Monday, February 25, 2008

SC 4 out of 6

This picture is for dear mother...
Em mentioned that I should continue on with this, and luckily I had already done Drew's, just never published it! So here it is. Sad that Drew isn't even able to read my blogs, especially when they are about him! Oh well, only less than a month, eh?Lets see... the tale of Drew and I begins on a sad note. The things I can remember of Drew go back to the earliest days of when he would not let me get NEAR his legos, nor even LOOK at his Disney toys, or play his computer games. I recall that Drew and I would fight quite a lot, about silly things. One time, he was hiding a Nintendo underneath his desk, which I caught him playing once, and he wouldn't let me play it, so I ran and told mum... Drew got in big trouble... we had a rough start... BUT! We did have lots in common as well as children! Drew and I used to play Gargoyles with towels and blankets rubberbanded around our necks, gliding about. While we had our rough patches, we also had really good times as well. I learned how to Draw from Drew by watching him doodle on the programs at church! He gave me one on one lessons at home on that big chalkboard we have. But it wasn't until 7th grade that Drew and I became what we are today.After we found out that Drew's mission was to be delayed, it was sad, of course, but through those next few months, Drew and my relationship took a complete transformation. Drew and I bonded through his hard times, and found connections I never knew were there. By the time a year rolled around, and I was 13, as much as I wanted Drew to get to go on a mission, I secretly was devastated that my new found best friend was to be taken away from me. But I wanted the best f0r him, whatever it may be.

That year of 2001 Drew read Harry Potter, the first of my siblings to join me. OF course that is when we were began to get close, because Harry Potter was such a big part of both of our lives, and we would stay up for hours discussing and drawing pictures of the books. Drew was ALWAYS encouraging me to draw, and was very proud of my horrid drawings back then. If it weren't for him, I would have never progressed to where I am today. Drew then went to Florida for 4 months which was so hard. I hung out with Drew more than I did my own friends! It was so fun being able to come home and have my best friend waiting to watch movies or draw pictures with me. As we were driving home from the airport, I cried the whole way. I was in 8th grade then, and so much drama was going on, and Drewsie was missing all of it!

Drew and I had the same Harry Potter post card book, which we would send at least once or twice a week. We made it through all 30 post cards each by the time he got back. We also frequently emailed each other, and talked on the phone as often as possible. And of course, we went to visit him! I can't imagine a better group to go to Disneyworld with than my twin sisters and Drewsie! I loved every second, and Drew was so very well learned in the parks! It was hard to say goodbye again.I remember vividly the day Drew came home. I ran off the bus that dropped me off on Canyon Road, left all my friends behind, burst into the house and ran downstairs! There he was! We hugged for about 5 minutes, while we cried. The dream team was united again!

Drew is also responsible for my Broadway obsession. The first musical he ever introduced me to was Seussical the Musical, which would also be the first show for me to star in! Drew and I would listen to musicals as we drove to Cami and Jakes to sleep over and babysit and go to Seven Peaks. He gave me a CD as we left to Hawaii, which was Aida. He told me to listen to number 19, and sing it for Solo and Ensemble, which was I Know the Truth. It is now my song, and I've sung it for auditions, talent shows, and other such events. Drew accompanied me as I sang it for a competition, and recieved a perfect 100% on my score. Talk about inspiration.

Later, Drew and I enjoyed listening to Clay Aiken, anything Broadway, or our HP soundtracks as we cruised around in his convertible and went to his Family Home Evenings. I often hung out with Drew and his college friends, and never felt out of place. Since I felt on Drew's level, I felt I connected with these people very easily, which would prove to be a great benefit in my future.

And then... we decided it was time to go to Disneyland. As Drew and I were sitting around one day, watching a movie, I said jokingly, "Say, lets go to Disneyland!" and he said, "Yes, lets!" and a week later, we packed up and left! Drew and I spent 4 Disney filled days at the parks. We had it down to a science. I have never had so much fun in Disneyland before, because it was basically like going to Disneyland with an exact copy of myself! We knew exactly what each other was thinking, and we never had a fight. My big brother was the perfect Disneyland companion, and I wish we could have been there 10 more days. We drew pictures in lines to pass the time, which entertained others as well. One guy told Drew he should be a tattoo artist! What a wonderful outlet for his talent, eh?
We also went again to Disneyland with Amber and Todd, which ended up being a wonderful success, because Drew and I were thrilled to have others along for the ride this time, and Amber and Todd enjoyed the free Disney tour guides!

But I think the most important time of our friendship was during my senior year. I had NO idea of Drew's mission plans. I was just enjoying our time we had together, as always. My friends were also best friends with Drew. I would call my friends on my way home from cleaning Amber's house to come and hang out, and lo and behold, they were already at my house, talking to Drew! EVERYONE at school knew who Drew was, and you were cool if you did. He was legend! It was so fun to include both my friends with my brother, and also his friends included me! I was hanging out with college students and he was hanging out with teenagers, which would infact be EXTREMELY good for the both of us, as I ended up living with 21 year olds, and he ended up being companions with 19 year olds!

We had the Lost club, with t-shirts, we would sing with Drew, watch movies, have parties. It was truly the best until I got the fateful call... Things were already stressful in my life. All the newspaper stuff going on with mom and dad and my principle, the Jordan stuff was still going on, and I was about to graduate. I was going in for Footloose dance try outs, when suddenly Drew gives me a call and told me he got his mission call. I hung up, ran into the bathroom, and sobbed uncontrollably over the sink. My friend saw me, and asked if I was ok, and I couldn't even get two words out. I hid in a hallway and cried for another half hour. I was about to lose my best friend at the most important time of my life. As I got home, I walked into Drew's room. We looked at each other in silence for a few minutes, then we started sobbing while we hugged each other. The first thing I said to him was he was going to miss Harry Potter 7. Of course I was joking, but I couldn't believe he wasn't going to be there for all these things! Graduation, college, me getting new boyfriends, old boyfriend crap I was dealing with. It seemed impossible for him to leave me at such a time.

About two weeks before Drew left, about a month after Jordan and I broke up, I decided I had to tell Drew about what Jordan did to me. Drew and I were having a sleep over like we often did, as I had to beds and a tv in my room to watch movies. Instead, I sat him down and told him everything. It took me from about 12 am to 3 am. I truly felt Drew's brotherly love that night, as he cried with me, and comforted me, and advised me in every way he could. The next morning, Drew was there as I told mom and dad. Drew supported me, and helped me explain my story. 8 days later he left.

Drew and I were the last two people in the goodbye room in the MTC. I gave him a little mirror to put under his pillow. In Harry Potter, Sirius Black gave Harry a two way mirror so he could talk to him easily, but Harry didn't remember it until the end of the book. The point was, that I was always there, even though we couldn't communicate as easily as before. Drew and I cried more than we have ever cried together before.

BUT, of course we all remember the wonderful surprise for BOTH of us when Mom and Dad took me to the MTC to hear Elder Rasban speak! I was in a room full of 2000 missionaries! Yet, there was Drew, right in the middle of them. I was on the front row, while he was about 100 rows back. But the moment he realized it was us standing up there... No words can describe his face. Absolutely no words. I spent the next 3 hours with my brother, and had to say goodbye again, but I would have payed a million dollars for that three hours. Drew left to Wisconsin the next day.

It has hard to believe Drew has been gone for everything. He has never even met my dear fiance, Jeff, I have now finished a year and a half of college, I lived with his old friends, I graduated from high school, I have done so many things, yet, Drew still has been here in spirit and heart. We email weekly, in novel length installments. I still tell Drew everything, and he tells me everything as well. And now it has been two whole years since Drew left, and I still feel very close to him. I am DYING for him to come home, and finally have that special connection that we once had, with reading our books and drawing our pictures and watching our shows and listening to our music. Drew has always looked out for me, even while on his mission, and we have had nothing but fun times together. I have always felt I can tell Drew anything, and he can understand and help in every way. He is truly a wonderful brother, and we are going to have such fun times when he gets home!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My purse. Or lack there of.

My purse is my pants pockets. They hold my wallet, my ipod, and my phone. I need nothing else with those three.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Because playing pretend is fun!

So, while sitting at home with nothing to do, I thought I would pull out the ol' instruments, brushy up on my skills... or lack there of. I figured out why I played the viola. In my case, because it was not a solo instrument. It was an off beat instrument. Essential to the song, yes, but good heavens, I am no soloist. I enjoyed my years of devotion to the instrument, and always loved throwing together last minute musical numbers for church with it, perhaps playing along with Melody on the flute, but boy, I never reached my potential with this instrument. Will I ever? Who know. I always wished I had named my viola. It has been rather nice to me, and I lugged it back and forth from school almost every day, and I did have a rather nice bond with it. Perhaps it should be named Louis. It seems like a fitting name. Not an ordinary name, unique, sounds kinda quirky. Just like my relation to this wooden stringed instrument.

And of course, the piano. As the youngest, I ended up finished piano lessons at age 12. I can read music, sight read fairly decently, and have a repertoire, but I obviously did not reach my full potential with this instrument. My relationship with the piano is kind of a love/hate one. If I know how to play something, or something is easy to sight read, then I love to play it, but I get super frustrated when something is no where near my level. I don't feel too bad about it. There are lots of different levels of people playing the piano every where you go, and I am happy for what I can play. I guess we have a lot of bonding still to do. Who knows, perhaps after I get married, and bring the digital piano with me, I may be able to brush up on my skills, and Jeff can teach me a thing or two, since he is one of those good people who can play. But in the long run, I enjoy it when people play FOR me, while I sing. Singing is what I like to stick with.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Because Jeff is Incredible...

It is a dismal thought of spending Valentine's Day with out your beloved fiance. What could possibly make this day not as depressing as it is going to be? Perhaps an hour long phone call, which is the best thing one would hope for. Perhaps a nice email? All these things are good, but I was certainly not expecting this...
and this:That is right. Jeff's sister Becky shows up with a pan of cinnamon rolls and flowers!!!! From Jeff!!!!!!! He was so sneaky, I didn't even suspect a durn thing! The cinnamon rolls are kind of a long standing tradition, because that is what Jeff brought me last Valentine's Day morning. And the flowers are just absolutely beautiful, and I love them, and we made short work of those cinnamon rolls! I just wanted to say thank you Jeff, and you are the love of my life, and you are incredible. I love you.

Has it already been a year?

Yes. Yes it has. A year ago today is when Jeffrey and I were first recognized as an official couple. It seems like we have known each other for 5 years. But even still, this has easily been the happiest year of my life. And now, for some bullets of why Jeff is the best.

-We have dated for a year, and have known each other for about a year and a half. In mormon years, that is like 10. Jeff and my timing has been so precise, it is amazing how perfectly it has all worked out. Such as, dating for 2 1/2 months is just the right amount of time to date and realize it is worth it to wait for each other through the summer. And then dating 10 months is just enough time to say I will wait another 4 months to marry you. Very good timing.

-Jeff and I have had disagreements. Little ones, big ones, silly ones. We aren't one of those couples who can say that we have never had a fight in our lives. But I am so grateful for the ones we have had, because every time we have had one, we ended up realizing how much we love each other, and these things we don't agree about don't matter in the long run. Jeff and I have such an understanding of each other. I am so grateful.
-Long distance relationships can be very beneficial. It gives you a chance to prove just how much you really do love someone, and build a completely larger relationship that before. I think our time apart is just as much of a blessing as the time we have spent together. Jeff and I are just as strong when carrying on a relationship over the phone. I was so relieved when their was proof that Jeff and I weren't only dependent on physical things, but also had an incredibly intense emotional connection as well. It comes in handy when you can only talk to your fiance for 2 hours on gmail instant messaging every so often.
-Jeff is probably the most humble person I know. Back before I was dating him, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to, because I could name about 10 girls off the top of my head who had designs on dating him. I even was approached by a few, telling me to back off. I can't tell you the awkward conversations where girls would be giggling about Jeff and how much they liked him, and I just had to sit there and think how sad they are going to be when they found out he had asked me on a date for Saturday night... I once asked Jeff if he had known about the "fan club" to which he responded he knew absolutely nothing about it, and was horrified at the very thought. He knew nothing of the girls following his every move, throwing themselves at him. I feel so special that he picked me.
-I have never met a boy before who was so sure of his values and standards, and had such a strong testimony of the Gospel. I have always felt so comfortable around Jeff, and have never felt as if I had to compromise my standards in any way. In fact, I feel stronger in my faith and values because of Jeff. Imagine that. That means so much to me, especially after high school, where even my best of friends were always contradicting their beliefs. It is nice to not even have to be concerned in that area.

-Jeff has the perfect balance of everything I have wanted in a man. He is very manly, likes his sports (the best ones in my opinion, like soccer and volleyball and cross country) and watch them, at the same time will sing show tunes with me in the car and on the piano. He is a hard worker and gets a job done, but is always conscious of my feelings when ever we do anything. Plus, Jeff will watch Chick flicks occasionally with me, to make me happy. And enjoys a fair few. In return I watch his action movies, which I enjoy as well.

Also Jeff gets embarrassed when I gush about him, so I will stop. For now. Jeff, I just wanted to say that from the moment you brought over those home made cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven, and came to work that night and surprised me with a dozen home made flowers, made me a dinner of fried rice, which we ate in the bed of your truck while watching love actually at look out point, and finally shared our first kiss, I knew from that moment that my life was about to change because of you, and for the better. Who knows where I would be today if you had not taken a chance on that ridiculous, spastic 18 year old freshman girl from Utah. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are truly the best.
Plus, look how hot he is. :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Blonde, Red Head, and Brunette walked into a bar...

So, I was just looking through all my pictures yesterday, and realize that I have, in fact, been a blonde, a red head, AND a brunette with in the past couple of years. Oh the roller coaster my hair has been. Here are some of the adventures:

Blonde (2005)Redhead(2005)

Brunette (2006)
Blonde (2005)
Redhead (2005)
Brunette (2006)

Blonde (2004)Redhead (2005)
Brunette (2006)

So, as you can see I have been around the block before when it comes to hair color. It has been blood red, it has been nearly jet black, and platinum blonde before. How in the WORLD is my hair the natural color it is today, you may ask. I will tell you. It was a very gradual process of easing off reds into browns, then into light browns. It has been over a year since I last died my hair, which in some ways is sad, because it is so enjoyable when it is different colors, but at the same time, I save $12 every two months or so. So finally, here is my hair now:
The verdict is: brunette with a slight hint of red. (Though I get called a red head on a daily basis. Does it look THAT red to you?? It is weird being referred to as the red head.) In this picture, the natural color meets the dyed color at about my nose. Can you tell?

Anyway, I love my hair. It is my favorite thing to mess around with, and I have discovered many new hairstyles and things. I have always enjoyed doing my hair (and many other's as well) for dances, and always felt my hairstyles unique. I have perfected in some ways my hair techniques, including a shampoo rotation (I usually buy the $30 kinds... it is totally worth every penny...) leave in treatments, air drying/low heat, low setting blow drying, and minimal products in my hair. It has done wonders, and I have come a long way from the ratty, frizzy blond I used to be! Hooray for hair!