Harry Potter fanatic to delve this deeply and analyze this book that I have been analyzing for 10 years now. So here goes.

-Horcruxes. We were introduced to them in the last book. The whole book was CENTERED around learning about them, about Voldemort's lust for immortality, and how the horcruxes, or Voldemort's soul split into 7, were to be destroyed. So, we obviously knew what Harry was going to be doing the whole 7th book... or so we thought... After Dumbledore and Harry found a cave which you had to make a blood sacrifice, cross a river full of deadly... dead people, and drink a basic full of poison just to get to a fake horcrux, then ultimately ending Dumbledore's life for nothing. So! The horcruxes in this book seemed to be the focus for a while. They found one (just as all of us guessed, Regulus, Sirius's brother had it, Kreater took it, Mundungus Stole it. etc, etc.) They figured out how to destroy it, and did. It was quite an ordeal, but still, seemed a lot more simple than drinking deadly poison and battling off armies of the dead.
Next they found the Hufflepuff cup. Obtaining it was rather difficult, but destroying it is another story. Ron and Hermione just waltzed right down to the Chamber of Secrets, after Ron successfully spoke parselmouth (I thought only Voldemort and Harry had the gift, but I guess you can learn it now...)and so conviniently had a fang to kill it. We were spared this, as Ron and Hermione come bounding in to Harry, saying they rid themselves of it.
So then, Voldemort felt the safest place to hid his next horcrux was in the room of requirement. Yes. Really safe. Where kids go all the time looking to hide their stuff. No armies of the dead. No poisonous potion, just thrown among the crap. And how to destroy it? But of all coincidences, the fire that Crabbe just happens to produce (beyond his magical skills--never explained) happens to, HURRAH! Destroy the horcrux! Now only the snake is left, which Harry in passing, mentions to Neville to kill it. Right. And luckilly, with a *SORTING HATTED* *SWORDED* *BEHEADED SNAKED*, and all horcruxes are gone. Except for Harry, of course. Which all of us predicted. But I guess that was how it had to be. So that one was destroyed by Voldemort himself, and Harry kills him. I really do like though, how not once through out the WHOLE series did Harry have to kill anyone. Voldemort was the only one! Which he killed with Expelliarmus. It further shows the difference between Harry and Voldemort. I liked that a lot.

I wish that the deaths had been a little more dramatic. Not for gorish purposes, but because after the HUGE parts that Lupin and Tonks played, you would think she would have the decency to show us how they died. Something like Remus gets killed by Belatrix, and tonks, in her horror runs over and exposes her back to Belatrix, and then she dies as well. But no, instead, Harry just walks by and sees their dead bodies. Fred was shafted as well. I will get to that in my bit about the epilogue...

I liked the Snape/Lily relationship. that explained a lot, and gave Snape the courage to tell Harry the truth after seeing his eyes. THOUGH. It would have made more sense if they had had a harder falling out. Something like Snape was getting more involved with death eaters, and Lily tried to prevent it, and then she is ambushed by death eaters one day, and Snape is going to save her, but James beats him to it, and then she forever doesn't trust snape and becomes friends with James. Making Snape forever hate James for ruining his big chance with her. But instead, they just slowly drifted apart... But I did like how that explained Snapes alligance to Dumbledore. Snape was wonderful, I heart him.

And finally, the thing that I think almost every fan is disappointed in: The Epilogue. I am pretty sure we were ALL expecting a "where are they now" situation. Instead we get a fluffy fan-fictionesque ending, where the characters seem not at all like their characters, and act like nothing horrible has ever happened in their life. We never find out if Harry went to be the best Auror ever, and an amazing quidditch player on the side, we never see if George continued his shop in honor of his dead twin brother, whose death was simply skimmed over, and never resolved (we never even got a true reaction from ANY of the Weasley's about his death, even from his own twin!!! He died for no reason. At least Sirius's death was for Harry to learn a few things...) I think we were all just wanting to see what in the world was going to happen after all was said and done to the main characters. When did McGonagal die? Is Luna editor of the Quibbler? Is Harry going to be the Headmaster, or even Minister? It just seems such a mediocre ending for a massively involved story. The whole ending. They just drag Voldemort's body into a room!? Come now! Harry doesn't run to Ginny, who was his last thought as Voldemort took his life, after he kills Voldemort? Instead he just goes on a walk!? Sigh. The conclusion was NOT equal to the build.

Basically I need to read the book again. I am kind of blinded from the things I was so disappointed in, that I forgot how much I loved the other parts. I will continue to love Harry Potter as I have my whole childhood, and it is nice to have it concluded. (I am kind of glad that I am not completely satisfied, because that would just make me even more sad that it is over.) So there you have it. From the biggest Harry Potter fan, I say the book was marvelous, with a anticlimatic ending, which still works just as well as any other could.

Thank you JK Rowling for the adventure that consumed my life, for the friendship created between my brother and I through these books, for the artistic inspiration your books have created for me, and for a great story that I will be glad to pass onto my children who will surely love it as much as I. Some of my fondest and most exciting memories involved Harry Potter, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It has been a while, hasn't it?

Well, summer times are busy times indeed. I am working full time in SLC with Nicole on the 27th floor of the church office building, and man oh man, are times just crazy. After working all day, it is hard to find the energy to even do anything, but Nicole and I are still quite set on doing singles ward activities, attending release parties (this summer it is HP5 movie, HP 7 book, and Twilight) and giant journaling, and everything that comes a long with the summer. Quite taxing indeed.

Work doesn't call for much. The GAs take July off, and since they are most of our clients, then we don't have much to do around here, but I usually feel guilty just doing nothing. Perhaps blogging isn't the best solution, but I guess it is better than watching Homestar Runner and Ask a Ninja...

So a few projects I have been working on: (Not working at the mo...)

This is one of Nicole and my brilliant ideas. It all started when Eric at work told me to brainstorm some good imagery for the phrase "speak up." Obviously, I am not quite good at those inspirational, determination posters, which is basically what the layout was supposed to be. Instead I created to microphones with faces. Did you expect anything different? Anyway, we decided we wanted to make a cartoon about it, Called "Shout it out and here we are." Their names are Mic and Amp. Basically the plot of the show is they are two outdated microphones in an electronics shop, on the double close out clearance section, but no one will ever buy us. Mainly because Amp is too obnoxious, and Mic gets stage fright when ever someone tries to use him. We have big things in the future.

Also I came up with a few other designs. How do you love them?

Sorry... technical difficulties... Sure I shall work this out soon. For now, wait anticipatedly on your seat!

ALSO... I am going to a concert this September! The MUSE concert at UVSC! For you who don't know Muse, you should come very familiar with them. They are so wonderful. It took some hard times to get off my strictly broadway streak, but I did it with the help of Jeff. Their music is so intense! Very deep and moving. Even mum likes em! My favorite song so far is "Time is Running Out." Also, these songs are part of the Twilight playlists, so that kind of helped a little bit, but I have been trying to do it on my own as well. So everyone go listen to Muse. Ta!