Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good news!

After several acts of faith (one of them being moving out here jobless) Jeff has received and accepted a job offer! It is with his company that he currently an intern for, but they had a position open up, and Jeff fit the bill! So he will start next week as a full time employee! He is super excited to work for such an awesome company, especially since he had such a great time during his internship. It is nice to know he will be doing things that he is passionate about, as well as being immersed in government affairs (while not actually working for the government. I say best of both worlds. It would be scary working for the government right now with all the budget cuts and what not.) Anyway, if any of you are unfamiliar with Govloop, go ahead and take a look. Perhaps read one of Jeff's blogs while you're there. Anyway what a relief! We can stop holding back on toilet paper and shampoo!

In other news, I have found a few moments here and there to design some things. It is fun when I have an excuse to design, because then I have no choice but to do it, and I have to make time, and I end up enjoying myself very much. Recently Ally wanted to give Todd a go-fish game with their family as the cards. I came up with this:
(Click for larger viewing)
I think it turned out pretty cute!

Next, I am ALWAYS bugging Emily for recipes, which I always forget to return. I decided it was high time I start my own recipe catalog, so I decided to make up my own 3x5s to record them on.
I guess "a yumma-yumma" came from a old family home video of Jeff's, where his brother was quoting some old cereal commercial or something to that effect. Anyway, we say it all the time, so there ya go.
I did this one because we are always joking that restaurants and people have these "top secret, no one can know!" recipes that they claim as their own. But really their Aunt Betsy probably got it from Joanne across the street, who probably got it from the back of the Hamburger Helper box. And in any case, you could probably spend about 30 seconds on goggle, and hunt down the recipe effortlessly. Hence, this card is kind of a joke...

Hopefully everyone knows where snacks and cheeses comes from... Originally it was from the musical episode of Dexter's Lab, but was made famous when Drew and I ventured to Disneyland and referred to every thing we brought to eat as snacks and cheeses. It just stuck!

And of course this quote is from when Lacie, Nicole and I played the game Curses, and we then documented that game in the animated short, "Ready, Set, Snow!"

Hopefully more designs of many sorts are on their way. I found these on another very inspiring graphic designer's blog, and I will probably make those my next project.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Easter sunday. We enjoyed Stake Conference (they had it broadcasting in the nursery! Brilliant! The kids just played with toys the whole time, and we could watch the meeting.) and we enjoyed good company and food. Here are some pictures to document the occasion:

Penny found her basket rather quickly. It contained mostly things that she has been needing. Perhaps the Tangled movie was a little bit for us as well, but it was on super sale plus a $5 off coupon! And what is Easter with out Peeps??
Here I am sporting a new dress I bought on Saturday for Easters. Em and I went in on a $50 off $100 deal at NY and Co. and got crazy good deals on a bunch of clothes.
Here's a family picture. Forgive the shadows, it was before church, so the sun was shining bright! But isn't Penny's little scarf just so cute?
Emily's chair next to her huge window is the perfect place for pictures. Here are a few shots I was able to snap of our little Easter bunny!
Then Emily's kids looked so cute, I threw them up there as well.
Those overalls are the BEST.
They are all so big, they can't even fit in this chair any more!
Here is our group from dinner. It was amazing food on everyone's part, and lots of fun. We made the potato nasty, and Jeff made spinach artichoke dip and bacon wrapped dates with almonds inside with a green olive dipping sauce. Yes, they were as good as they sound.
That's all for now. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, and let us remember none of these pictures or anything in this world at all would be possible with out our Savior who died for us!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is nearly the end of April.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to spend every day watching 4 babies play, this should give you a small glimpse:

Emily always has big plans for fun things to do. Recently she set up little sand and water stations. Obviously the sand seemed more fun to eat than to play with, so we closed that up and let them go crazy in the water. And boy did they go crazy. All four babies were sopping wet in no time.

Our little patio is the perfect spot for the kids to play, because it still feels like outside, yet we are free from bugs and the hot sun! Plus, a ceiling fan keeps us cool during the hot days. But I think mostly the kids love the change of scene.

After all that playing, we thew them babies into the tub.
It reminds me of that Shel Silverstein poem:
"There's too many kids in this tub
There's too many elbows to scrub
I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine
There's too many kids in this tub."

Of course, now that Penny is getting older, she is learning to fully appreciate the less exciting things in life, such as snuggling with mommy. Normally this squirmy little girl can't wait to run in all directions, but I have been surprised lately to find she just as much enjoys taking a rest with me in bed, or sitting on the couch while I watch one of my shows. What a fun little buddy I have!

Don't be jealous of these little delights! Elise Crane posted them on facebook, and Emily and I decided right away that we needed to make these. Luckily we halved the recipe, or we would have been stuck with over a dozen of these, and my thighs would not be too happy about that...
Penny's favorite word (and activity) lately is show. She loves watching anything, whether it be on the TV or on the tiny one inch screen on the camera. So, every time she sees a remote or a tv, she begins to ask to watch a shoooooow. Depending on the time of day, I may indulge her, but she is easily distracted by a toy or snack, and quickly forgets about her beloved show. Lately, she has enjoyed watching Sesame Street, any Disney movie, Wonder Pets, or anything that is on the netflix live streaming queue. See her request a show below:

This is mostly a filler picture to take up space. Babies sleeping are so precious.

Friday, April 15, 2011

One of those nights

This morning I had an odd experience. By this morning, what I really mean is between maybe 2 or 4 am. I had been restless due to another restless human (it was Pen) and so I had been tossing and turning, trying to get back to sleep. When I finally did get to sleep, it didn't last long.

I took one big roll, and off the bed I flew.

Remember that our bed is this high off the ground:
It was like one of those falling dreams, except I actually fell, and I actually hit the ground. I landed on my knee, and thought I had broken it, since my whole body weight fell directly onto it. Jeff woke up immediately when he heard the thud, asking what happened and where I went. I frantically yelled through my pain that I had somehow managed to fall off the bed, and my knee hurt really bad, and in my sleepy confusion I still had not idea what exactly was going on. I asked for some kind of electronic device to see the damage done, and I had a serious case of rug rash, and my knee was starting to get pretty swollen and the pain was continually growing. I sat there for a while, scared to move because of the pain, so I just waited for a little bit on the floor before groggily crawling into bed wondering why I couldn't just get a full night of sleep for once in my life (obviously I was being dramatic in my tired state, I do have good nights).

I woke up this morning wondering if it had all been some kind of weird dream, but then Jeff asked how I was doing, and I looked down at my knee to find an ever growing, swollen bruise. I think the saddest part about it is that I think the last time I fell off my bed was when I was 4. Perhaps it is time we trade in our box spring for one of those ikea slatted bases. Perhaps that 15 inches or so will save me from so much agony if I manage to roll off the bed again. Hopefully this was one of those freak things...

Fortunately, I had this to cheer me up in the morning.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Blog Cleaning!

Peek-a-boo, Spring! It is about time you show yourself... Usually you don't wait until early April to make yourself known, but whatever, you do what you want, I will enjoy the chilly mornings and try to forget that the sticky Summer is in quick pursuit. I guess that is what this picture is trying to portray.
Anyway, on with it! Well, I thought since the weather is going to be up in the high 70s tomorrow, my header seemed slightly unseasonal. And since I made that header, I thought why not just update the whole blog. It seems ironic that a graphic designer like me wouldn't be all on top of things like having a cutesy little background with a font to match, but I guess that isn't really my style exactly. After messing around with it, I think I have found a good match for us for now, and I am finally rid of that dreary, boring black background. Hopefully you enjoy it! I have had a serious drought when it comes to designing. Perhaps this summer I will find some more time... Sigh.

We were up several times last night. Not because of the precious tot in the hallway (who, ironically, was asleep through the whole night) but because of a stupid rodent stuck in the wall. I was awoken around 3:30 am by what I thought was my computer, but my sleepy confusion immediately turned to horror when I made the realization that those little scratchy noises were coming straight from my closet. I shook Jeff awake, and ordered him to hold perfectly still... and waited for it... and THERE it was! Little claws desperately trying to free themselves from somewhere in my room! So, Jeff set up a little barricade around our closet, and with a hanger began removing every shoe on the closet floor. Well, there was no rodent in the shoes, nor in the DVDs or games, so we came to the conclusion the pest must be stuck in the wall, and hopefully he is nearly dead and that will be the end of that. But, 20 minutes later, the scratching started and didn't let up for a good 5 or 6 minutes. WHY wouldn't it just DIE? Or just scamper off and let me sleep in peace!? So, about every 15 minutes, our little fiend continued their little scratching fit. After about an hour or so of this madness, I ended up sleeping on the chair. We haven't heard from the rodent since. Needless to say we are setting up sticky traps and mouse traps tonight. I hate when I don't get my precious sleep.

I am finally learning things about my camera, or rather learning from my mistakes. This time I was learning about ISO, because my biggest pet peeves about my photography is I have an eternal struggle with my pictures being blurry. So, I compensated with the ISO which I learned makes things really grainy and muddy. I can't win! I bet all you photographers out there are just having a good laugh at my struggles (rightly so) but this is just one of those things that I am going to struggle with for a while, and over time will prevail.

They composition and technique may not be the best, but the subject is ever cute!

Here is a cute one I caught of Alex the other day. He looks like such a big boy!
I so, so wish this had been in focus. She is crying because I wouldn't let her touch the camera.
Such a drama queen.
Penny likes to pretend to sleep on anything these days. She makes little snoring sounds as well. Her signing and speech has progressed very quickly these past few weeks as well! She copies most things I say when she's in the right mood.
Yesterday as I was feeding Penny, I leaned back on the counter and folded my arms. She copied me, along with bowing her head and closing her eyes! I am glad she picks up on those types of things too! We proceeded to bless her food. Good for Penny, already being a good example to her parents.
She liked the position so much, she kept her arms in this position, except to grab the occasional food.
I tried a curling iron on Penny's hair today. I was inspired after some post nap bed head made a similar effect. It looked really precious, I wish her hair would do it naturally.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

We have had lots of fun these past few weeks with Jeff's mom and sister visiting us in our humble little apartment. They were visiting for a relative's wedding, and then went sight-seeing all this past week. Penny has had a great time getting to know her kin better, and it is nice to have lots of hands that are willing and happy to play with my fidgety little toddler.
They definitely have kept Penny entertained with lots of fun things. Here Pen is sporting 3D glasses that she thought were hilarious.
Jeff's mom snapped a few pictures while I as braiding Penny's hair, which I thought would be interesting for posterity. It is quite the feat.
When her hair is a little bit longer, this will be MUCH easier to do.
We have made several shopping trips to multiple shopping centers and malls, which I am always up for! Penny had a grand time on this bench, laughing at everyone passing by.
While at the mall, we bought this adorable number from H&M. Looks slightly Vontrap, eh? I mostly love how retro it looks. What you can't see are the adorable ruffle panties underneath. Soon enough, I s'pose.
A fun part of Jeff working in the city is that he gets to try lots of restaurants and local hot spots. He met us Downtown at a restaurant called Founding Farmers, which was a reasonably priced, extremely delicious organic restaurant that gets most of their ingredients from small family farms. You can taste the difference.
Here is a family picture of us at the temple. Congrats to Michelle and Taylor!
Janna has become quite the gourmet lately, and specializes in low-calorie meals. She was kind enough to cook many delicious meals for us, which sadly I don't have pictures of, but they were fantastic. One thing I DO have a picture of is the mug cakes (I do not thing this was a lo-cal recipe, sorry guys) which you just mix some ingredients into a mug, microwave it for a minute or two, and you have a perfect-sized dessert! We topped these off with ice cream and whipped cream.
We were fortunate enough to get away for a night, with Jeff's mom watching Penny for us. We stayed at Aloft Arundel Mills, which was modern and hip. We swam in the pool and ate delicious snacks and cheeses, and enjoyed sleeping in for the first time in over a year. We ate at a local diner near our home called the Pancake House, which on the outside (and inside, too I guess) looked slightly worse for wear, but the food was just what I was craving on that Saturday morning.

So that is what has been happening for us lately. I am sure I forgot like a million things to write. Jeff's family was planning on going home tomorrow, but due to the recent Southwest incident, their flight was bumped back a day, so we have one more day of Penny helpers!