Bella: "LOOK I IS A MOMMY NOW -maniacal grin-"

Charlie: "...Does this mean I have to cook for myself?"

Jasper: "You've got to be KIDDING me."

Alice: "My plot twist will never be satisfactorily explained -wistful sigh-"

Leah: "Now Jacob can imprint on MEEE tehehehe"

Esme: "I'm sensitive!"

Carlisle: "It is my... professional opinion... that none of this 'plot' makes any sense. And also that everyone in this room should become interested in sex.... NOW."

Nessie: "-runs from boards like the total creeper she is-"

Jacob: "Want to play doctor, Nessie?! -leers-"

Rosalie: "-pets baby doll creepily-"

Edward: "Wait... shouldn't be in this book... somewhere?"