Saturday, July 17, 2010

These days.

I guess it has been some time since we blogged. It is like taking care of a baby is a very time consuming thing, or something. So, lots of things have been happening! Penpen has been trying her best with the rice cereal. She still has a little ways to go of completely grasping the concept, but she can get down a few tablespoons when she knows what is going on!

Lacie got married to Leland, and is now called Lacie Liu. So jealous of her awesome last name, but I guess Ribeira is pretty cool as well, and I guess Penny's middle name is Lou as well, so that is cool. Anyway, silly me, I don't have a single picture of Lacie and Leland! We will have to get those later for sure. That is what happens when you are holding a baby and a camera, I guess. But here WE are at the festivities

Obviously Jeff cut his hair. It used to look like this:
We thought it best to cut it off if he is about to start looking for work and things. His 70s hippie hair doesn't really scream 'professional,' even though I love it so, so much.
He now looks like this:
He is also clean shaven in this picture, which is rare as well these days. Who wants to shave if they don't have to? It saves a lot on razors. WHY are they so expensive?? Jeff is holding the bird we captured in our window well in Mom's basement. It couldn't fly out! Sadly, we believe it to be injured, especially because when we released it, it merely hopped away vs. flying. But what can you do? We decided to let nature run its course here.

Penny loves this thing. She happily plays in it for a while with out getting bored. It is a nice replacement for our beloved swing back at Jeff's house in CA.

Now for some movies: Penny having a good tummy time and a laughing attack.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

So, we are still just bunking here at Mom and Dad's house. We have done a lot of fun things! We attended our very first Just Be Cousins, (which was where the picture above was taken. Penny wasn't much interested in playing in the creek.) and we went to the Clark Planetarium in SLC to see the highly recommended "HUBBLE 3D." I believe it was Matt who blogged about it not too long ago. It was absolutely amazing and unbelievable! I found my jaw dropping involuntarily many times due to the amazingness of it all! Outerspace is STILL such a mystery to me, even though the technology we have is vastly superior to even 10 years ago. My stars, it blows my mind (haha, my stars...).

Penny loves playing with toys these days, and will suck on anything given the chance. She likes playing the exersaucer left over from the triplets, and is such a giggly baby when she is in the right mood. Just yesterday we were playing on the hammocks bellow the deck, and Penny was just laughing uncontrollably every time I swung closer to her.

Also, a shout out to Lacie and Leland! We were able to attend the glorious wedding of our best friends, and it made me just cry because of the joyful situation it was. They surely went through a lot to be together. I still remember the day when Leland told us he was getting baptized, and we were literally jumping around him in circles with joy! Because there ain't no wedding like a temple wedding! Way to go, you guys for waiting so long for such a wonderful and worthy cause!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Back to Reality

Well, here we are back in Utah. It was so much fun to go on our extended vacation that started out back in January as some kind of wonderful jest. But we followed through and made it a reality! And we are so glad for all the opportunities we had! Penny was a delight for nearly all the trip (the last hour of the ride home was her worst moment, ironically, but you would be upset too after being in a carseat for 13 hours, stuck in traffic). Jeff has already started the job search, and has a few prospects that we are hoping work out. Who knows where we will go after this! We are pretty much open to anything.

We have been doing lots of fun things since we have been back as well! We went and saw our first movie in the theater with Penny, and she did awesome! Also, the Water Gardens theater in PG is awesome! They don't have the newest releases, but they do have some newer ones, and all shows are only $3 (thanks for the tip, Amber)! And all their concessions are under $2! We bought popcorn and sour patch kids to support this reemerging theater. We saw How to Train Your Dragon, which we just loved! It was an original story with well developed characters, and the animation was impressive as well. I am glad I didn't have to see it with 3D glasses. I hate those. (And of course they are releasing HP 7 in 3D... just leave it be, people! I don't need your glasses, and you don't need my $2 extra dollars!!!)

Another fun thing we did was hike Timp Caves, which Jeff had never done before. We convinced mom to come with us for some fun, and off we went. Jeff carried Penny in the Moby. Of course, she got lots of attention, and other parents were intrigued by the Moby, asking about how it works. She was mostly good, and only cried when we removed the binky for pictures. She even slept most of the way down. I always forget how STEEP that hike is! How do people bring children up that hike!? Also, I always get a little miffed when they talk about how just existing and being inside those caves, we are slowly destroying them with our breath, clothes, hair, etc. Why even make us pay $7 is they are going to shame us about being there... Just something to think about.
Penny is reaching lots of milestones. She is starting to grab and play with toys, and is starting to make eye contact when we call her name. Also, she is getting fatter by the day!
And I would like to give a little ha-ha to all those people out there who said Penelope would lose all of her hair by now. Not that it would matter if she did, but is seemed like every time someone would see her, they very matter-of-factly told me that it wasn't going to last long. Shows what they know, eh? In any case, it has certainly lightened up quite a bit. I still think it is going to go dark again. Jeff's hair kind of followed the same pattern as a child.

(I LOVE these little puffy outfits. This one was only $2.50 at Kid-to-Kid! What a bargain!)