Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's just like a giant puzzle...

That is what Jeff said after we were slightly surprised at the actual size of our Relocube. I guess we had pictured it to be a little bigger. I was starting to panic, and already deciding what we were going to have to throw away or sell in order to fit what we wanted. We had a queen mattress and box spring, a the 4x4 cubbies from ikea, a large 8 drawer dresser, and an oversized chair among the multiple boxes and odd sized objects we had to pack. But Jeff said we couldn't make any judgements until we actually tried fitting things in. So we did.
And would you believe it, it all fit! It was like unto a giant puzzle indeed! By some amazing coincidence things like the bed fit exactly into the place we had planned, and if we had even one more box, it wouldn't have fit. We were so lucky. Now, the question is, will all these things make it safely across the country... As long as the bed makes it, I am fine!
We were so tired, we had been working since 9 am when Todd came to Mom's to help move some stuff to Melody's for us. We then moved all of our stuff from the basement to the garage. Then the cube showed up at about 12:30, and by 6 we had it filled. I am so, so relieved to have that out of the way. Now the only thing I have to worry about is Jeff driving across the country. Yikes!
Anyway, here's to one more week in Utah!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Retiring an Old Friend...

Well, we did the unbelievable, and sold Old Charlie. It is definitely bitter-sweet, because it was my first car and a great ride. I had so many awesome memories (and some bad ones as well), I just can't believe it's gone. We certainly didn't want to trash it, because it is a solid car and still had some life, so we listed it on KSL and forgot about it. 2 weeks later, we got a call from an interested buyer! We didn't hesitate to tell him what was wrong with it, because we didn't want to feel like we were cheating someone out of their money, but this guy was a mechanic, and looked at everything that was wrong with it, and then named his price, which surprisingly was a couple hundred higher than what we were expecting! Whoo hoo!I mean, despite a few cosmetic things, it is in pretty good shape, and he was willing to put some time and effort into restoring it. We made sure it looked nice and shiny and clean before we let it go. Seeing it so cleaned up made me have second thoughts, because it looked so beautiful and strong. We took so many trips to California together, so many important turning points in my life took place in that car, so many meaningful conversations, lots of adventures, heartbreaks, so many things I will never forget. I loved the personality and character that Charlie was bursting with. I liked being a little girl controlling such a power vehicle. But there is no sense in driving that gas guzzler across the country, and I am sure mom doesn't want it just wasting away in the driveway.
And also, as a little surprise, I slipped in a pair of new cop glasses in the glove compartment, because you can't drive a police interceptor without some killer shades. Hopefully they get a kick out of that.

With that business aside, we are ready to pack up our ReloCube tomorrow! We have all of our earthly possessions boxed up and ready to go, except for a few clothes and necessities. If anyone happens to be headed towards Melody's house tomorrow afternoon, feel free to stop by and load up a box! But we have done a good job of condensing our stuff, so we don't have TOO much to move. Hopefully it fits, or else we will be selling even more of our stuff...

And finally, our little Penny is nearly on the move! She has been scooting on her belly all over the place, and easily lifts herself up onto all fours! I am glad we are moving right when she is starting to crawl so we can start from scratch with baby proofing our place. Which is a mere 9 days away until the move! But that is for another post. We have so much to do in such little time!!! At least I don't have to worry about deep cleaning a whole apartment, since we have that out of the way already. Thought I guess we should leave mom's better than we found it, eh? We will be sure to do so.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Penny has recently turned 6 months old! We took her to get a check up and some shots, which was always hard (for all involved. It breaks my heart as it surely does with every mother.) But Penny did great, and only cried a little bit, and then calmed right down.

And the hot tub felt nice on her little sore legs. I am sure you are all interested in her stats! At six months:
Height: 27 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 16 lb 13 oz (75th percentile)
Head: Also in the 75th percentile

Our baby is getting so big and strong! See?
What a little social butterfly we have. She has reached an ultra curious stage, wanting to grab and play with everything in her path and beyond. My favorite is when we put her in the car and she immediately starts sucking on her mobile, which she once just stared at. She loves the little bee.
As you can see, she is also getting very FAT. Just how we like 'em. All big and big like.
We gave her a ride in these swings, which she got a big kick out of. Swings are great. A little push, and physics does the rest of the work for you!
EEP! She looks TOO big now.
She liked it when the wind blew through her hair.

Also, we figured out we were bending our little fedora wrong! What fools we have been! NOW look how legit she looks.
Turns out Gabe liked the hat too. Penny's hair: *Sfoosh!*
Not exactly the right size... He looks like Wimpy from Popeye or someone else with the little hat.

Cami was also kind enough to take some family pictures. I know she probably has some touching up she wants to do, and will fuss at me for posting these in their raw state, but I think they are great already! So here is a preview. Thanks Cami, we owe you big time! These are great!
Also, I am working on starting a more professional art blog/portfolio and I wanted some pictures to put up there to demonstrate my personality. And there was Cami with a camera! Here are some gems we came up with, lemme know what you think:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Penny and the fedora

There are somethings that just can't get passed up. Today while we were in Old Navy, these things were somethings we couldn't pass up.

Shirt and Fedora.
I think the baby things are cute and all, but at heart, I always knew Penny was more of a... not girly girl baby. At least not in the sense that I would feel the need to slap a big bow on her head and put her in a pink tutu.
Instead, I channel myself through her! I think most moms sacrifice their own fashion sense when they have a baby, or at least for the first one. I find myself more concerned for what I want Pen to look like, rather than my own style. I am now searching through many baby clearances for bargains instead of my former obsession of sale shopping at my favorite stores for myself. Which is probably why her wardrobe is starting to look very similar to my own...

I think my Penny can pull it off. It may not be the girliest thing to wear, but she has her fair share of skirts and dresses. Pardon me while I indulge myself.

Here are some more pictures of the photoshoot I took:

Also, our baby is 6 months old! Look at how much she's changed in such a short time!

Week 1:

6 months: