Monday, February 28, 2011

A nice day calls for pictures

Based on how many pictures we took while visiting the Arboretum on Sunday, I am a little concerned about the space I will need on my computer to hold all the pictures the summer will produce... Who knows, perhaps I will get burned out, we'll see.

In any case, taking pictures outside is just so much more fun than inside, because the lighting is just so much better, and they are easier to photoshop as well. We had a fun time messing around with our camera (I will never, never learn how to use that massive thing. Photography was the only class in college I ever actually failed. I just don't get it. I don't. Good thing this camera does a lot of the work by itself.) and got some cute ones, I believe.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Penny Post.

The wind is just crazy here! It feels like the house is going to blow away. Surely this will result in felled trees and downed power lines, so I had better make this quick! First off, a few things I left out from the last post.

Here is the delicious breakfast that Jeff made for me on Valentine's Day.
I mentioned that Em and I had matching suits, but I didn't mention that Pen and I did as well! Sadly she is on her way out of this one, since it is for 6-9 months, but we fit one more swim in before it was too late.
I just love playing with my Penny these days. She is so entertaining and silly, I think she gets a lot of it from her cousins. I honestly think they are boosting her learning skills just by association. I see her copying a lot of the things they do, which is just precious.
Here is a silly picture from bath time.
Penny loves watching tv, a little too much I think, so I try to limit her intake. Here she is turning into a couch potato. This was one of the warning signs to seriously limit the tv. Though, it can't be all bad! She has learned a lot of vocabulary from watching shows.

Alex and Penny were fighting over the laundry basket, so this is how we resolved things.
I showed the babies how to actually USE the puppets instead of just treating them like another stuffed animal. They thought it was hilarious, resulting in constant fights over the puppets.

Penny's latest exciting development is her speech. It seems she is learning new words every day! Her favorite words lately are cracker, purple, thank you, uh oh, Penny, and bye bye. Here are some videos of her showing of her skills:

I guess this was more of a Penny update. We haven't been up to too much lately, just work and other things. Jeff is doing great at his job, and is enjoying all the great opportunities that come with it. Emily made home made bread today, and we made sandwiches with garlic cheese and ham, so that was pretty exciting. Also, a few days ago, it snowed maybe half and inch, and EVERYTHING shut down. I just don't get it. It was completely melted by 8 in the morning. This is just madness. Anyway, I am all scatterbrained today, I can't think of much else to blog about, so I guess this is it for now. Look forward to a special surprise for Penny's upcoming first birthday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daddy Daughter

I was just browsing through some very cute family photos from Ribeira past, and just couldn't help but see an alarming resemblance between Pen and Jeff. Jeff's mom is always saying how Penny looks just like he did, which would be interesting to see your own child so clearly in your grandchildren. I just giggle while looking at my own baby pictures, and there is very little resemblance. But I s'pose it is for the better.
Notice how Jeff's hair isn't very dark in that picture. And in earlier pictures, it is even lighter. So Penny still has a chance at having beautiful dark locks! Only time will tell. Moving on!

Also fat!

So, in conclusion, I find myself astonished that this little girl looks just like a mini, blonde, female Jeff. At least no one will ever have to doubt if he is the father or not, though I really hope they wouldn't in the first place.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My man is the romantic type to the max.

Jeff has outdone himself yet again this Valentine's Day. I like to think that I am a simple girl who would be ok with an I love you and perhaps a coupon book with promises to do the dishes or deal with Penny in the middle of the night, but as Jeff put it, every girl likes flowers!

Jeff DID give me flowers as I picked him up from the metro after work. And also made me breakfast in bed, complete with a "Greek Omelet" with olives and feta cheese, grits on the side with hot chocolate and toast sticks, and orange juice with frozen fruit mixed in. Such a romantic, that Jeff.

I had made him a custom Valentine on illustrator, picked up a bottle of Sparkling white grape juice and some snacks and cheeses, and was planning on having a rather quiet Valentine's day. Instead, we got a babysitter to come watch Penny and Jeff and I hopped on the metro to a secret destination. We arrived at at quaint little shop in the heart of DC called ACKC orIt reminded me of the little chocolaterie on the movie Chocolat. Their signature menu item was called the "Divas," which were different kinds of hot chocolates, all named after famous women. We got the Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis and the Charo. (Click on the names to see the menu description, if you want.) We also shared a very large sundae. We are starting a new V-tines day tradition where we have dessert first, and then eat dinner if we feel like it. I say one day of the year we are allowed, right? Anyway, it was SO yummy. We bought some of their chocolates on the way out (dark chocolate almond with french sea salt and 5 spice dark. Surprisingly delicious!) and stopped off at the famous Ben's Chili Bowl. We had seen this place on so many food network and travel channel shows, it was fun to experience the real thing.

So, if that wasn't enough, the NEXT day, Jeff told me he had ANOTHER surprise place he wanted to take me to yesterday, but couldn't because the gift certificate wasn't good on Valentine's day. So, off we went into the city again, and ended up at the very fancy restaurant Zengo.

Sorry about these next pictures, they aren't the best quality, but we didn't want to use a flash in this fancy restaurant.
The food was delicious tapas style, and it was so fancy that I felt self conscious eating it, because I was afraid I would eat it the wrong way or something. We had all sorts of pork steamed buns and fried tuna tacos, and glazed pork loin and pork-shrimp-duck fried rice. and tres leches cake with tahini ice cream. So, so delightful. And remember what I said about the bathrooms on the restaurant week post? Well these restaurants were even FANCIER than Zatinya! So, you can just imagine the fanciness of the restaurant.

On top of ALL that, he surprised me yet again with another prize, a gift certificate for spafinder! He said I deserved a day at the spa, which is exactly what I have been dying to have for the last 5 years or so. My man knows me!

Thanks Jeff, you are truly the best husband for me in this world.

We also joined Em and KC for a family swim that the hotel pool where they were staying the night. ALL the babies had a great time, and Emily and I had matching swimsuits!Here is Penny, making her classic 'Oh!" face.

We also had a good time at the stake V-tine's day dance with Em and KC.

We danced the night away and played games with friends and ate delicious strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I tried an experiment the other day, because I thought Penny's hair may be long enough for two little french braids. After a very long struggle with a squirmy Penny, I was able to produce a few sloppy braids! I think it turned out ok!
It went to well with her Summery outfit which she was wearing because it was nearly 70 degrees! We decided to venture to the park to celebrate the nice weather.
Here is Penny showing off her standing skills. She was up for about 4 minutes like this. She loves to stand, and has taken a few steps, but still hasn't quite figured out this new walking thing.

Kids love those swings, don't they?
Alex and Bennett walked with Emily all the way across the street...
But were more interested in eating everything from the ground when they got to the park. But it was nice to get everyone out of the house.

In better news, we finally were able to register our car, which I will tell you is NO EASY PROCESS. They make it nearly impossible to do so, and Jeff had to take a half day at work to get it done. It was great to finally drive a legally registered car, though, the small ticket I got while driving mom and dad to the airport for being unregistered helped motivate us a little more... though ironically, Jeff had asked for work off that VERY day to register the car, and I had spent that morning talking to people at the MVA, trying to figure out how to move the registration process along faster. So, so horribly ironic. But that is a depressing story to end with, so I will finish by telling you that after I got that ticket, I headed to H&M and found a really cute shirt on super sale. The end!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

These little cupids wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! (Click to see full resolution)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is it summer yet?

I will have more pictures to post later, but this will have to do for now. First things first, Penny took her first actual steps today! Emily and I were just letting her balance, trying to get her to walk, and just like that, she did it! She took a few steps to Emily, and then a few steps back to me! This is all just happening so fast...

Emily and I were running errands today, and while in the dollar store, we came upon baby swim suits! For a dollar, what did we have to lose?
I am thinking of adding a few embellishments like buttons or something. We'll see, it is rather cute on its own even still with the little tutu. Ruby put hers on as well, and was flitting around like a little fairy.

This is a video of Penny modeling her suit, as well as stealing the triplets lunch.