Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Rib house.

Hello one and all. I shall now do a Christmas recap for you all.

So, Christmas eve rolled along. Jeff's mum, Jill, has been constantly pumping out delicious treats and snacks to munch on all through out the days we have been here, but on Christmas eve, she surprised me with some fondue! Some of Jeff's siblings have never had fondue before, and it seemed to go pretty well. It was swiss cheese (which actually, I have never had before, but I loved it just the same) and we dipped bread, litl' smokies, and apples in it. So wonderful, and thoughtful to integrate one of my traditions into Christmas this year!

Jeff and I then had to go to Wal-Greens to print out some pictures for our surprise Christmas present to mom, which was a giant bulletin board like unto our house in the mud hall, and we had made it completely from scratch and everything. So pictures were the last step. But after waiting behind some extremely stupid, computer illiterate idiots, who after we had been waiting for a good 35 minutes behind them while they made their ugly, ugly Christmas card (seriously, on Christmas eve?? It is TOO LATE people...) the guy turned around and told me in a very rude tone to back up. I took a step back, and he told me to keep backing up, and i was breathing down his neck... So I guess he couldn't handle someone standing in line behind him. Jeff told him we were just standing in line, and we were doing nothing wrong. The guy's wife started mouthing off to us, saying he was clostrophobic, and he needs his space. I just looked at her as if to say, "Are you serious..." and we decided to leave, and just print them online. I was just absolutely shocked by the rudeness! Say what you will about Utah, but something like that would NEVER happen there. Where was this guys Christmas Eve spirit? What a grinch, eh?

So, I webcammed with Cami and Em for a while, which was so fun to see my family on the Eve of Christmas, and Jeffy and Ethan and Janey were all hilarious. Jefferson said he was shy for two seconds, then immediately started gushing about Monkey Ball, and how he could beat me now if we played. Jeff and Jeffy (so it begins) conversed about video games as well. I am sure when those two finally meet, they will get along QUITE well. KC and Jake made cameos as well which was fun. I then webcammed Drewsie, and we played a game of Solitaire showdown (a new Christmas tradition, Drew?) and then it was time for dinner.

At the Ribeira home, it is customary to eat crab on Christmas eve. I felt a little embarrassed as I am not quite fond of crab, but of course, mom was very thoughtful and made ham, though I think she mades that as well every year. I did try some crab and shrimp, and it was good, but I just don't really appreciate that texture. But it tastes great!
We then proceeded to have the Ribeira Christmas Program, which the girls printed out an annual newsletter for, which included a list of the evenings musical numbers, a Christmas crossword, comics, and very funny write ups done by the girls. Jeff's sisters are so witty and clever. We had many musical numbers including the songs we all sang in sacrament meeting, and I sang Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby, and Becky read How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and we also acted out the Nativity. The costumes were the best. Jason looked like the Berries and Creme man.

Our rendition of Oh Holy Night. Jeff is playing the piano.

After that and a few more musical numbers, SANTA CLAUS came!!!! Seriously! And he brought along 2 very crazy elves and presents! Sadly, Ryan, Jason, and Jeff were all in the bathroom the whole time Santa came! I had not idea Santa and his mute elves were so funny. I was brought to tears, I was laughing so hard. So we all changed into our pjs (mom, I opened yours the day we came out here so I could enjoy those ones as well!) and took lots of pictures.
I guess I was a little TOO excited that Santa came. Look at that elf getting fresh! Back off, buddy!

Of course the boys wanted to take some airbourne shots. Think of it like the return of the Black Manta, Shadow Ninja, and Emerald Tiger. I actually begged them to remake that, but sadly they refused. :(

Rosie often times reminds me of myself, us both being the youngest. I felt this picture was particularly something that I would have done as well. Ha ha.

Sisters do as sisters should, we're all together sisters. (After I introduced that to the Rib family, it was been constantly sung through out the break. Ha ha!)

We then watched Miracle on 34th Street and we were off to bed! Waiting for Santa to come!

We woke up at 8 am (I kept begging to wake up at 6 like I always did as a youth) but 8 it was. At the Rib house, they eat those mini boxes of cereal upstairs before presents (did you hear that! They had to eat BEFORE presents. I would have just DIED of anticipation as a child. It was bad enough when we all had to use the bathroom, and then dad stalling like he did!) and finally we lined up in the hall way and headed downstairs to presents!

We had a serious haul. Get this. 17 DVDs. 17!!! Mamma Mia, Sound of Music, Iron Man, Batman 1 and 2, Simpsons season 11, Man vs. Wild, Ferris Beuler's Day Off, Moulin Rouge, West Side Story, The Holiday, Transformers, Bourne Ultimatum, Airplane, Juno, etc. Jeff and I both got stylish vests, Jeff gave me long, thigh high christmas socks, and mittens, mom and dad gave us the game "Who What Where" and Jeff gave me Rook! I got a new sketch book, Ryan and Gaylynn gave us a brand new 3 in 1 printer, mom gave us a very nice seasonal LDS cookbook. So many more presents as well. It was a grand day indeed. The rest of the day was spent playing the new Wii games, and watching movies. Twas a fabulous Christmas had by all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

That Time of Year...

First and foremost, a wonderful Christmas tradition of reading this... kids book... enjoy it here.

And also, an update.
So, the weather is just lovely here, we went on a hike is mere jackets, and took them off after we got a bit hot! It is SO much more enjoyable than driving around in piles of slippery snow. We have been playing games non stop here at the Ribeira house, and eating delish food, and having non stop fun times.

Dad surprised us all with a ping pong table which has already given us hours of entertainment, and lots of Wii-ing has been going on, as well as hot tubbing, musical numbers in church, and board games. And to think we have only been here for two days! What funs lies ahead? So here are some awesome pictures so you can see the awesomeness. This was on a little hike we took. We hiked all through out some rocks and other madness. It was quite adventuresome.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A serious blast from the past.

As Jeff and I were driving home from ikea the other day, we were sharing memories of old movies we used to watch as kids that would be too ridiculous to even be viewed today. I was quite shocked when I mentioned an old classic to our family, Shelly Duvall's Mother Goose Rock n' Rhyme, and Jeff knew what I was talking about! Anyway, the more we talked about it, the more I wanted to revisit the ol' film to see if it was as wonderful as I had always imagined. Turns out it was. So for your viewing pleasure, I now present, Mother Goose Rock n' Rhyme.

That is just part one. The rest of the parts can be found along side of it on Youtube.
Seriously, though, some parts of this show are enough to give me nightmares! Also, did you know that Simon and Garfunkle are in it? I never knew! Paul Simon is Simple Simon. Ha ha. And I must say, Bo Peep's outfit it just the bees knees. Hooray for old 80's movies.

We also watched Wee Sing Grandpa's Magical Toys, which I would also recommend for some good laughs and highly uncomfortable, awkward moments. Ta!