Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh yes...

May 24th, 2010. Finally. Don't be jealous.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It is movies like this that make me realize why we women will go through anything to reproduce. LOOK AT THESE FATTIES! I can't stop giggling at this. I love your babies Emily. I can't wait to see them again! As well as you and everyone else over there in the Maryland. And it is movies like this that make me so much more excited to meet our fat little baby as well. Come soon Pen! (Only 12 days until she's due, but who's counting?)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I was greeted Valentine's day morning with a trail of kisses leading me to the kitchen to find this:

Jeff surprised me with my favorite! A full grits breakfast with sausage and everything! And to top it off, a bouquet of flowers were also waiting for me as well! My husband knows exactly what this 8 month pregnant girl wants!

And here is the man himself. I took this picture because he is always taking pictures of me and my big belly, so I thought I would take one of him!

Speaking of belly pictures, here is me at 36 weeks. Which was last week (I am currently in my 37th week). I think Jeff and I are both ready to have this baby out. It is a rare moment when this child will stop squirming and jabbing me. But mostly we can't wait to see her cute face.

Also, we had a fun night at the Woodbury's last night (as we always do when we go over there) and this time it was because we were in the midst of a Roarin' 20s speakeasy! As we didn't really have any maternity flapper desses, I opted to wear Jeff's clothes instead and go as a thoroughly post-modern modern for the time. Take that, Millie.Here is the crew. We played mafia, and Jeff was always pinned as a suspect right off the bat due to his mustache. Who knew a mustache would make that much of a difference. On the flip side, my unborn child was useful to prove my innocence. Except those factors don't have anything to do with the game, so we eventually got caught for being the criminals we were.

Pin curls are fun and relatively easy. I wonder why people don't use such a technique anymore, they are a lot more comfortable to lie on than foam curlers. Anyway, there you have it. (Weird that things like strollers and baby paraphernalia are already sneaking into our pictures.)

We went to a 5 hour prenatal class given by Orem Community Hospital yesterday, and what ever questions I had about child birth have been answered and then some, even the ones that I would have preferred to remain ignorant of :) But it actually eased my mind quite a bit about the upcoming, unavoidable event. Growing up I was always looking forward to raising my own family, loved the idea of being able to procreate with my eternal spouse, and wanted nothing more than to see little copies of me and Jeff. My only downfall to the whole process was the actual birthing part. At my 13 week appointment, they told me to get my blood drawn, and I had to give myself a heck of a pep talk to get that done, and I nearly had a heart attack just walking into the lab. I obviously got over that, but around 6 months of being pregnant, reality started to hit me that the only way this 6-8 pound baby was going to come out of me was by the way it has been done for thousands of years, and there was no magical way to just poof the baby out of me. I kind of see this as the climax of my life right now, facing the biggest fear I have ever had, enduring the pains and side effects of child birth. The only thing that truly comforts me (besides Jeff talking some sense into me) is that after it is over, I will have an amazing miracle that belongs to me and my husband that we have been looking forward to seeing for so many years.

I guess I just wanted to vent a little bit. I am more than happy to go through anything to fulfill the plan that was set forth for us, and of course this little human life was of infinite worth from the second she began to grow inside of me. I look forward to being able to say I survived this whole child birth thing that everyone seems to be quite proud of living through. Here's to 2 1/2 weeks!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Magnetic Fun

I have been wanting to do something crafty for a while, but as I am not the most, well, crafty person there is, I thought I would do something rather small and not so demanding of crafty skills. I remembered a while ago our good friend Natalie Stadelman showed us some cute magnets she made out of glass rocks and ikea catalog patterns. I thought I could handle this.

Which I did! Sadly, and oddly, I didn't have an ikea catalog in my house, but we made do with Real Simple and some old BYU magazines. It didn't take long, the hardest part was cutting the pictures out of the magazines, which as you can guess wasn't too difficult. A little big of tacky glue, a little big of magnet, and voila! Perfect Christmas or wedding presents! Here is what we came up with!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A slow Wednesday night because Lost is on Tuesday.

The only show we have to look forward to on Wednesdays now (until ANTM starts in march, of course) is silly Man Vs. Wild, and for some reason, I can't handle watching Bear Grylls stomach oozing crabs and slimy, half gutted eels. But who knows, perhaps one day I will thank him when I am stranded on some island and my life is saved by eating bird-poopy water. Jeff just assured me we would get that experience someday. I can't wait.

Anyway, I thought since I am nearing the end, I would post a few pictures because I haven't really kept up with the whole look-at-my-belly-grow thing. So, for posterity's sake (literally, ha) here is my belly at 35 weeks:

So there you have it. I would like to see anyone say that I am tiny now! Well, I do measure slightly smaller than the average girl, but that is mostly because my long torso allows Penny a little more legroom on the inside. Which she takes fully advantage of, flailing around most hours of the day. I am pleased she is a healthy, active child, but at the same time, the effects of gravity pulling my body down while sitting in an office chair through out the day along with a super-active baby is exhausting. It makes coming home to a happy Jeff all the more worth it though.

Speaking of, Jeff has been the best. Never passes up an opportunity to help me put on my socks or surprise me with a clean apartment. He also keeps me optimistic with his witty charm and clever quips. Also, Jeff got to enjoy some fun activities with our friends the Woodburys and the Cranes. They all went snow shoeing in Salt Lake while I made an Ikea run to stock up on some baby things. We have such fun, adventurous friends! Next time I will surely join in the big fun.

All in all, it has been an extremely smooth pregnancy. I walked up to campus with Jeff after work for a bit of exercise, which turned out to be harder than I expected. The uphill part, at least. It is so weird, I am finally starting to feel somewhat limited in my movements and such. But I can't complain since I am only REALLY starting to feel constrained, and I have about 5 weeks left. We are just absolutely dying to see what our little girl looks like, and finally hold her in our arms and give her snuggles.

Anyway, that is all for now. I guess this may not be so interesting to all, so, yes.

Also, thank you Cami for the maternity swim suit you let me borrow all those months ago. I was finally able to use it, and it was great to have something that actually fit nicely while swimming, and look fashion forward as well. But I definitely have no pictures of that. Not at all.