Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, I guess it has been about a month since I wrote and since I am getting married in a couple days, I thought I should quickly do one before things get crazy!!! So here is an update!

Everything has basically fallen into place. We are set for the temple, even though the ward clerk and stake had a little bit of a challenge trying to toss us into their schedules to last minute. Lots of complications getting our records into the ward and what not, but we finally got them, and we are all set! That was the only thing making me stress, really.

We have all the planning done, so we are just doing little tweaking here and there. Last touches, like improving centerpieces and printing bridal pictures. Jeff has been such a sport, with me dragging him from event to event, planning everything, but he has enjoyed his stay here at the Graham residence, with a baby grand always available, and a scooter to take out for a spin to deliver some extra invitations!

I am very grateful for how smoothly everything has gone. Of course it was difficult having Jeff being away, but we learned quite a lot from it, and we fell in love even more, and we just had a few last minute decisions to make like a cake, flowers, and a tuxedo! So with everything done, we are just waiting!

Wednesday will be very exciting! Jeff's mom will be heading out here to help out, which will be much appreciated, and also Cami is coming, so we can see her brand new babe!!!! And of course, I am going to the temple on Wednesday!!!! It is so amazing, I can hardly believe it! It just seems like a crazy, wonderful dream, everything is happening so quickly!

Anyway, hopefully everyone can make it! It will be so much fun, and there will be snacks and cheeses!! Literally!! Hooray!

Anyway, here is the final invite, and also some of my favorite pictures from our photo shoot, by Matt and Travie. They did an awesome job. If you know anyone that wants their announcement made for a cheap price, send em' my way!

And of course, our announcement!