Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So here we are in Bend, Oregon at the 2010 Rallison Family Reunion after spending a few days in Portland at Grandpa Rallison's home. We were able to fit so many fun things into this trip! But while we were still in CA, we managed to make it down to the beach in Santa Cruz. The waves were massive, there were seals swimming in them (there was also a dead one rotting on the beach) and the weather was perfect. The only scuffle we had was when some drunken teenagers almost threw their football right onto Penny. Jeff got all up in their grill, I thought he was going to beat them senseless. Tee hee. All the other beach goers near by chewed them out as well. I mean, we were nestled safely away from the water, they could have moved slightly down the coast... Anyway, that was funny.

On the way back from the beach, we stopped off to see the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park where I had a complete blast from the past from when we went there to see Cami's accapella group sing. I relived so many vivid memories that came rushing back when I saw these huge trees. I felt like I was 7 again with these giants still towering above me.

We then survived yet ANOTHER 12 hour drive, with Penny sleeping most of the way. I feel fine about it until the last hour or so, when I get really antsy to get her out of the car seat. She was a tough baby, and held out. Jeff's grandpa had a cute little house (free of any internet whatsoever. I enjoyed the extended break from the web) on a three acre property covered in trees and gardens. We also made it out to the coast in Oregon (Jeff's aunt has awesome beach house that is so cute. It has big, open windows overlooking the beautiful flat Oregon coast. We may just have to go back there in the near future...) and we also visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory and had lots of delicious samples and ice creams.

And finally here we are at the reunion. Already it has been lots of fun, hot tubbing and playing games. I triumphed in the eat-five-saltines-then-two-bubblegums-and-blow-a-bubble. Whoo hoo! Tomorrow, we are having a dessert cook-off, which we were trying to decide between our famous baklava, my yummy peach bread pudding, oreo brownies and those really easy Oreo truffles. We will probably pick the truffles, as they are deceptively impressive.

Only one more 12 hour drive with a 3 month old! I can't wait until THAT part is over... But I will be sad to leave behind all these fun times and parties. We have had so much fun hanging out with Jeff's fam, I feel like I have had some good bonding time, especially with my sisters-in-law, through LOST and other various activities. There were times when we all laughed ourselves to tears. But that is for another post.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cuteness

I just had to share these late favorites of mine! Also I got a hair cut recently. It was only about 3 inches, plus all the new layers and bangs, but boy has it made a difference! Anyway, here are some funny videos as well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Like Daddy like daughter

There is an on going debate of who Penelope looks like. I am here to prove the world that I am right when I say Penny looks like her dad. A lot. Observe:
And finally, cookie monster stare down. Sadly I had to crop out her cute bum:
Speaking of look-alikes, doesn't Alex/Bennet look exactly like Jack Jack from the Incredibles? Indeed...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First off, I love this picture of Penny and the Trumplets. Ruby is so happy, Penny looks so big, and Alex looks like an orange and yellow striped Ewok:

Now on with my post:
There is always something to do around here! The other day we enjoyed the Oakland Zoo, which was extremely well managed and delightful! The exhibits are very open and natural, and so many great angles to see the animals. The animals were actually active and happy vs. sitting in the corner, laying around looking miserable. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the monkey behindus that was all squishy. Those Baboons are WEIRD.

Sadly these are the only pictures of us at the Zoo because we left the SD card, and Jeff's phone camera was taking forever to take 1 picture. So enjoy.

I almost didn't post this picture because it looks like Cookie Monster is giving Penny a total creepo look, but I thought I would post it anyway, because Penny looks totally weirded out by it.

Penny loves to stand up these days. Here is Jeff helping her out!

But we all know the real star of that picture is Jeff's hair. Check it out, it defies gravity! It's incredible!
Also defying gravity is Penny's head! Her little neck gets stronger every day, and she is having so much fun during tummy time now.

Another thing I have observed is that I have sacrificed my personal style for my child's. (Though I am attempting to regain my dignity today by getting a fashionable haircut. I am going crazy from this postpartum hair loss! Why didn't anyone TELL me about this????)

She finally fits the cute Naartjie clothes the Jensens gave us. They are totally her style. I weny back and bought some more things there for when she's older.

Mom bought this cute little number. It is 6 months, but it seems to fit her fine right now! My favorite part is the back.

I also bought some cut-off shorts. I can't believe that orange thing used to be a dress on her!
Anyway, Penny is so much fun to hang out with, and she gets more fun every day.

Also, as we speak, Jeff is taking his first attempt at the foreign service officer test, which you must pass if you even want to apply for the state department. Wish him the best of luck!

Also, I have been enjoying watching my complete series of Daria.

It is bringing back such fond memories of junior high and hanging out with Drewsie. We need to watch these together, Drew, they are so, so funny and it is surprising how much lingo of my language comes from Daria that I didn't even realize. I love this show, as it is pretty much the only one brave enough to make fun of the cheer leaders and jocks, and exposes nasty popular people as the shallow egotistical people they so often are in high school. Oh, how I related to Daria... Anyway! That is all for now. I have been sitting in this bedroom since I woke up this morning, and I suppose it is time to emerge and greet this day before afternoon, eh?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

For Mom...

This is where we went for dessert last night!
This is Oakland's best creamery, which also happened to be Mom's old stomping grounds. (Jeff also mentions it was travel channel's #1 dessert destination, and was also featured on the movie Up.) It is so much fun being around here, just imagining mom and her family driving the same streets and visiting these same places. I feel such a connection to this place through mom, it almost feels like home.

(This place was so popular, the wait time was 40 minutes! For ice cream! And the people parked in that handicapped spot did not have one handicapped person in their vehicle... Talk about abusing their privileges!)

Mom told me to get a Black and Tan. Sadly, I didn't, as pie sounded a little more appetizing, but this was second in line if I opted out of the apple pie a la mode.

And here it is!
Yum, hot apple pie with carmel cream almond ice cream!

And this is what Jeff got, with the small dent he was working on. IT WAS HUGE! With whole cookies in it. YUMMY!

Also, Wicked was fantastic! We had amazing seats 8 rows from the front in the middle section. The only complaints I had were the ditzy girls behind us making ridiculous comments the whole time ("Who's elFAba?" "I don't remember this from the movie at all..." "Was she wearing a wig, because her hair was so cute. I wonder if they are wearing wigs...") and Elphaba was slightly pitchy at times, which kind of made me uneasy. But her big numbers were great, and Galinda was a crazy head in the best possible way (though, looked slightly older, which kind of threw us off as well). I liked Fiyro the best of everyone.

Also, here is a video of Penny enjoying her bouncy chair: