Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A much needed, unexpected act of love.

So, I went to the dentist this morning. Which I was a half hour late for, because I didn't realize there was going to a foot of snow on my car when I walked out there, and only had a piece of cardboard to scrape it off with. After my dentist appointment, I find out I have a big cavity, and four other little fillings that need to be filled in, meaning shots. Which I hate more than anything in this work. I would rather die than have a shot in my mouth. And to continue the wonderful news, they told me I had to have my wisdom teeth out, and SOON. He said I would have to go under, they were down there pretty far, and I should expect a two week healing period. Wonderful, just what I need to add to my already insane schedule. Mom was nice enough to keep me company for the rest of the day, helping me study for my astronomy test, and then out to lunch, and finally to Wal-Mart, where she bought me a ginormous bath sponge, which is very nice. I then had a few hours to kill before I had to go to work, so I browsed through the mall, feeling horrible about my upcoming mouth related operations, and other appointments I have to make as well, and my feet were killing me. I haven't cashed my last 3 checks, so I wasn't keen on spending any money, especially since I am trying to save the big bucks for marriage. So I still had an hour until work, but I though, forget it, and walked into work an hour early. What else did I have to do? Plus I got an extra $7.25. Oh the joy.
Work was dismal as always, picky grooms, naggy brides, frustrated fathers, etc. It wasn't until around 6 that Mattie called me on the phone.
This was wonderful for two reasons: The first being that the only time I EVER hear my phone ring is never for anything exciting, or interesting. Usually someone asking to borrow something of mine, or wondering where I left an item, or something like that. Since Jeff left, I never get phone calls. So a call from Mattie is always and exciting thing. Usually it is an invite to a dollar movie (blasted work always gets in the way!!!!) or some fun party times going on, or just some interesting thing to tell me.
The second reason this was wonderful that Mattie called was: He said he was in town! At UVSC, and not only that, but he said he had his truck and wanted to help me move stuff out of my old apartment, which I have been stressing over for the past two months! I left the piano, bookshelf, and other misc. items there. I couldn't believe that Matt would just volunteer like that, especially since I got off work pretty late! So, I was already eternally grateful, and ran across the way to buy him some popcorn! (Which I of course had to test, so I took a few bites...) As I was closing down, Mattie called me and asked if I was doing anything else tonight, and of course, fiance-less as I am, my evenings usually consist of me playing freecell and watching What Not to Wear, which makes each day with out Jeff go HORRIBLY slow. Every minute ticks by when I have nothing to do.
And Matt invited me to join him at Village Inn, where he bought me a wonderful dinner of eggs, pancakes, and sausage. SOOOOOO good, it hit the spot, especially since the only thing I had eaten since lunch was popcorn and some sixlets. Matt and I had a good chat, I vented about things, while he listened, and laughed about good times. It was so fun to just relax with my big brother, and not have to worry about being anywhere or doing anything. It was exactly what I needed for such a day as this, when I felt so alone. (Except for this morning mom! I really did enjoy my fun times with you as well!) Matt then followed me to my old apartment, where we trudged through the snow, took apart the blasted piano, and carried and secured it into the back of his truck. He then grabbed my bookshelf and other misc. items and helped me carry those to, saying that he could store them at his house until he went to mom's again.
He then drove to my NEW apartment, where he carried in my bookshelf singlehandedly, while I carried in other junk. What an amazing big brother I have, to out of the blue call me, and devote his whole evening to entertaining a lonely little sister, and helping me move lots of heavy things that I have had hanging over me for quite some time. I am the luckiest girl in the world. And not just for things like this, but for everything Mattie always does to make sure I know I am loved. A call every so often, just to check up on me, invites to lots of fun activities, lots of awesome show recommendations, or just a really good person to talk to.
Thank you so much Matt! It was an answer to my prayers tonight when you helped me out. Popcorn is not enough of a thank you, obviously, but someday I will hope to make it up to you.
(I DID have this really cute photobooth picture of Matt and me from when I was about 5, but of course I left it at home. It would have been perfect. Oh well, swimming picture will just have to do for now...)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That little thing everyone is doing.

Since my fiance is gone, it is always fun to post things about us, to remind me that he does exist. And like Emily said, you all are probably going to be hearing a lot about this in the upcoming months, but I wanted to share anyway. So, here goes.

1. Where did you meet your (future) husband?
Jeff and I met in the Glenwood BYU 129th ward. My roommates invited his roommates over for dinner, and I came a little late. I walked in and they were
all sitting there, eating chicken, and I made a completely and utter fool of myself like I always do when I have a crowd. 2. What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I think I either mentioned that our brothers sang songs together, or I said something like, "I'm awesome." while striking a super lili pose... Sigh... Sometimes I can't believe Jeff actually wants to marry me.

3. Where was your first date?
Technically, I asked Jeff on the first date to Grandmother's annual Christmas party, because I didn't know anyone else to ask, and Jeff seemed like a pretty safe
option to attempted the wonderfulness that is Grandmother's christmas party. He totally passed the test. But I guess the first official date, where Jeff asked me out, was to Oklahoma (the musical, not the place) put on by BYU. It was cute. We went home and dipped teddy grahams in frosting.

Where was your first kiss?
Our first kiss was in the cab of Jeff's truck up at lookout point above BYU. It was quite romantic, as cliche as kissing in a car may sound. It was the most perfect kiss ever.

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?
Well, in about 2 weeks, Jeff and I will have officially been dating a year. We have known each other 15 months, dated for 10, and will be engaged for 5 months before we get married. I think I win out of all of you girls in the fam!

6. Where did you get engaged?
Jeff proposed on the trail to Stuart Falls. I am sure this story is fresh in everyone's mind, and if not, scroll down 2 or 3 blogs and read it for yourself. It was so secluded and romantic. It was the perfect proposal spot. Except for all the avalanche warnings.

7. Where (will) you get married?
Mount Timpanogos Temple, on May 24, 2008! Hooray!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to normal.

Well, life is back to normal. School is going well, work is normal, and Jeff is still gone. But life goes on. Lots of wedding plans, lots of fun things coming up, so there is lots to be distracted with.
A few changes that I want to happen in the next few months though. I am looking for a new, well paying job. Men's Den has been wonderful for many reasons, because I have a very understanding boss, who will do anything to make his employees happy, and getting work off has never been a problem, and mall hours are very good, but I am hoping to land a full time job in my field. If any one knows of a graphic design job or something, that would be great.

I also have been thinking of starting just my own business for poster/graphic/ other things art. I feel like I could charge relatively cheap for what people need, and still produce a very good product. Also, I have been thinking of starting a clip art business, where I create stock art, and sell off CDs full of them. If I worked hard, I think it could be done. What you think?

In related news, I have just been messing around with announcement ideas, of course these are just the beginning, and lots more from where this came from, but just toying around. Here they are. I would love any suggestions. (Keep in mind that a few of these are just a joke...) And also keep in mind these are in no way the pictures we will be using. Just filling up space until we have something to work with.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jeff's updated blog!

Just so everyone knows, Jeff has now updated his blog, and will do constantly while in Jerusalem! I would suggest going over to his blog, since he is uploading awesome pictures and stories! I have a link for his blogs in my links below! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And he's gone...

This morning at 4 am, I drove my beloved to the airport to head off to Jerusalem. I have known this day was to come, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for this. I cried the whole way to the airport, AT the airport, and the whole way home. I already miss Jeff so badly it hurts. It is sad that I don't get to have my fiance with me for the next 4 months, but I am very happy that he is able to go. This is something he has always wanted, and I am certain that our relationship is strong enough that a little thing like this will only make is stronger. What I am looking forward to is when Jeff comes home, and we are reunited once again!Also, we have set the date! May 24th, exactly a month after Jeff gets back. I am so excited! I think this time will just fly by, and I am excited to plan the wedding, and hear Jeff's amazing stories! Check his blog occasionally for updates!