Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Spirit of Halloween

Here is the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Mrs. Lovett.
This is just a first draft, I have a long way to go. But here it is for Halloween. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jeff and I decided to do this together, so you can get to know BOTH of us!

8 TV Shows we love to watch:

  1. America's Next Top Model (and on the occasion, Britain's Next Top Model)
  2. The IT Crowd
  3. The Office
  4. Futurama (of which we own all seasons)
  5. Simpsons (Of which we own seasons 5-10. Christmas present suggestion! ;) )
  6. Man Vs. Wild (This is mostly Jeff, but it is a fun one)
  7. Iron Chef America (or other misc. food network shows)
  8. LOST
    Honorable Mention: MXC, Spongebob, Planet Earth. etc.

8 Favorite Restaurants:
  1. Wingers
  2. Bamboo Hut
  3. Beto's
  4. Zupas
  5. Brick Ovenses
  6. Doug's and/or Fenton's
  7. Village Inn
  8. Chili's
8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
  1. We spent hours working on and printing and putting together the ward directory.
  2. We unsuccessfully tried to fix the car window.
  3. We watched Be Kind, Rewind.
  4. We went shopping with Becky (Jeff's sister) and bought some great purchases, including a lint roller, denim patches, and blue leggings.
  5. We ate at Iceburg.
  6. We worked on the new and improved
  7. Surely we watched some kind of ANTM episodes.
  8. We went to Macey's and bought a pomegranate, milk, and some greasies for 50% off.
8 Things we're Looking Forward To:
  1. Jeff's cast coming off next week, to be replaced by a brace.
  2. Thanksgiving Break.
  3. Our shows that come on this week.
  4. Aquiring our money.
  5. Christmas time.
  6. Getting a new car (someday).
  7. Starting a graphic design company (I don't know why it is italicized, but it won't stop.)
  8. Eating that pomegranate that we bought yesterday.
8 Things Our My WishList:
  1. A new car.
  2. A tv, and perhaps a Wii or xbox 360 on the side.
  3. A much needed trip to Disneyland.
  4. Simpsons seasons on DVD.
  5. New clothes (always).
  6. Salsa Dancing lessons.
  7. Magical Powers
  8. For it to be warm again.
8 People I'm tagging:

I guess everyone has been tagged already. Do as you wish. Mom hasn't blogged in a while. You and father should do one together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is for Melody and Cortnie.

If you didn't read melody's blog, this probably doesn't make sense. Read Melody's blog.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Everyone visit...

...these websites that were mentioned in the fantastic fireside that was given tonight by Elder Ballard and Elder Cook and Elder Clayton:

In the words of Elder Cook, LETS GO VIRAL!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's gotta be the last days.

Now, I don't usually post politics, and I will be brief, because as involved and educated as I am on issues, I feel like devoting my time towards more pressing matters, such as religion and family, is more important than complaining about the inevitable, being politics. I have decided no matter what happens, these are the last days, and it is time to focus on what is really important. People ask me why I will vote the way I do, to which I respond, what ever will protect me, my family, and my religious rights. I think sometimes people forget about the plan of salvation, and why we are here. We were given bodies to be tested, and get ourselves and as many people as we can to return to live with our Father again. For some odd reason, latter day saints feel like worldly things take priority over their eternal salvation. An article on MSNBC recently reported that many people were leaving the mormon church because of their stance on gay marriage. The Prophet gives a revelation from God, and people feel that temporal satisfacion is more important. These are definitely the last days.

Sure we should be conscious of what is going on around us, and make sure that we have good and wise leaders, just like the first presidency said in their recent news release, but we should decide based on listening to the spirit, praying, and of course, becoming informed. Who said the spirit can't play a part in voting? We do the same for every other decision in our lives, why is this any different? I think a little more help from above is just what this country needs.

Anyway, with all that said, I am very excited that these are the last days. The goings-on in this world are just more opportunities for spiritual growth, and gives us more chances to turn to Heavenly Father. Newspapers and TV shows can use their time to shamelessly bash opposing sides, and mock others for their views, but politics change, as does everything in this world, but one thing stays constant, and that is the Lord and his Gospel. If we are unhappy with leaders, give it a couple years, and that will change. We can't rely on man, but we can rely on our unchanging God.

Let us all remember where our focus should be, progression in this life towards the next. Everything else will be old news with time, but our eternal salvation will not be.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Upon the recovery.

Hello all.

I know you have just been absolutely been on the edge of your seats, anxious to hear of our adventures as of late. No scooter accidents this week, but a few things of note.

First off, Jeff was able to get a shorter cast this week! This is very exciting, as he is no longer stuck in a giant one, which makes it hard to move, sleep, and get dressed. This short one is not as bulky and limiting. Plus it is easier for Jeff to hug me as well :) His elbow is still broken, but it has to start moving in order for it to heal properly, or else it will become stiff and stuck in that position. He does his stretches every day. Also, we had a check up about his surgery, and they said everything was healing nicely, and it would only be another 4 weeks in the sling. So about a month more for both the cast and sling.

Also, I decided it was in my best interest to drop all but one of my classes. I felt like I would much rather be able to fully focus on my studies, and get good grades and learn from them, than juggle them around with everything else going on. Jeff had to drop about half of his credits as well to keep up with his schooling. It is amazing how much being thrown off a scooter effects your life! But we think we can catch up in future semesters, and hopefully it won't alter our future plans too much. Sigh.

Lastly, Jeff and I decided for Family Home Evening, we would do something awesome. This is what we did:
We built a fort. We thought it would be fun to relive our childhood, and make a fort. Turns out Jeff is a master when it comes to fort building. Had both of his hands not be confined, this would have turned out MUCH better, as I am not the best fort maker ever. We watched Star Wars and ate creampuffs and home made hummus in this fort. We were sad to tear it down.

Again, we would like to thank everyone for the kindness and love you have expressed here on our blog, and else where, and the kind actions as well. We had a good time with Jeff's mom and family last week, and we are so grateful they helped us out so much. It really lifted our spirits.