Saturday, March 29, 2008

My puffy, puffy face.

So I guess yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out. I have never been more scared in my life. I have never been put out before, nor have I ever had ANY kind of surgery, so this was too scary. They first made us wait an agonizing 30 minutes in the waiting room, and finally took me back, while I gave mom one last longing look.

In the back they hooked me up to a heart machine, and put a hairnet on. I had fun trying to make my heart beat match the beat of the music while I waiting for them to come in. When they finally DID come in I asked if they were going to use the gas, and they said yes, and I said WONDERFUL, and I asked to please not even see the needle of the IV. He tried to trick me when he said he was just looking at my arm, when I felt him push it right into my arm! But it didn't hurt. Plus I was sniffing up gas by that point, so the next thing I heard was Dr. McBee talking about some kind of White Tuxedo he wore, and how 80s it was, and I said White tuxes were timeless, and then I was gone.The next thing I knew, I woke up in a puffy recliner with a blanket draped over me, with mom holding my hand. The next thing I noticed was the IV was still in my arm, and I couldn't talk, so just kind of grunted and pointed at my arm, and at the little baggie attached, and tried to mumble through the gauze, asking why it was still in. Mom just told me to rest some more. I then tried to get out of Mom what time it was, several times, and then finally asked how long she had been waiting. For some reason, I felt really bad if she had been waiting for long. The nurse came in and asked if I could make it outside to the car, and I just fell asleep again to that. So finally, she came and took the IV out of me, and escorted a very groggy me to the car. I immediately fell asleep, and mom and I made it to Macey's where I managed to get out the word YOGURT to her. Mom bought me several delish flavors and my many, many pills to take every 6 hours. (Are you sure you still want to marry THIS, Jeff?)

I have been stuffed with gauze all day and night now, still waiting for the bleeding to stop, and I am pretty sure my face got PUFFIER over night. Sigh. Hopefully I don't bruise too badly. And luckily we rescheduled my bridals for several weeks from now.

Anyway, I totally conquered my life long fear of being knocked out for surgery, and now I am wisdom teeth free for life! Now I have child birth to look forward to...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A UTAH example of parents being silenced in schools...

Here is a long story made short:

Dad was going to speak tonight at a PTA meeting at American Fork High School about the dangers of the gay agenda in school. Not speaking against gay people. He is speaking about kids being indoctrinated in schools about the gay agenda, and how that is harmful. Also at this meeting, a man was going to speak about the dangers of pornography to students.

This meeting has been planned for months.

Canceled today, hours before the meeting.

Alpine school district has been infiltrated, and is weak. Our free speech has been taken away. We are no longer even able to defend our side. We have been silenced.

What was their reason? Because the other side wasn't represented at the meeting...

Since when has that been a requirement. At your next assembly about rape, make sure that the people who are FOR raping girls and boys are there, and get to have their say. At your next meeting about anorexia, be sure that the anorexic girls who enjoy their lifestyle are able to argue their side.

When you are talking about practicing safe sex in school, and abstinence, be sure to call up the people who enjoy getting high school girls pregnant.

Next time we are talking about gun safety and schools, call up those people who bring their guns to school and have them argue their side, because it isn't fair if ALL sides aren't represented.

This is insane. There is no excuse to have this meeting canceled. It was harmless, doing nothing wrong. If the other side wants their side heard, they can schedule a meeting.

But I will say one thing. Anyone talking about the Gay Agenda would never have their meeting canceled, or else we would be sued for taking away their freedom of speech.

And here I thought we lived in a free country...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Miss Jeff.

I'm Moving to Canada...

Disclaimer: This will most likely be my first and last post about politics. This is not an attack at any specific person, and I am in no way discrediting people's personal beliefs, but I will say exactly what I am feeling, and don't mean to offend. But that is politics, eh?

As Megan said in her earlier post, lots of kids are going around using the cliche quip in the title of this blog to describe their dislike towards one candidate or another, proclaiming they wouldn't even want to live in this country if a certain candidate wins. (But I will say moving to Canada wouldn't solve anything. Sorry kids.) Sure, 7th and 8th graders aren't the most informed people in society, but I would like to say, coming from a very politically active family (meaning, mom and dad were always very open about talking to politics among us children) I could have backed up my stance in 8th grade. Yes, Megan, most children probably mimic what their parents are saying, but I think you have to give them some credit, as I don't think they are just saying things, but actually believe what their parents say. I really believed what my parents thought, and not just because it was what my parents thought. I felt it to be right.

One thing I have always been proud of is the fact that my parents have always researched EVERYTHING. My parents aren't political science majors but they are informed enough. they have an understanding of both sides of the issues, if you will, which is why I have always trusted what they have told me. Not just told me, though. Explained. Mom would tell me about an issue, but not only what side we should take, but WHY. I feel like most people just aren't informed. I have seen it so much in my high school friends who have gone astray. They go looking for answers, and find them in the most shallow, on the surface places. Feel-good answers, rather than the sometimes hard-to-swallow truth.

Most mainstream news outlets and websites are extremely biased. They are not a good source for the truth about candidates. They either completely bash or glorify them. They will tell you ANYTHING to sell you the story and push a liberal agenda.

Should we base our vote for president on the issues? Wrong. The issues are skewed. They are hyped up to seem fool proof and exactly what you are looking for so they can grab the election. The REAL issues are based on the character and values of the candidate (Snipers? Good form Hilary).

Mainly, based on what liberal leaders and candidates have been doing as of late, I am not really excited to have them in the white house. They are anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-American. So, against all things that I am pretty much in favor of. As well as my religion. We are told to stand for truth and righteousness at all times in all things, in all places. Putting my country in the hands of a leader that won't even let me have a say in what my children learn in school, nor let me take them OUT of school when I disapprove, or let ME teach my family what I feel is important is not the country for me. In fact, I don't feel free when I hear things like that. This is not an exaggeration. California right now is a good example of what I just said. Recently these things have happened: The words "Mom and Dad" have been banned from text books, and teachers are not allowed to use the words, as it is "politically incorrect" to assume every body has a mom AND a dad. (Last time I checked, most people do. And also, no one would BE here with out a mom and a dad of some kind.)

ALSO! Boys and Girls bathrooms/locker rooms are now interchangeable. If a boy feels inside he is a girl (or some perv claims he is, just to get into the girls' locker room) they are allowed full access to which ever bathroom he claims. If someone complains about the wrong sex in the wrong bathroom, THEY get sued.

Let's not forget! More and more often, parents have no say in what their children are being taught. Back in my day, we used to have to take PERMISSION SLIPS home to our parents if AIDS was even being mentioned. Recently there was a case of a kindergarten boy who was taught in class about homosexual propaganda, reading a book called "King and King" (or something like that) and when this boy's dad found out he calmly requested he be told when his son is taught things like that, and in the end, the dad was arrested. Yikes. The case is still continuing.

So not only do the parents have no say in the material being taught, but even if they don't approve they are probably not going to be allowed to take their kids out of the classroom. As if this isn't bad enough...

Recently a CA court ruled that parents are now allowed to homeschool their kids unless they have a degree in every subject required in school. Which is impossible.

This is what will continue if the democrats get their way. They don't want us to have religious freedom or traditional values. If we give up our religious and family rights, we give away everything that America was created for. Seriously.

This is what people AREN'T telling you. The issues on the surface sound wonderful and exactly what you would want, but we need to look beyond what the candidates say, and see what is happening. These are just a few examples of why I am against the democratic party in the White House. Of course both parties aren't perfect but certainly I feel one's values is more in agreement with my beliefs than the other. And the idea for voting for a person just because of their sex or race is ridiculous. If you think about it, it's actually sexist or racist to do so. The presidency isn't about being politically correct. It's about being the best person to lead our country in the right direction.

Of course I could fill a book with more examples, but my main concern is my future family, and my religion, and I will put those first before anything else, like we have been commanded. Hence, I am a hard core Conservative.

Friday, March 21, 2008

of course

Drew's flight is canceled. How typical. I should have seen this coming. I will be locked in my bathroom for the next two days.

Monday, March 17, 2008

When there is a lack of justice and... cookies in the world... we will be there.

So on Sundays, I find I pay better attention to the speakers when I am drawing. The other day I produced this little number, something I have been trying to achieve since I moved in with these girls. It just seemed like it was begging to be drawn. So, I present to you today, Apartment 36 of the Belmont in all our super hero glory. See if you can match who is who from the pictures provided below!

And the comparison photos...This is me and Miri.And from left to right: Marci, Megan, Whitney, Jennie.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Megan showed me this little delight yesterday. I am still in shock. If you have ever read to kill a mockingbird, you will probably find this humorous. I laughed so hard. Who ever knew To Kill a Mockingbird was so epic??? Follow the following link!

"How to Kill a Mockingbird"

"Load everything we have he said. Which was everything including lesser pirates, which was ok because they were awesome."

"And the pirates yelled, "We're going to explode!" and just like they DID just as they predicted!"

Check it out.

Also, I am down to 119 pounds! 7 Pounds since I started my work out! 10 points for me!!!

My latest addiction

What in the world is so fascinating about a bunch of anorexic spoiled brats living in one house and constantly being told how pretty they are and at the same time tearing each other down in every way possible? I have no idea, but for some reason, I finally jumped onto the America's Next Top Model craze. And I can't stop watching. I can't look away. It is so addicting! I swear! I guess it is just finding out what life is like behind the magazine covers, or behind the runway. Maybe it is because I have always loved fashion, and dreamed of being a designer some day. What I DON'T like is a bunch of really immature girls cat fighting about the stupidest things, like who called the shower first. I think the girls on this show are even more devious than contestants on Survivor! Which is crazy because in ANTM, the girls are trying to impress the judges, and not each other. So why can't they just get along, and encourage each other? Because unlike survivor, they aren't voting each other off.

Anyway, I did get a big of a shock when I was watching an episode in cycle 9 today. Occasionally they hire a plus size model and throw her in with a bunch of stickly girls. I always wondered what exactly qualified as a plus size model, because honestly the girl just looked curvy, and not plus size in any way. And then, Tyra said to her during her critique, that if she is going to be a size 5 model, she has to be proud of herself...

Wait a second.... size 5?? Is a plus size!?! I can hardly believe it! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I think the average for every American Woman is a size 6, which is still rather thin!! I would never look at someone who is a size 6 and think plus size. My stars, the world of fashion is insane. These size zero girls are what we are aspiring to be? Hardly. I am very satisfied with my size 5 body, and would hardly consider it to be plus size. So there you have it Tyra.

But sorry Todd, that is why I shall never be on America's Next Top Model.

EDIT: Ok, so as Cami pointed out, she actually said it is an awkward place to be for modeling, because you have to be bigger than a 6 for plus size modeling, and a lot smaller for the regular modeling. So in between you are basically worthless to the modeling world. Sigh.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So, I got an invite the other day from Jeff's brother Ryan to come have dinner with he and his wife Gaylynn and Becky and Jason, Jeff's bro and sister. Jeff and I would on occasion be invited for Sunday dinner, which would include very delicious courses and always a wonderful dessert! The dinner is always followed by games and conversation! But did this stop after Jeff left? Absolutely not!

This is the second time I have been invited for dinner with the Ribeiras. I just appreciate it so much that they think to involve me even when Jeff is gone! I feel so comfortable in this company, as if they are my real siblings, and I feel so welcomed. I was a bit nervous at the thought of Jeff not being there when I go over there, but as soon as I step in the door, it is hard not to feel at home with these people. How lucky I am to have awesome in-laws that I already have such a good time with. It makes me look forward to my future times with them even more. And not with just the local ones, but with Jeff's whole family, who have been so nice to welcome me into their very happy family. Thanks ever so, Ribeiras!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just so you all know...

Only 11 days until Drewsie comes home. Wow. Two years goes by fast.... not.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Because Matt is awesome...

...he discovered this for us...

The IT Crowd. Yes, this is probably one of the greatest shows ever, and I have only seen about 4 episodes. Leave it to the UK to produce the best TV shows that the US soon catch on to make their own version. But I feel like they aren't going to be quite the same here in the US, because the acting in the original is amazing. So perfectly delivered. I can't wait to get a full education of this wonderful find. This show is right up my ally. Thanks Mattie!
Plus, the intro to the show totally takes me back to the good ol' days of playing Zak McKracken and Kings Quest 1-4. So awesome.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Off they go!

So, about 2 weeks, I decided it was time to really crack down on my work out routine, as Jeff is coming home in less than 2 months, and I am getting married in less than 3, so it was time to get into shape!

I started first by analyzing my diet. Which is horrible. I have replaced the instant pizzas and chimmicungas with cucumbers and carrots. I switched my marshmallow maties and 2% milk to plain old corn flakes and skim! I actually have skipped out on bread all together. And I have taken up the drinking of water continuously. Snacks have been eliminated, all my holiday chocolate is now gone, and no more dried mangos from Costco any more... OH! Also, the only thing I am allowed to buy at the mall for food during work (assuming I don't make a healthy snack of carrots to eat while working) is the side salad at Chick-fil-a for $1.75 with a low fat Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing and no butter garlic croutons. Also, I am hardly allowed to eat out ever. Only the biggest of emergencies.

Along with my new diet, of course, I have started a vigorous work out routine at Gold's Gym. I can't wait until it is warm enough for me to run outside, because the gym is only about 9 blocks away from my apartment! But for now, I drive. The gym on 900 has just been remodeled, so that means new equipment, new cardio cinema, and new tvs!! Each cardio machine (bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers) all have a 20 inch HDTV attached to it, that have personal remotes to flip through all the cable channels you could want, along with the movie playing in the cardio cinema. This man is demostrating.
It is very nice because I can go to the gym and watch my shows which distracts me on how much time I am spending, because I just absolutely HATE to watch the minutes tick by. Booo. I try to hit the bikes around 10 in time for Seinfield and then The Simpsons for the treadmill, and then grab the good ol' trusty ipod for the weights! Which I have been doing as well. I am getting some serious muscles! But most of the work is going towards my buns and thighs. Those have always needed some serious work. Anyway, just trying to get to a stable weight, since I have a wedding coming up, and weddings mean CAKE! Which has a lot of calories.

So, since I started working out and dieting about 2 weeks ago, I have lost... (drum roll...)
4 pounds!!! In two weeks! not bad at all! I am trying to get down to my drivers license weight by the time I get married, so I don't have TOO far to go. It is just wonderful to see things progressing. And I can see the difference in my weight training as well! Soon enough! Anyway, I am so pleased with my self control as of late. Hooray. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A case of BAD customer service...

So there mom and I were in the mall, heading over to Gap to purchase the two swimsuits we had put on hold previously. This swim suit, in fact, along with another nice blue one.

We had the right size in this one, but the blue one we had to take of the store mannequin because it had the only smalls. The girl said to come back on Saturday, and they would still be on hold for us. So, here it was, Saturday, and so we headed over to make the final purchase.

So, I went to the girl, told her my name, and of the two swimsuits, and she took about 3 minutes looking for it, and then came back just to inform me that there were no swim suits so to speak. I said that was impossible, because they especially put them aside, because it was the last one in the store, and we were surely to come back to get them. She told me that the sales associate I worked with was misinformed about the rules, and was not supposed to hold it for that long, and should have informed us otherwise. I said that wasn't my fault, and that the suit was already gone that I had put on hold! She offered no other suggestions, and said she was sorry about it, but they aren't allowed to hold for more than 24 hours. I said, "You are telling me I had a swim suit on hold, and you SOLD IT!?" she just looked at me like I was kind of stupid, and mom suggested they ship another one from another store. The girl said that costs $6 shipping fees, and mom said that we weren't going to pay that for a suit that we had on hold. The girl said some garbage about corporate policy, and there was nothing she could do. Even DEB had better service for their customers in such a situation as this! I told her it was ridiculous that this was happening, and they should have still had my suit on hold. She just kind of did the "I'm sorry, but you are just a customer, and know nothing about this store..." look.
So, we bought the one suit, and left with out the other. The 3 associates we worked with were all very rude, and did nothing to help. They only left the counter once to check and see if my suit was back there, they didn't even check any where else in the store to see if it was still there, or talk to a manager about it, or offer any kind of compensation for the mistake. I don't think it is the Gap's fault, I think it is the stupid girls who work there. Anyway, I wrote the Gap an email expressing my displeasure in the service, stating how the bad customer service left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Gap, you should think twice before hiring ridiculous, spacey girls as your associates, who don't know how to properly handle tight customer situations.