Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy one month, my baby!

Little Penny is getting so big! We actually held up the pajamas that we brought her home in, and they were at least 2 inches too short! I couldn't believe how big she has become in just a few short days. We went on a little shopping spree yesterday, and bought some insanely cute outfits for her, especially for when we are in hawaii and such.

Here is a movie of Penny trying to escape her parents' smothering love. Sorry Penny, you have 18 years until that is a possibility.

In other news, Penny finally fits into the outfit we intended to bring her home from the hospital in. She is getting heavier to pick up now, which is just so strange! I felt like she would stay tiny forever.

Also, we are now able to give baby baths now that the cord is gone! Yay! The sad news is, for the first few minutes of bath time, baby has a great time...

Which quickly turns into this...
Silly baby. She usually gets upset only when we get her hair wet.

Jeff's parents were here over the weekend as well, which was very helpful! We appreciated the help with the night shifts especially! I got more sleep in the past week than I have in quite some time! Not to mention the great food and cute clothes we acquired! Thanks, mom and dad.
And here is our first picture with all of us together as a family! We went to church for the first time in a while, which was quite successful! Plus these BYU church buildings have nice mothers rooms which comfy chairs. Anyway, time is just flying by! I already find myself missing my little 6 pound newborn baby face!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks Emily!

For lending Penny all of Ruby's cute, cute clothes. Observe:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ha ha!

Just some funny pictures of Penny. Don't worry, my face was completely posed in this last shot. She was really quite calm during the photo shoot, with a few outbursts here and there. I just took this for dramatic effect.

And we thought this one was funny. Already sassing mother. You be nice to your sweet mother who birthed you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Penny Face.

I hope that is enough Penny for everyone! I thought I would give a little update. We went to the doctor today, and our little baby is just as healthy as can be! Since Thursday, she has gained about 8oz! She is now 7lb 6oz! She is fattening right up! But it is hard to tell, because she is ever so long. She is now 21 1/2 inches long, which is half an inch longer than her birth length. So, her height was in the 80 percentile, and her head was in the 50th. Also, when the doctor opened up her diaper to check things, she started going right then! Which was the second time that had happened just today! Good thing she wasn't a boy, eh?
So they gave her heal a little prick, took some blood and we were off. She screamed while they took the blood, but immediately after they were done, she calmed right down, and has been calm ever since. Such a good baby.

Here she is right after her appointment, bonding with daddy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going on three weeks!

That is right, Penny has now lived over two weeks in this earth already! It is insane to believe, but she is getting bigger every day. We love our precious Penny face.

We had a quick check up today with our doctor, and he said she is doing great! She slept through the whole appointment, through car seat buckling and unbuckling, undressing and dressing. The only time we wanted her to be awake, she slept right through it. Anyway, she is now 6 lbs 15 oz. so she gained her weight back and then some! She really can pack the milk in, that is for sure. And we also got the ok to let her sleep through the night with out waking her up to feed! He said just let her eat on her own schedule in the night, and make up for it during the day. HOORAY! It is a lot harder than I thought to convince myself to wake up and then wake up a sleeping baby to eat. But it is fun to see her little face often through out the night.

In other news, Jeff had a soccer game the other day. When he walked through the door, I saw this:
Yes, in a courageous move to make a goal, Jeff headed the ball at just the right angle to... break his glasses in half. He looked so ridiculously attractive, pulling off the Harry-Potter-Broken-Glasses look. My hot husband can even pull off taped rims! He said he wished Hermione was there to do a little Oculus Reparo. But the really sad news was that he also broke his toe. A guy slammed his foot down right on Jeff's big toe. Sadness.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love seeing Penny a lot more today after having a decent sleep last night. Which is hard to imagine, because I love seeing her even when she is crying her eyes out for no reason and not eating at 3 in the morning. She is just too precious.

More family times! This time Aunt Becky came over to spend some quality time with Penny. It was so nice to have my hands free for a while while Becky snuggled her. Plus, as a bonus, when Becky left, she stayed asleep and didn't wake up until it was time for her next feeding! It was a great night. You can come over and put our baby to sleep any time, Becky!

Also, these fun people came to visit! We will have to come over to your place sometime so your kids will have more time to snuggle with their new cousin. I couldn't believe how big Brady is! Especially since I think the last time I saw him, he weighed less than Penny. But seeing the two of them next to each other makes me realize how much more she looks like Jeff, and less like my side.

Ha ha ha! Those faces are hilarious.

And this picture makes it look like Penny was almost doing a rude hand gesture. Stop that, baby. Hee hee hee hee... "Hey mom, get that camera out of my face, you already have a bajillion pictures of me since I was born less than two weeks ago..." Silly Penny Face.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Due Date Penny!

Hello all. Yesterday we had our first play times with "cousins" Millie and Molly (pictured below.) Mary explained the relationship of the girls to me, but I don't remember... But they are related in some way :) They were born about 6 weeks apart. I can't believe Penny could be as big as these little girlies in a few short weeks! And perhaps if we are lucky, have as much hair as them as well.

Penny wasn't as playful in the end. Perhaps she was tired out from crying all night.

And then the moms showed up! We thought we would take a little 3 generation picture of all the cousins and aunts. Just precious.

Also, look at these adorable bunny slippers mom picked up! They are a little big for now, but I put them on her all the time anyway, and re-apply when she kicks them off.

Penny stayed up much too late last night, finally giving up the struggle at about 4 am. Hopefully that wore her out for tonight... We did take our first excursion to the outside world to Wal-Mart. She slept the whole time! Why, OH WHY can't she do that during the night?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The good times indeed.

Staying home with this little Penny beats going to work any day, let me tell you.

Anyway, due to requests from several out-of-town relations, we now bring you live-action Penny. Don't get your hopes up if you are expecting anything funny like a burp or her punching Jeff in the face. This is mostly for documentary purposes. But she is insanely cute.

Also, today we went to check for jaundice, and it had decreased since Sunday, so that means hopefully no lights! I remember so vividly when Jordan was a baby sitting in that big suitcase wearing a net over his head to keep the eye-coverings in place. It made me so sad back then as a 5 year old, so I hope Penny doesn't have to go through that as well, and bring back those sad memories. We'll see, still waiting to hear what the doc wants.

She may look like her father, but she certainly takes after her mother when it comes to getting in front of a camera... 6 days old and already making faces. Can't take a serious picture, can you Penny?

Monday, March 08, 2010

As of late.

Hee hee.

I am sure all of you out there are just dying to see more of Penny face. Or we just like to look at her on our blog to remind ourselves we aren't living some wonderful dream. Ha ha.

In reality, it has been quite an experience. We are quickly adjusting to parenthood. Penny has been a very good baby so far, but sometimes I find myself stressing out about things that I am sure every parent has stressed out about. Is she pooping enough? Why won't she breastfeed when she needs to? Why is it so much easier for her to take a bottle than breastfeed? Is she sleeping too much? Should I wake her up? Why won't she wake up? Why does she only cry at feeding time? Etc...

But usually those fears prove to be unfounded 5 minutes later when she has a blow out or has a fantastic feeding session. Mostly I suppose we are just getting used to having this little baby around.

In any case, we are just glad when these moments happen:

We love our little Penny! She has such cute mannerisms, she loves holding her hands to her face and sucking on them, which she would do in all the ultrasounds as well. No matter how tight the swaddle, she always gets them out. We need one of those blankets, eh? She has QUITE the set of lungs. One if her wails leaves my ears ringing. She is just practicing for her future singing career. Anyway, we'll leave you with this cuteness.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The story.

So, I thought I would give a run down of how everything played out this week! Hopefully I can make it brief!

Tuesday night I was having very mild contractions about 8 minutes apart. We drove to the hospital just to be monitered for a little bit to see if it was actual labor. I wasn't in any pain, so I was hesitant, but I didn't want my water to break at the stage I was in with out being at the hospital. So, we watched Lost as they kept track of baby.

They gave me a shot of morphine and told us to wait it out at home due to irregular contractions. Just as we were leaving, they stopped us, and told me I had a fever that was making them worry that I had an infection somewhere. So they put us up in a bigger room, and had us stay they night. I was excited to learn I got all the juice and snacks I desired :) Jeff enjoyed the fold out bed...

They drew lots of my blood, and woke me up every 2 hours or so to check my temperature. I was still running a fever, but they couldn't understand why. They were trying to see if they could get approval from some committee for me to be induced earlier than 39 weeks for the safety of baby. We found out on Wednesday morning that they were planning on doing it that afternoon! I then got extremely nervous because I didn't feel like my body was ready! I hardly had felt any painful contractions at all, but I didn't want anything to happen to her. So, they poked me with about 700 more needles and IVs and sent in the epidural.

Let the record show the epidural was the most painless experience of childbirth. I didn't even feel the initial numbing shot, and then after that, he took less than 45 seconds to put in the epidural, and my legs went numb. So up to this point, I didn't feel a single contraction, but they were certainly happening.
At about 12, they induced me, and at 1 broke my water. They thought I would be ready near midnight, but I progressed much quicker than expected! By about 6 they had me start pushing. Jeff was such a trooper, and was right in the action, helping the nurse before my midwife got there. He was great support, and it was his words of encouragement that inspired me to get our baby out! Also, she wasn't coming fast enough, so they threatened to use the "salad tongs" and 3 minutes later I got her out of there :)
Jeff likes to pretend this is a labor shot, but I completely posed for it. But lets just say this represents that last paragraph. Anyway, FINALLY, out came little Penny! I cried with joy as they flopped her little body onto me. I was in complete shock that I was able to do the one thing I never thought I could do. We had a healthy, perfect little girl. No surprise that she ended up looking exactly like her daddy. SO much hair, long eyelashes (I tell Jeff how I would kill for his eyelashes! So long and thick) and dark eyebrows.

Jeff is insanely in love with his little girl, as am I. We survived the first night, and there is a long way to go until we are used to having this little baby, but even though we got only a few hours of sleep last night, we still were so overjoyed to see her precious little face searching for us. We love our Penny! Thanks everyone for your visits and prizes! We love to have visitors anytime, and would be more than happy if you feel so inclined to snuggle our new baby!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Penelope (middle name pending) Ribeira!

So we'll have more information/details/pictures to come, but here's a few pictures of our little Penny. She was born at 7:37pm on March 3rd 2010. She is 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long, and has quite a bit of dark brown hair along with gorgeously long eyelashes (which the nurses all rave about!). I know some of these pictures aren't the best as Penny is often in the nursery getting tests and whatnot, but like I said, we'll definitely get some more pictures up after today.


Welcome to the world, Penny.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

For Jeff

Jeff kept pestering me to design characters for a brilliant show he has been dying to pitch to the producers of ABC. So, during stake conference, I finally indulged his fantasy, and came up with this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Lost Babies...

(Click to enlarge)

Happy Lost Day.