Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am so proud.

Jeff is off at a scout camp out tonight, and this will be only the second time in our marriage we have been apart over night. It is weird, and I will miss him (especially if Penny wakes up in the night) but Jeff loves camping, and this will be fun for him (and I can't say that I don't enjoy being able to stretch out a little bit more while sleeping for just one night). Be safe Jeff!

Anyway, since I am alone and have nothing to do, I thought I would share some fun pictures!

I s'pose every mom likes to show off the cutest pictures of their kids, and rightly so. But, looking back on my childhood, I would pride myself on making the ugliest faces possible (Drew Face, anyone?), which would usually result in a cringe from mom followed by a dramatic cry of "OH, my child..." which I apologize for, mother.

With that said, now that I am a mom and have an adorable baby of my own, oddly, I can't help but feel a sense of pride that at the tender age of 1, my sweet baby is able to pull these looks off. Keep in mind, these were not just faces I happened to catch. These were 100% posed. As soon as she saw the little camera pointed in her direction, and the little light on, she went from happily playing and chatting to posing. So, I now give you Penny's "ugly faces."

That is a talent I will proudly say she inherited from me.

Look forward to walking videos and giggling videos.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Penny is a big girl now.

Penny turned one on Thursday! It was a busy week, so we opted to have a quieter evening instead of the big party we had originally planned on. Perhaps her second birthday will be better suited for that anyway. We had a fun party with the Robinsons, and Emily made an extremely delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Penny didn't know quite what to do with it, but eventually took some bites out of it.

Of course, we adults got some delicious cake as well. I die a little bit inside every time I realize that there isn't any more of this cake left.

Jeff's parents sent lots of fun presents, including Penny's favorite thing, books! Lately all she ever wants to do is read books. She will grab her favorites (usually the ones from the dollar isle from target that have little to no plot, and terrible illustrations) and throw them onto my lap, then crawl up there herself, ready to hear her favorite story yet again. So, you can see how all the new books were quite a much needed addition to our library. The triplets were jealous of the new books, as they are their favorite diet recently, ha.
Emily and mom got Penny these very cute items of clothing. Penny looks fashion forward, even at the tender age of one. Emily also gave Pen an old school toy phone. Penny immediately knew what to do with it, since she loves to pretend to call daddy on any phone she gets her hand on.
That's right, my girl knows high fashion when she sees it.
Another fun thing Penny got from Jeff's parents was this big girl ride-on tractor! It is pretty fancy, with places to stack blocks as well as store them, and it plays music and sounds. She loves to have Jeff push her around our little apartment, or enjoys watching a little tv on the cozy plastic seat. Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Since Penny is getting so big, I thought I would go through a few of her favorite things lately. Here goes!

Playing with Alex, Bennett and Ruby is always fun, especially when they are eating.
Like I said earlier, talking on phones diverts her attention for at least 10 minutes at a time. I don't talk on the phone all that much, which makes me wonder where she picked this up so strongly. She gabs to "dada!" and says lots of jibberish.

Babies definitely get easier as they get older. Penny is finally discovering how fun all the toys she has are, and is taking advantage of them, as she should.

Of course, TV is always exciting and gives me a little time to myself. I can't let this get too out of hand though, or she would be happy watching it all day.
I think babies either love or hate the vacuum. Penny is one of those babies to loves it, perhaps a little too much. I can hardly get the floors clean with her trying to tackle the noisy appliance.
A recent favorite is building forts, whether it be two pillows stacked together, or an elaborate multi-blanket fortress. She likes to snake in and out of little crevices between blankets.
Penny has turned into a super snuggler. I think every mommy looks forward to these kinds of snuggles all through out pregnancy, as well as those first few months.

Penny also enjoys a good laughing session. It is funny to see what thinks set her off. Recently, sneezes and soccer balls did he trick.

And finally, Penny has the most miraculous faces that some of us only dream of making. Or rather have nightmares of making.
What is that??

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To Penny, the birthday girl.

Well, my baby has lived a full year of her life. I didn't think I would feel anything different or special on this day, but I find myself more emotional than I thought I would be. Through out my pregnancy and even after she was born, I questioned my abilities as a mother to this completely helpless child, but then I realized it wasn't about me, but it was all about her. I am not trying to be a good mom for myself, but for my precious little Penny, and when you look at it like that, it makes it that much easier to love and adore this little cute face.

Not to say that it has been easy, but even so, I have enjoyed every moment so far with my Penny, and can't imagine life with out her. So, in honor of this glorious day, I have created a compilation of video clips from Penny's first year. I made it mostly for posterity's sake, and it is slightly lengthy, but if you want to watch, it will be well worth your 5 minutes or so. Also, keep in mind that I was working on a very crappy computer with ancient computer software with a fast approaching deadline, so please forgive the unprofessional nature of the film. And now, I give you Penny's First Year. Enjoy!