Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pennah Pennah Pennah

I think Penny is the only baby I know who enjoys a good nose cleansing. Check it out:

Before we turned the camera on, she was smiling with ever squeeze. It was just hilarious. Now I know how to make her smile if I ever need to, eh?

Speaking of smiles, check out this adorableness:

Spring has sprung as well. My favorite time of the year! I especially love driving down mom's street and seeing all the tall trees bursting with buds ready to shade the lane with beautiful rich green leaves. And that is as poetic as I'm going to get for now. Penny also loves being outside, which is also another great reason that the weather is turning around finally!

Penny also met her triplet cousins as well! It was unbelievable that last time Em was here, her babies were about Penny's size, and have since doubled... SO FAT AND CUTE!!!! I have never seen babies smile like that before. What pleasant little plumpies.

Here are only 4 out of 6 babies born this year. It is like we sisters formed some kind of pregnancy pact or something. We took lots of pictures of all the babies piled together, but I don't have those yet...Siblings? Who took those? I want them!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, my dear husband is now officially a college graduate! He graduated in Russian with a minor of Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. Awesome! What a journey it has been! From scooter accidents to apartments that got below 55 in the wintertime, to collecting our pennies for the dollar theater for date night, we have survived this college experience! It is now time to move onto bigger and better things, but of course not before we have some fun this summer, right?

Anyway, since it is graduation time, Jeff's whole family is in town! Rosie, Janna, Ryan, Gaylynn and Cousin Jonah met Penny for the first time! Cute!

Sisters do as sisters should.

Here is Penny rocking the hoodie that Cami let us borrow.

We have had lots of fun things to do! Penny's favorite was the swimming.

Penny's cookie monster towel keeps reminding me of The Office this week! I laughed so hard when Angela said, "This is my favorite day!" because of the Kevin/Cookie Monster video.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good news all around!

First this cuteness!

Also, I have been trying to go back to work for at least 4 hours a day to be working part time. I was able to stay there for about 5 hours yesterday, with Penny taking naps, playing next to me and other people around the office keeping her entertained. Today I only made it about 3 hours, as she wasn't wanting to go down for a nap today, but perhaps she will get used to the office, and go down easier.

And another good news is Jeffles graduates in 2 days!! We have long since awaited this glorious day, and it is fast approaching. Good job to Jeff, for doing an amazing job and getting through those crazy college years. They have been good to you, giving you wife and child.

Now for this cuteness:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life just keeps happening!

So, the other day, Babies-R-Us was having this "fill-the-bag-and-get-25%-off" sale. So, I decided to go and see if there was anything worth spending money on. Of course I wanted to buy a million things, but I held back, and ended up not spending very much, only filling the bottom of the bag. Phew. But I did get this adorable little number for a great price! It is still a little big at the moment, but when we go to Hawaii, it should fit her perfectly! It isn't the little triangle bikini that I had hoped and dreamed for, but it is impossible to find sucha suit in her size! If anyone sees at 0-3 or even 3-6 month triangle bikini, lemme know, I will go ahead and buy that.

Please excuse Penny's silly face in that picture...

Also, we love hand-me-downs. Cami let us borrow this one which I think she originally borrowed from Melody. It is so adorable! She wore it to church today, which may have to be the last time, as it is already a little too small on her. (This picture was taken earlier in the week, and she has become much pudgier, even since this picture!) Speaking of church, another successful week! I had to slip out during class for a bit to feed her, but we were back in a quick 15 minutes. Those mothers' rooms are such a nice little retreat! She was a little funny face all through Relief Society. Elise Crane and I were very entertained by her antics. I hope my snickering wasn't too much of a distraction... The lesson was great as well!

Please enjoy Penny's amazingly adorable face in this picture.

Yes, bath time is becoming a much anticipated time for Penny, which she smiles and splashes through...

If only the hair washing didn't cause this to happen...

In other news besides baby (hard to believe that there is any, right?) Jeff decided to continue on in his culinary endeavors! He was watching the Food Network show "Tyler's Ultimate" and watched him make Moroccan Brick Chicken with Apricot Couscous and mint yogurt sauce. Check out the recipe here. Since Jeff is adventurous and likes to do things the dangerous way, he bought a small chicken and had to remove all the bones himself! I didn't witness it as I was keeping baby away from the salmonella, but I heard several exclamations of "gross!" and "disgusting!" coming from the kitchen, and then a proclamation of new found respect to butchers all over the world. Anyway, no matter how unappetizing stripping a chicken of its insides may be, it certainly didn't take away from the insanely deliciousness of the meal! Observe!

It was amazingly good! Jeff has such a knack for getting recipes right the very first time! I always end up failing when ever I try something new, but he can pull it off! The chicken was a perfect juicy tender consistency, full of flavors from the several spices in the rub, and the couscous was definitely a good compliment. The dried apricots and almond slices mixed perfectly with the mint sauce. Way to go, Jeff! Two thumbs up! And to top it off, Penny Face slept through the whole meal! Thanks, baby!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Round the clock cuteness.

After that long night's sleep the other day, baby hasn't been as successful, but it is ok, because this is what I get to look forward to when I wake up! I could watch her doing this all day!

I can't believe our baby is going on 6 weeks already! She is finally starting to enjoy bath time, especially when there is enough water that her legs can kick around in. She is starting to make little noises (other than crying) and will give you the biggest smiles when you make proper eye contact. She usually falls right to sleep when we drive anywhere, which makes shopping trips and fun outings quite easy. For Cami's birthday, we went shopping all around Lehi with mom and Amber. We found the perfect blessing dress at Old Navy, and then we all went crazy looking at the insanely cute baby clothes, and even buying a few of them. Pictures will surely be posted when she grows into them :)

Also, all of Jeff's dreams came true, and his mom bought us this cookie monster towel. It is rather awesome, isn't it?

Friday, April 09, 2010

A funny website!

So basically there is this thing called the cheezburger network which basically houses all the websites such as failblog, there I fixed it, lovely listing and engrish. They have about 20 different funny websites like so. But my favorite one as of late on there is Here are some that I thought were funny!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Finally it is starting to make sense!

Happy 5 weeks Penny! She is getting fatter by the day, and even more adorable. She is finally growing in to all her clothes, and is starting to respond and do little smiles to our constant smooches and tickles.

UPDATE: OMG! A happy development. We put baby down at about 9:30 last night, and she didn't even wake up until 4... That is a huge stretch, baby! Way to go. The even better news is, I have just fed her, and she has burped and is back asleep, so off I go as well! Night, all!

Most people who see little Penny thinks that she looks most like her daddy, which I completely agree. The big eyes, the nicely shaped nose, the darker skin, the long lashes and hair all point to Jeff.

But recently as Penny's little personality and expressions have started to become more present, I have definitely started seeing bits of myself in her. Observe:

Spitting image of her mom, no?

But seriously, I love all her little looks. The smiles are cute but I love all the rest of her faces just as much.