Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A series of unfortunate events

It has been a pretty unfortunate day for me. It all started last night, when I realized I needed to get some blood work done for my next doctor's visit, and I was out of prenatal vitamins, so I left work a bit early to try and catch the BYU health center in time to do all that. Luckily, we did make it, and the first thing they asked me is if I needed a urine test. I told them I already did that at my clinic, and I wasn't sure if I needed one. But being pregnant, I had to use the bathroom, so I just decided to go. As soon as I stepped out of the restroom, they told me I needed the urine test after all... SO, they gave me a big glass of water, and took my blood first. I was so, so scared to have this done, because I am deathly afraid of needles. Luckily they had plenty of comics and Jeff to distract me while they had that stupid needle in me.

I made it through the blood tests, and then there was only to wait for the urine test. I drank my weight in water, and 2 unsuccessful trips later, I finally was finished with that.

We returned home for a restful evening at home, when Jeff's phone rings, and it was Jeff's parents, driving through Orem! Of course, we were happily surprised, but for some reason, we thought they were coming later in the week! So, we quickly tidied up the place, and were just finishing up the dishes when they arrived, and then we continued with our relaxing evening, chatting the night away.

Then, this morning, since I am with child, I woke up at an unearthly hour to use the restroom. After relieving myself, I noticed the chain had become unhooked, and the toilet wouldn't flush. I gently lifted up the 50 pound lid to the tank, and noticed the chain was broken, missing a link to easily hook to the chain to the flap. So I manually flushed, and while the water was gone, tried to temporarily hook the chain.

Before I knew it, the huge lid slipped right off into the tank, and on its way down, managed to smash open something holding back water, which started spraying me all over, and then, the lid slipped all the way down, completely smashing open the bottom of the porcelain tank. And just like that, over 4 gallons of water was spreading through my apartment, as well as torrential water spraying everywhere. All of this happened within about 15 seconds. My whole bathroom underwater in 15 seconds flat. I ran into our bed room screaming that the toilet was flooding, and he immediately went straight to the water source under the toilet and shut it off. Smart lad, Jeff.

Anyway, I felt like a fool, especially since we had house guests, and I had been screaming and splashing all morning. And I also needed to use the bathroom. I tried calling dad just to see about installing toilets, in case our landlord decides to be ridiculous and make us wait, and about 7 dropped calls and 2 phones later, I finally got through, and dad offered some words of comfort, saying he would help out if our landlord didn't.

So, then I tried to get back into our apartment, because I wanted to make phone calls outside as to not disturb the sleeping occupants of my residence, and hang out to dry every towel I own, and of course I was locked out. A phone call to Jeff, and I was in. But this has been a horrible start to the day.

A pregnant woman living in a toiletless apartment... it is madness.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our typical Provo student life.

There is nothing to blog about, so I will just give everyone a little update of how life is at the mo.

Jeff is attending what will probably be his second to last semester of school. It is crazy to think he is nearly done! Jeff spends most of his days reading and doing homework. He is ever so diligent. I could never study like he does!

And as for me, I am still working at good ol' Legacy Publishing, graphic designing amazing phonebook ads all through the day. It gets slightly tedious, but I get to pick on Drew, which is fun. Also, all my clothes are starting not to fit any more, which is an adjustment. Thanks Em, for sending all those jeans with the stretchy belly and stuff, and the cute shirts. They came just in time. It is fun to see our fat, little baby grow inside my belly. Stay tuned, in two weeks we get to find out that it is a little girl! (Sorry, Jeff, I just feel like it is...)

Anyway, that is our amazingly insane life right now. It has been nice to have things pretty stable at the moment, but we are definitely excited for big changes, like our baby, and Jeff getting a job, and perhaps moving somewhere exciting as well (Em, we are very much considering some government jobs in DC... Don't get your hopes TOO high, but it would be awesome, no?)

And finally, I am cutting my hair tomorrow. It has finally reached my behindus, and I am shedding everywhere, and it is too hard to maintain, and is giving me headaches from the weight alone! Not to mention either I or Jeff will get tangled up in it during the night. Anyway, I am only going to cut 5 inches or so, maybe 6, with some sensible layers, just to mix it up. It is just too thick and too long to do anything with it any more. Just thinking about washing it makes me want to pass out. So off it goes.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Because so many people got mad at me

I finally went to the doctor. And lo and behold everything was ship shape! Alls yous peeps getting on my case about it can just cool it! Anyway, most people who read my blog (all 3 or 4 of my siblings out there) already know about this, but now you guys can see about this! The fat baby inside a me!

Awwwww, look at it's cute nose, already huge like it's mommy's. I am so sorry, my baby, if you are cursed with my nose. Please have something more like your father's features please. If you could please take your daddy's dark hair, skin and eyes as well, that would be peachy.

Anyway, I have made a decision to not post anything about this on facebook, just for fun, so if you want any updates you will see them on occasion here. Probably every 4 weeks with my appointments. Or mostly in person.

So, set your calendars everyone, March 11 is the big day. (Sorry, Jonny, it was originally the 15th, but they moved it up for days when they saw how fat my baby was.) Here's to 2 weeks of morning sickness and smooth sailing from here on out!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is why I hate macs...

Because I get this message everyday. Sure I would like those updates, if I could understand that crap in the box so I know what I am getting into. I run into this problem A LOT with my computer, and have searched high and low on the internet on how to fix this annoyance, and no one offers any realistic solution except to reinstall my computer, which I am not in any position to do.

If this was a windows problem, I would have had it solved about 4 months ago...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A summer time.

This summer was eventful indeed. Especially this last month! Here is a recap.

We took an 18 hour train ride (half of it was sleeping through the night) to Northern CA, where we enjoyed a whole week away from technology and work while staying in a nice cabin in the small town of Twain Harte.

We visited Yosemite and all of us endured a grueling 4 mile round trip hike up to Vernal Falls that included an extremely steep incline followed by about a mile and a half of steep stairs. It was quite an accomplishment we were even able to make it to the top.

We also went boating twice while in CA. I mostly enjoyed swimming and some mildly tame tubing. Jeff was once again the wakeboarding master, with a previously injured shoulder, and even managed to get up while eating a sandwich. Way to go Jeff.

This was my favorite activity. Floating gently in the water.
Here is Jeff, mid bite. Not a drop of water got on that sandwich!

The water was the perfect temp. Jeff was showing off his floating skills (he was cheating, though, and sitting on a noodle.)

Jeff also celebrated his 25th birthday! My husbandmin is ever so old! I woke up early, fixed him a big country breakfast, and then proceeded to give him his presents which he was VERY excited about. Simpsons season 12 and... a Wii! We have been playing it non-stop, we love it ever so.
We played Laser Tag with the fam, then had everyone over and the neighbors for some snickers cake! Now that is the way to turn 25!

More recently, meaning yesterday, we went to the Danny and Jessica Woodbury's parent's house with the Cranes, and had a fun Friday night playing games and staying up much to late, and after a short sleep, woke up bright and early to go boating yet again this summer! Danny and Jessica showed us all their awesome boating toys, like wake surfing and sky skiing. An awesome time was had by all. We finished the weekend by watching It Happened One Night, and viewing the BYU football game in the fabulous theater room at the Woodbury Residence.

So, there is our last month. We have been keeping busy on top of school and work! There is always time for fun. Next up some fun plans for Lacie's up coming birthday! Happy Birthday in two house Lacie! And happy one year anniversary of our scooter accident. We are very happy to still be around!