Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I feel obligated

I have a very interesting dilemma every day at work. Now, my job right now is lovely. I work for a phonebook company, making ads for phonebooks all over the land, and it keeps me busy and pays just fine. The people I work with are very genuine, wonderful people, and they bring their adorable kids to work, who I like to play with and tease, and I feel completely comfortable there.

The only problem is, stupid Planned Parenthood decided to mark our building as theirs on Google. So everyday, between 3-8 girls (sometimes guys as well) come in asking for ridiculous things. Things like the day after pill, other various forms of birth control, or heaven forbid, the unspeakable (you know what I am talking about...) we inform them for the 5 millionth time that we are not Planned Parenthood, but it is infact around the corner.

Instead, though, I would rather scream at them, "SERIOUSLY? How old are you? Go talk to your mommy, she loves you and won't care what you have done, and will treat you better than some horrible baby killing clinic! And OMG!!! There are a billion people who want to adopt your baby that you are about to selfishly rip out of its comfortable womb and shred into pieces and kill! Babies are humans! They have a heartbeat! Instead of saving a life, you are taking it away! Go home, have a talk with your parents who care more about you than some idiotic, godless organization obsessed with making money, and they will talk some sense into you!"

Anyway, it makes me so sad. These girls are no more than 17, on their way home from work, asking for the day after pill. Sometimes their boyfriends come along as well. If only their parents knew... Shame on Planned Parenthood. Shame on them supporting teens lying to their parents and sneaking around. Shame on them for killing heavely father's children before they even get a chance to live. Shame on them for being so cowardly that they mark our building as theirs on google, because as they said, "too many people protest when they know their exact location..." Poor babies. Literally. Poor babies that they are killing. I hate Planned Parenthood.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving flyers to everyone who comes through the door about adotion. Or about how evil Planned Parenthood is. What do you say?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day...

I guess Jeff and I weren't intended to have vehicles. As our car was towed away today in the short 2 and 1/2 hours Jeff was in school. In our own parking lot.

Oh yes. Also, we received a letter saying our life insurance was canceled... Fantastic.

Haven't we had enough transportation troubles already? Is it too much to ask to have a working vehicle that DOESN'T get towed away? And what have we been paying all those dollars every month for? Certainly not insurance, apparently.

That is all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Stella Goodness

Here are the latest! Thanks to Jason for being so speedy to work on these! So for the full effect, click on the video and follow it to youtube, and click the option to watch it in high quality!

Friday, January 16, 2009

An interesting thought...

Mom and I were talking the other day, and we discussed something that has been really evident to me lately. We talked about how sometimes people with in our religion only practice it on Sundays. Every other day, people will say, do, think, act, etc. everything contrary to what our church believes, then when Sunday rolls around, they assume mormon position. Of course, it doesn't have to be that extreme, but even in the little things. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I have seen this in a lot of acquaintances from high school. Their politics or ethics are completely opposite of what the church believes, and justify it, hiding behind the word "agency" and still continue on thinking they are in good standing.

So I pose the question. If we know what truth is, as it has been given to us from God through prophets and revelation, why do we think we still have to accept to the opposing view? There is a right and wrong, a good and bad, a yes and no, but in today's society, we are told that there is NO line what so ever, and everyone is justified. This may be true in the world's eye, but this in NO WAY translates to the Gospel. There is a solid line on right and wrong, and choosing a world view over God's law can not be softened or ok by adding the word agency.

God has given us agency so we could have a chance to choose the right. He gave us a choice, hoping that we would choose the right one, but would save us when we didn't (repentance). So, if we DO know what is right and wrong, why do we give way to the wrong?

So, this sentence is invalid: "I believe that _______ is wrong, but I don't think we should take away people's agency by going against it." If you believe that something is right, especially if it is declared so by God, than it is our calling in life to follow through, and stand up for our God, and not give way for man. Just saying you believe it is wrong isn't enough. By allowing the bad things, you have just contridicted your last statement.

NO one can take away agency. Creating laws and rules does not limit agency. It gives us boundaries and guides that will keep order in the land. Should I feel limited because I can't steal food from the store? Is it fair that I will get punished if I harrass someone?

There is a right and wrong, and we are fully aware in the church. There is no grey area with God. So lets actually live our religion, stand up for God's law. Especially today, people put their politics first, and only then see if their religion ties in. It should be the exact opposite. Religion first, and then see about your politics.

So lets be good Christians standing for what we believe in not only for 3 hours on Sunday, but every moment of our lives, as we have been commanded to do.

*Gets off soap box*

In other good news, I now have a full time job! Thanks to dad for getting me the sweet hookups! Much love!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Give me your thoughts!

I am starting a new online portfolio to showcase my more recent works, and I created the home page yesterday. It is a rough draft of what I am going for, but I just wanted to know what you all thought. I am looking for ways to make it look a little more organized and less busy. Let me know what you think!

Also! One more thing. Here is a little project for fun! I asked Jason, my bro-in-law, if he had some spare time to check out my new character Stella, and see if he would like to apply some awesome flash styles onto her. So, here is our first draft! May I present, the most unfortunate Stella:

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And it just exploded...

So, after dad let us graciously borrow his car, seems like fate had a different plan for us. We spent a good 35 minutes last night trying to push our car into a parking space on a perfectly flat road, and after we got it in, it nestled in pretty good. So it was stuck in our spot. This morning, we thought the snow might help with the ice problem.

It might have, but as we are cursed with vehicles.... the car was dead. For no reason. Just dead. Lights still worked, everything was fine. It just won't turn over. So, Jeff misses work, I miss job hunting and school registering... If only our silly car hadn't broke down, and if only it didn't snow 2 feet last night...

Anyway, we weren't optimistic about getting out of the lot anyway. We already helped a guy push his car out of a perfectly flat spot. There was no chance for us if he got stuck.

Pray for us.

Friday, January 02, 2009

My brain is about to explode...

... were the words uttered many a times these past two days.

Here is the deal. We were in a horrible accident a couple months ago, seriously injuring my husband, and also eliminating our 2nd mode of transportation, ultimately leading to me quitting my job, both of us dropping out of school, loosing nearly all of our money in our bank account, and lots of other insanely unbelievable things. We have stayed optimistic about things, and everyone has been ever so supportive (especially our parents on both sides) and we of course have a world class lawyer helping with our case (Barrett and Daynes is just first class when it comes to your legal matters) but sometimes the little things get you down. For example...

Our car. It was a gracious hand me down that Jeff and I were happy to accept and use as our only car. I have always loved that boat like Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. At school it made me rather popular as I was driving a cop car. It has never had any real problems, never had been in the shop, we have driven it cross country to CA and other various locations several times, so I felt very comfortable with it being our only car.

So, about a month after the accident we had one slight incident. The drivers side window got stuck down. We thought this wasn't the biggest problem, and drove around for 2 weeks, hoping it wouldn't snow or rain, and searching for a place that could at least pull the darn thing up. Jeff with his shoulder and casts certainly wasn't capable at the moment. One night it started to rain really bad, and we had to drive home from mom and dad's, so we just pulled out the plastic wrap and went to town. You can imagine our excitement when there was 5 inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down hard when we woke up the next morning. I drove with Jeff to work, and finally found a place who could get the window to stay up. The down side? Three huge pieces of orange tape holding it in place. I had never known what a luxury it was to just drive with your window up. Though, drive throughs are tricky as well. One of us has to jump in the back and order or deposit. Boo.

With that dealt with, we were ok with a few occasional problems like our head light cover falling off and smashing into bits, or the oil needing to be changed, etc. But it just seemed like more and more our little car was just falling to pieces.

We came home from California grateful to see our car unburried from the 2 feet of snow, but of course, a mysterious crack showed up while we were gone, with 3 little cracks spreading out from it. Which got bigger just by driving down the street. It didn't even give us a chance to fix it! I decided not to freak out. Besides, in just a few months, we would have enough money to replace our lost vehicle, and have two cars, and only use the Crown Vic sparingly.

Ironically, fate wouldn't have it this way. Jeff and I made our way to the airport to pick up Becky and Jason, and we pulled into the park and wait, and no more than 10 minutes later we were ready to go and... our car would not start. It would just sputter off. We tried jumping it, kicking it, crying to it, but nothing would start it.

So, we grabbed our stuff and joined the siblings in the airport. We felt like homeless people, with our long coats and layers of clothing, our ragged clothes and windblown hair (not to mention Jeff hasn't shaved in about 3 weeks) and abandon our car in the p & w.

Dad of course was right on top of things and amazingly drove all the way up to Salt Lake to pick all four of us up, called a tow truck, took Becky and Jason home, then helped us with our towing service. Another ironic thing was just the night before, Jeff and I were discussing how lucky we felt, because we knew what ever happened to us, we both had parents and siblings who would put aside anything to help us out, and we could always rely on them to be there for us. And this was very good proof. Thanks dad! You are truly the best. Jeff's parents were also checking up on us along the way as well, which was very nice as well. We decided to have fun with it, and got Smith's Chinese take out and watched Kung Fu Panda with the parents. Dad let us borrow his car for the weekend and we are just praying that our car will be fixed as soon as possible as Jeff drives to AF every morning, I drive to UVU every day, and I am getting a new job as well. We need that car.

Anyway, funny how these things just happen. I wish they all didn't happy so... simultaniously. I mean, we just were hurled from a scooter over a truck onto the pavement resulting in poverty, medical bills, surgeries, and radical lifestyle changes. Cut us some slack, eh?

But I guess what I have gotten the most out of this is that these things are important. My religion and belief in God and Jesus Christ (being there through everything, especially for my weak moments that I have had to endure) my amazing husband (I was more of an emotional wreck than he, and he was the one who was in pieces, but he always managed to stay calm) and for my family on both sides who are always concerned and in touch with our situation. So, the Gospel is true, I love Jeff, and family is the best.