Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To shave-a the face...

Well, the time had come to relieve a very, hairy Jeff from the long beard attacking his face. We went to the salon where they not only gave Jeff a haircut, but clipped the excess hair off his face, so that we could give him a shave later. And we did.

So, here are the pictures of the events.
Jeff seems very nervous about the upcoming shave...

Lathering was probably the hardest part.

IIIIIIIIIIII am the famous Perelli the king of the barber, the barber of kings!

Now THAT is smooth! I think Jeff has double the facial hair of the normal man. Good for you Jeff.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Recovery Times

We are back home now. Jeff is doped up on maximum pain killers, bandaged up, and not feeling so well. They told us after they were done that this was an extremely painful surgery when it comes to recovery, so we have to be sure to keep up on the medicine.

They said the surgery went as planned, and everything is good. They were glad they did it, because they found some torn ligaments as well, and fixed those. But it isn't the most pleasant thing to have two bones screwed together, and filed down. It was sad seeing him laying there with IVs coming out of his foot (they couldn't use his other arm, because it was in a cast, hence, the foot) and he was on oxygen as well. The poor boy. But they wheeled him out to the car, and we watched a movie with the fam, and it was an enjoyable evening, except for Jeff's pain. I think it may hurt me just as much as it does him.

Thanks to Lacie for bringing an amazing pasta dinner yesterday. It was the perfect post-surgery meal, and Jeff ate a whole plateful, along with plenty of bread.

And thanks to Jill for being here and helping out so much. She will hop up and do absolutely anything to help out. She and Becky washed out sheets yesterday, which was so wonderful when we were able to climb into a nice, clean bed. We also woke up to a clean kitchen and hot oatmeal this morning. Thanks so much for being here, mom!

Hopefully in the next week, Jeff will be feeling lots better, and be able to be out and about. Then the physical therapy can start. Jeff got an awesome new hefty duty sling. It has a padded strap around his shoulder, plus a strap around his back, and it is extremely padded, and had a stress ball Velcroed into it, so that I can have fun too. and for physical therapy.

Hospital Times

Well, Jill, Becky, and I are just sitting here in the hospital, eating some lunch as Jeff is now in surgery. They say it will only take about 45 minutes, so we won't have to wait long, but it still makes me ever so nervous. Here are some pictures.This is us filling out the business. Really awkward questionnaires and what not.
Jeff getting ready to be operated upon. They had to stick the IV in his foot, as his arms were unusable.

That is me writing "yes" as if to say, this is the shoulder that needs the work. You can kind of see the bump there, which will hopefully be gone after this.

Anyway, so far so good. Thanks again to everyone! We are especially happy that Jeff's mom, Jill, made it over here to help out. We are so grateful that she is here! Thanks mom!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on recent scooter incident.

Hello all. I presume you are all wondering about how things are going with us and our post-scoot recovery. So far so good.

Jeff, though still very constricted in his movement, and make use of his hands, and is doing very well. We went to the doctor yesterday, where we thought Jeff would be getting a much shorter cast, but ended up with a much BIGGER one. Yes, when we thought it would be just his wrist covered up, instead, he has a nice, thick cast from his shoulder to his wrist, with his elbow bent at a 90 degree angle. (Picture soon to follow.)

We also found out that Jeff has to have surgery on his left shoulder, if he doesn't want any lasting damages or deformities on his shoulder. That will be on Friday, so if you could give us your prayers on that one too, it would be much appreciated. Luckily they said we will be in and out in the same day, but still, it is very scary. We hope that it won't affect our school and work schedules too much, as we have already missed quite a bit already.

But things are well with us. We thank every one who has been so generous with meals and help and cleaning or anything (Lacie and Drew, you were a life saver the night that it happened! And afterwards!) and we are overwhelmed with the love and support we have received by way of phone calls, emails, cards, meals, prizes, service, everything. This has been a humbling experience, and we are so grateful for all the people that the Lord has blessed us with who love us. Thanks all.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recent Art

Just a sampling of some of my recent art. Enjoy!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Remember us in your prayers tonight.

Long story short, Jeff and I were in a scooter accident last night. Our heads are perfectly fine, we are walking and breathing, but we did get scraped up a bit. In fact, Jeff broke his right wrist and elbow, and separated his left shoulder. The poor boy is double slinged at the moment, and has some pretty bad scrapes on his legs and toes, but he is optimistic and still the same old Jeff. I just got a small scape on my forehead, and a couple bruises on my hip and shoulder and knees.

Our poor scooter is totaled. A woman was making a left turn into sonic on State St., and apparently she just didn't see us, and we didn't have time to react. In fact, I didn't even know what happened, and just woke up on the ground, with Jeff pulling me off the street. I remember that I kept screaming for someone to tell us what happened. And my flip flop was also missing. Which was found. We were both conscious, but highly confused. An ambulance came and picked us up, and we went to the ER to get ourselves checked out. The injuries we mentioned before were all we ended up with, but still are a burden to our everyday lives.

So, we are very grateful to be alive right now, we thank Heavenly Father for allowing us to continue on in this life with very minor injuries, and hopefully it will be a speedy recovery. Please keep us in your prayers, it would be much appreciated.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

*Slaps forehead*

So, Tyra decided to start out cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model as politically correct as possible, and has a transgender in the house.

Of course, anyone who finds this offensive, or unfair that they let a man on ANTM (yes, there is still male parts on this person, which he testifies of the power of tape...) is intolerant, closeminded, stupid, ignorant, and an idiot.

Putting all moral arguments aside, the fact is this person is physically a man, and girls in the house are very uncomfortable having a person with different parts than theirs living with them. Which they should be. It is unfair! A person could claim they are a chicken in a human's body, or a 30 year old in a 12 year old body, but rules are rules! Being a woman in your mind doesn't make you a woman physically.

Oh well. Call me intolerant, closeminded, stupid, ignorant, or an idiot. I don't care. Men have men parts, women have women parts, that is just the way it is, no matter what you think you are on the inside. But I guess if the controversy makes your ratings go up, rules don't apply any more.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A few things on my mind.

Hello. We have power now, thank the heavenly days! Life was not pleasant living by candle light. Especially when you have to draw pictures for your homework.

Ok so a few things-

1. This is our apartment! Cute, eh? There are roses and nice bushes in the front, and a large tree which keeps us cool. We love having a front lawn as well! We suspect it was built back in the 1940s, because of all the little design quirks here and there, like the milk door in the kitchen which goes to the outside for the milk man to drop off his milk everyday, or the little secret nooks and cranies everywhere, and also, I think the bath tub is as old as 1940. But we love it here, and are so happy to have our own, little place! Yes, considerably smaller than the Township, but this feels more like home. And yes, Drew, all of our stuff DID fit. Quite nicely. I will give you pictures of the inside as soon as we are done decorating! We made AWESOME curtains with fabric from Ikea. Yay! I just love living with my husband in this cute little house. We feel like we are playing house, but I guess it is for realsies.

2. I just wanted to say Jeff is so nice to drive all the way to American Fork every morning in the freezing cold on the scooter for work. What a husband I have. His scooting has saved us so much on gas already! We LOVE that scooter! Especially since we can just park it right on our front lawn. Sometimes you just CAN'T take the car, wether it be because you don't want to sacrifice your spot, or it seems a waste to drive such a short distance. We just hop on the scoot scoot and away we go! Thanks Mel and Jonny! (Incidentally, we have a few checks for you for the past couple of months.)

3. I am taking figure drawing. Now when I mention this to any body, they cringe at the thought, as I have to draw nude figures. I used to cringe too, but after my first couple days, I have come to realize it is no big deal at all. Once I got over the initial weirdness, it was actually really cool to be able to capture the human form on paper. It is quite beautiful and amazing how our bodies are designed. No, it is not pornography or shameful to draw the human form. Our intentions are 100% innocent, and the class is very mature. The through out history, people used to draw men naked to glorify God's creation of the human form, not to insite sexual feelings. And I quite respect UVU's policy, as they have made it very clear if you feel uncomfortable drawing nude people, they will provide clothed models or alternate assignments for you, and my teacher whom I really like, made it very clear that our drawings we do are to be in no way uncomfortable or explicitly posed, or else he will not share them with the class. It has already helped me so much, and I can't wait to learn some more! Though I don't think I will be posting my drawings on here... If you would like to see them, I would be happy to show you any time.

4. One thing that has been bothering me lately A LOT is how loads of members are leaving the church because of the gay issue. I saw an article on MSNBC the other day, saying that there are apostate groups popping up all over the internet, mocking the prophet, the church, and our belief in eternal families. Do they realize that the Prophet isn't just some guy, sitting in an office saying, "Oh, I just hate those gay people!" Absolutely not the case. The Prophet recieves revelation from God, and delivers it to the world. He is the closest connection we have. And of course when they say happy fluffy things like 6 B's, we eat it up, make cross stitches and pillows, and theme our girls camps after it, and name our children after it, but wait! When the Prophets actually wants us to take action in our beliefs, and stand up for marriage (which we always have, I don't know why people are SO shocked about this) they question the prophet, the church, and get all uppity about "the church has no place in politics" blah, blah, blah. First of all, the church has made it VERY clear, we do not hate ANYONE. If we hated people who don't believe our beliefs or people who sin, technically, we would hate everyone. Even ourselves. Because we are all sinners. We separate people's worth from their performance. Mom has taught me this since as long as I can remember. I wish the best for everyone, but at the same time, we are entitled (as is the Lord through his Prophet) to stand up for our beliefs. The church isn't trying to butt into politics, it is simply reminding its members how important it is to protect religious rights in this country. We live in a time where it is frowned upon to practice religion, and our beliefs are slowing beginning to count for nothing. All those cases where doctors are losing their practices for not artificially impregnating lesbian women because his beliefs don't go along with that, or churches loosing their tax expemt status because they won't perform gay weddings, or churches having to shut down their adoption agencies, because they refused to give them to same sex couples. Guess who is next? People, it is either our religious rights, which we are JUST as entitled to as anyone else's beliefes, or their individual rights. Lets think about this. We are giving up our religious freedoms for a sexual orientation. Which there is no science to even prove its exsistance! Just mannerisms, stereotypes, and self-identified people. This is nothing to leave the church over. What ever happened to follow the prophet? Oh, I forgot the verse where it says, "Follow the prophet, only when you feel like it, follow the prophet, sometimes go astraaaay!" These people obviously don't have very solid testimonies. They are the modern Lamen and Lemuels. (What do you think, Drew, controversial enough?)

That is all. Have a glorious day.