Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picture overload!

A lot of catching up to do, so here is a picture packed blogpost!

I thought you all may get a kick out of our driving situation when we bring all the babies along:
Penny's seat barely fits in between those two! These babies are so good when we go out. Mostly because Emily has everything under control for any situation that may arise. She has treats, bottles and toys on her at all times.

But it does make shopping fun, having two babies in your cart to help you out. The new Costco opened up just recently, and it is only 10 minutes away! In the same parking lot, a new grocery store, Wegman's, opened up the same week. It is basically the Disneyland of grocery stores. We do love the products and bulk items from Winco, but there is such variety and the real market feel that we like at Wegman's.
We've been enjoying the fall weather as well. The leaves and just beautiful, and it isn't too cold yet. Obviously Penny is enjoying the leaves her own way:
Penny in her Sunday clothes. That cute little sweater was only $3 from Target!

These little girls make me so happy. There are lots more pictures from this photoshoot, but those are for Emily to post! I am sure that is coming soon!
It seems that Halloween is a little bit anti climactic when on a Sunday, but we had fun dressing up the kids on Saturday. I felt a little bad that I didn't actually get Penny a costume, but I think her festive Halloween getup was good enough. In later years, I am sure I will get more into the costume fun, believe you me. So, here is tutu Penny:
Thanks to Em for letting me borrow the tutu. I never thought the day would come when I would put my child in one of these but I guess it is fun for dress up purposes, right?My favorite part was the $1 leg warmers from the dollar isle at Target. They are hilarious!
Penny + Pumpkin=Penkin (or Pumpen.)

Jeff and I also attended our ward Halloween party. We thought we would dress up to be festive. I was boring and dressed up like I do every year, but Jeff had a great costume! Can you guys who he is? He worked hard on the facial hair to make sure it was just perfect. Jeff made some chili for the chili cook off. It was Tyler Florence's recipe, which he said was a guaranteed win, but apparently not, since we didn't even place. Boo. BUT it was the first of all the chilis to be gone, so, there you go!
We also recently went on a double date to a Halloween Festive Story Telling thing at some place that Emily knows the name of and I don't. Basically it was a few fire pits and several jack-o-lanters on display! After we walked around there for a while, we went on a wild goose chase to find a restaurant worthy of our cravings. We stopped at a place called Silver Diner, which I ordered delicious bread pudding with ice cream. Jeff and KC had shakes, and Em had coconut cream pie. The babysitter system we have is just awesome. We only need one babysitter for all our kids, especially since we usually go after they are all asleep.
We went to Five Guys for dinner on Saturday for Halloween festivities since we weren't going to go out on Sunday. It was fun with all 4 babies and the men, since we usually have some kind of different combination of those. Please excuse the terrible picture, I am getting over a terrible cold, which unfortunately makes me sound insanely similar to this woman.
Emily's babies looked so, so cute. I won't give too much away since I am sure Emily is going to do a big post with the photoshoot they had, but here is a preview! The babies loved being at Five Guys!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jeff thought that Penny should dress up like this for Halloween:
Silly Penny.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

H&M is my new favorite baby clothes store. Even their things that are not on sale are really inexpensive and yet so cute! Take this hat for example, which was only $4.95!
Totally Pen's style, right? They have good sales as well! There is so much fun shopping to do around here. It has been fun having Melody around, because us three girls are just buying clothes for our babies, and we always mention how it just feels like we are playing house.

Another great development is that Penny finally appreciates bath time like she should. It is fun to give her a bath now, where just a few weeks ago it was seen as a necessary chore that she would fuss her way through. But she just splashes and plays with her little toys now!

On the job front, Jeff has some really promising prospects, so we're crossing our fingers! We'll let you know as soon as we know anything ourselves. He is a very talented young man with lots of valuable skills and knowledge to offer.

It has been fun having Melody here. We went to get pedicures together, and have been making fun dinners and treats. It will be sad when she leaves, so all of you out there should come and visit us as well, so we will be less sad!

There are so many fun things to do around here! The possibilities are endless! Just today we drove 15 minutes and we were at this huge park with play grounds and petting zoos and baseball fields and train rides. All the babies just loved to play in the straw and dirt. Alex was just dragging himself through the dirt, it was hilarious.
The kids loved to eat the straw. There are some really cute ones of the triplets as well, but I will let Emily post those because I am sure she has big plans too do so! So there is the big fun today! I am sure there will big a lot more big fun to blog about in the future as well.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Sweet Basement Apartment

So, we are finally getting a handle on things here! Perhaps it is time I show you around our place? Though, a lot of you have already seen it since you have probably visited Em and KC here before. In any case, here is part of our home:
Our kitchen! A little less counter space than our last place, but I would give up all the counter space in the world for that dishwasher!!! How did I survive with out one?! Also, we have a full size oven which I have already taken advantage of. It is just the right size. Though, we are looking into getting a microwave cart, just to clear up a little more counter space.

This is Penny Lane! Drew provided the cute sign above. In reality, this is just a hallway into the laundry room and one of the ways to get to Emily's, but we put up a few curtains and call it a nursery! That is all babies need anyway, isn't it? A crib and a dark place. It seems to be working quite well! We can even sneak past really quickly to get upstairs or to do laundry, and she doesn't even stir.
And this is our bedroom! Not quite finished, we still have some work to do. Especially since our bed is so, so tall. I have to jump to get on it! But you know how ikea is all about the low beds with not box spring. We are waiting for our storage room to open up, and then we'll most likely put our box spring in there and get one of those slatted bases. We'll see. For now, I will just get nervous about Penny falling off every time she's up there. My favorite part about the bedroom is the very large closet and storage space! What a luxury! For the first time in my married life, I feel like i have enough space (and those extremely large drawers on the bed are a huge help as well).

I am saving the living room until later, because that was last on our agenda, so it isn't quite finished yet.

In other news, Penny's first tooth has surfaced!
It is hard to see in the picture, but it is surely there. She was just chomping on my finger and I felt a little sharp bite! Babies do grow up so quickly, don't they?

Also, doesn't this look snuggly?
We finally bough a crib for the first time since Pen's birth. Just a little Portable one, but it is sturdy. She is such a good sleeper these days.

There is also a lot of this going on:
Penny also gets grabby with her cousins' toys. These kids need to learn to play together! I am sure they will soon enough. But it is still so cute.

And here is Penny scooting around. She goes so fast I can't keep up!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am going to save a long post for later when I have pictures of our apartment set up ready (we are still making a few changes and cleaning up still) but we have made a really fun little corner for Penny to sleep in with some big curtains to close her off. It is hard to explain, so I will just show you with the pictures later. Anyway, the fun just keeps happening! We had game night and shared hilarious stories with each other after all the babes went down to sleep. Hopefully I am not driving Emily crazy yet! We are thinking of getting walkie-talkies or some kind of intercom system, because we call each other so much through out the day. Anyway, I will leave you with this video, which demonstrates what it is like all day, everyday here!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Things are coming together

We are rapidly making progress into turning this little place into our home. It still feels like I am just on some extended vacation because of all the fun I'm having, but as I lay down my shaggy blue bathroom rug, and thoughtfully arrange my book collection and various trinkets onto my ikea cubbies, it is definitely starting to set in that this is for realsies. (Though, it will feel more like for realsies as soon as Jeff gets a job. Next week, perhaps, Jeff?)

The most fun has been playing babies with Emily! It is so fun when I get up at 6 in the morning to know I don't have to sit around and wait for Jeff to get up a few hours later, but I can go hang out with all my friends upstairs! Though, I am working really hard to make sure I am not intruding on the Robinsons' privacy. I try to make sure to knock or call to see if it is a good time to hang out. We are already reaping the rewards of living so close to each other as well. Especially when the babies are napping, it is great if one of us has to run to the store really fast, or do a quick errand while the other babysits! Just this morning, Emily put her babies down to nap while she drove KC to work, and I simply listened for them in my bedroom downstairs while she was gone! Or I will leave Penny to play with the other babes while I organize and clean up. It seems like a pretty good system to me. Also, thanks to Emily for all the delicious meals while we are still lacking on groceries at the moment! Shopping for food is next on our list.

Other great things to note (besides Jeff making it safely here with TV and computer still working) is that Penny has been a very good girl. I was dreading the day I would have to sleep train this baby again with out the swaddle, especially since she kept waking up multiple times during the night because a hand or two got out. But she decided to do it all on her own! The other night, I daringly decided to go a night unswaddled, and the next time I woke up, it was 6:00 and Penny was sleeping soundly on her stomach, sucking her thumb. What a relief, I must say. So the past 5 nights or so, she has done great going down and sleeping through the night. It is just one less thing I have had to worry about during this whole moving process. The new development of thumb sucking has also been very convenient, as I don't have to rebink her in the night. My baby is just growing up so quickly! Yikes. As I write this, she is calming sitting next to us on my puffy, oversized chair, playing with the remote control. She is such a nice little baby.

Our apartment is well on its way to being organized and decorated. It is fun to see all my things again after months of being stored away in boxed. Also, does anyone find it ironic that I moved from Melody's house to Emily's? Ha ha.

There are just more fun times to come! Emily and I have a new idea of fun things to do every day! We will be sure to document them so you can all be jealous you are so far away from Babyland!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Beginning

We made it! It was a crazy day of travel on Thursday. I was ever so nervous as I don't think I have ever had one day with Penny with out Jeff by my side, let alone taking her on an airplane by myself. But the airport people were very helpful and kind, and of course people always love a good baby, so Penny was popular (though her blue old navy shirt was a terrible idea! What was I thinking? No one could see the sparkles or stars, so all day she was referred to as "he.") Penny was a happy baby the entire time, and enjoyed walking up and down the isle, smiling at all the people we passed. But, in the last hour of the flight, we hit the most insane turbulence I have ever experienced. I was praying the whole time, while my normally restless baby snuggled up to me because she could sense something was wrong. I have never been so scared. The flight crew tried to keep the mood light by singing altered versions of the theme song from Gilligan's Island ("The weather started getting rough, the tiny plane was tossed, if not for the courage of the fearless crew, the airplane would be lost.") Lots of people were barfing and things. It wasn't just up and down turbulence, it was side to side. Terrible.

After we were safely on the ground, and our luggage was thoroughly soaked from being outside, we made our way back to Emily's, where she had a nice bed waiting for us. Penny is enjoying this babyland! So many toys and friends everywhere! Ruby and Penny bonded right away, with cute hand-holding and pats.On Friday, Em and I went to Aldi for some groceries. Such great deals, but I will miss Winco. We didn't make it inside the store without getting bombarded with people! The first lady simply said very sternly, "Now, explain what is going on here." Demanding an answer to why there was so many babies. And then, nearly everyone in the store had to stop us to ask if they were two sets of twins, if they were all from one mom, which ones were boys and girls. I finally have a taste of what Em has to go through every time she leaves the house! But I guess I have to get used to it now, eh?
We also enjoyed a stroll around the park! It was a baby parade!So, already it has been so much fun with everyone here! I can't wait for Jeff to get here and see our cute apartment. OH! A huge shout out to KC for helping me move the whole ReloCube into our apartment! He was so amazing, helping me move all the heavy things, and kept working even when I said he didn't have to! It was a huge burden on my mind, and it is so nice that I just need to work on unpacking. And adjusting Penny's sleeping schedule. Hooray for Maryland!