Monday, December 17, 2007


Jeffrey Randall Ribeira asked me marry him for time and all eternity on Saturday, December 15th. We were snowshoeing up in Aspen Grove, which actually was really awesome.
Snowshoeing is a very awesome feeling, and the silence that the snow brought was the perfect atmosphere for a romantic and secluded snowshoeing trip!

I of course fell down with in the first few steps...
And Jeff figured out that standing under a snow heavy tree...
..wasn't the best idea.
We arrived in a clearing, and decided it was a good place to have a little picnic that Jeff packed. But first he told me to hang on a second, and proceeded to do this:
We then ate a lovely lunch of sub sandwiches, snap peas, and a chocolate orange and Ferrero Rocher chocolates! After lunch, Jeffrey says he wants to give me my present for the 3rd day of Christmas! I thought the snow shoeing WAS the present, but no! So... Jeff pulls out a little golden box, and I open it, and inside was a red and gold fabrige egg. I knew what was inside, and I couldn't bring myself to open it! So Jeff took it from me, got up on one knee, and opened it! Inside was a brilliant shiny RING!!!! He then proceeded to ask me to marry him, to which I said YES! (Quietly as to not cause an avalanche!)
Turns out, Jeff bought this wonderful Egg in Russia, and decided that he would use it as the ring box for when he proposed to his future wife, which is me! CUTE! He then pulled out the bubbly to celebrate! Haha! We toasted to our eternal life, and kissed!Yes, we DO kiss, but not in public.
Here is a close up of my AMAZING ring. Jeff picked it out, and he did a fantastic job. He knows exactly what I want, and I knew I could trust him to pick a perfect ring. It has the big ring in the middle, little circles next to that, then little rectangle diamonds next to the circles. It looks so unique and pretty! I love it!So here we are, the happy couple. We are to be married in June. Perhaps mid June. I can't wait until I am finally married to the love of my life, Jeffrey! We are both looking forward to it, and I am so grateful I found Jeffrey in this crazy world. He is the perfect man for me! So there you have it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me---

So, that first little breakfast turned out to be the first day of Christmas!!! So now Jeff is giving me a little somethin' somethin' every day of Christmas! I am excited to see what I get! This is the second day!


So we bought a kit just like Amber's, and we made the best Gingerbread house ever! Here are pictures!
So those were the funtivities! Jeff created these guys, which I like a lot. Also, I like Jeff a lot.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have the most wonderful man in the world as my boyfriend.

So, this morning, I had 2 of my last finals. Not only that, but one of them was at 9 o clock which I didn't want to wake up for.

So, I was just dreaming away, when suddenly, Nicole stared talking about Jeff's hair. I kept asking what about Jeff's hair, but she just kept saying, "Jeff's hair!!" Finally, Nicole shook me, and I woke up with her saying, "Jeff's here! He is waiting for you!" I checked the time, and it was on 8 am! What was Jeff doing here?? So I sat up, and got out of bed. Nicole took one look at me and said, "Oh no..." then I realized I had my overnight mask on! So I quickly threw on a sweater, wrapped a blanket around my shorts, and washed off my face, and walked out and...

There was Jeff, both hands holding plates. In one, he had 5 freshly made cinnamon buns with a hot chocolate on the middle. This is extremely cute, because the last time Jeff made me cinnamon buns was last Valentine's Day! A very special day for us!
The next plate had a delightful potato/egg dish with sour cream that Jeff makes wonderfully, a mixed berry yogurt, half a grapefruit, and three mini muffins! Jeff explained that I should have a good breakfast on Finals day! He is just the cutest!!! I hate absolutely no idea! He is so smooth! And he sat there and visited with me while I ate my delish breakfast! I don't know where I found such a wonderful boy, but I am grateful everyday! Not just for the big things like this, but all the little things as well. Such as, how he walks me home every night, even if he is dead asleep on his couch when curfew rolls around, when he surprises me by popping in at Men's Den, how every time I ask for a cup of water, he also puts ice in it, because he knows I like it like that, how he will watch cheesy movies just because I want to, how I can put him on the spot to sing a song with me and he does it. The list could go on and on. Basically what I am trying to say, is Jeff is wonderful, and amazing, and the best. Thank you Jeff!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finals week.

So finals week has finally rolled around. Man oh man. The funny thing it is hardly stressing me out at all. In fact, my finals are going to be quite easy. Or I have already accepted that I am going to fail, which makes it easy. Ok, just kidding. I am studying very hard, and feel quite prepared for my upcoming tests. But even still, as prepared as I may be, I hate finals.