Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Years!

I will definitely get to my Utah post, but first, I want to talk about how we just celebrated our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

I can't believe 3 years have gone by. I still feel like such a newly wed, even with a 1 year old baby. I won't gush too much on here, since I am pretty sure Jeff is aware of my ever growing love for him, but I will say that this year has been full of all sorts of trials and hard times, but I can happily report that these experiences have brought us even closer together, and made me ever more grateful to have my man in my life.

Other reasons I am grateful to have Jeff is my life is because he wakes me up with surprises like this:
Brand new cookware! What a welcome change from the 2 "as-is" pots we picked up from ikea. So, with all these awesome new pots and pans, instead of going out to eat, Jeff wanted to make something. And boy did he ever!

Here is our delicious spread.
Jeff was busy busy in the kitchen preparing deliciousness.
These were roasted carrots in a brown butter sauce. They were like eating dessert! So, so delightful.
Stuffed, roasted artichokes were also on the menu. Don't they look pretty?
The main course was an incredibly tasting dish of beef and bison bourguignon. It was simply cooked to perfection! I am constantly blown away by how well Jeff can just pull all these dishes together like it's the easiest thing!
Of course, he didn't forget dessert. He had is hiding upstairs in Emily's fridge. Turns out it was a lime cheesecake, with he topped off with a mango lime puree. Even those who don't particularly enjoy cheesecake would have been blown away by this amazingness. So, so goooooood!
Cheers! Here's to love!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day!

I think every mother out there deserves to wake up to this in bed on mothers day:
Fortunately, I was the recipient of this delicious eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and fresh blueberry scone with lemon glaze, with a fresh bouquet of lilies to boot.
Needless to say, less than 3 minutes later, this was all I had to show for it. My man knows how to make a meal.
I consider this a serious bonus, since I don't really find being a mother a burdensome job at all, but quite the opposite, especially when I get to do it for this little one
I definitely had a good start to the day. Jeff even let me sleep in while he made all that food AND looked after Penny! I feel spoiled rotten!

I wanted to do a little update about Penny's progress, mostly because I refer back to my blog when recording her milestones in other places. So, recently:
-Penny knows the names of some animals, like cows, ducks and cats, and makes the sounds for many more. Often we find her mooing her way around the house.
-She is getting better at walking every day. Church is great because there are so many open spaces for her to practice.
-She loves to give big hugs and kisses. She gives her kisses by saying, "mmmmMMYYYYYYEEEEEE!"
-She likes to sing along with me in the car, mostly just picking a few notes and holding them out.
-She can count to 3, sometimes 4 with some help.
-Her favorite letter is P. Perhaps because her favorite food is peas. She likes to point out the big "P" in our Palestine poster.
-She says so many words now, and usually just copies what we say. She loves to say "Mimi!" when she wants to go upstairs.
-She loves to pretend she's sleeping on any soft surface. She makes snoring sounds as well.

Well, that sounds great for now. I am sure I will be glad I have that recorded somewhere. On with it, then.

We had a little ward soccer game/BBQ the other day. While the men had fun kicking the ball around, the ladies went to the Bishop's house and played in their very fun back yard. The kids loved the netted trampoline.
I liked the tramp because it made Penny's hair do this:

This one had a great time, as you can see.
The kids were having so much fun pla-what the...
Pffft, Emily... I was saying, the kids were having fun playing in this little house with KC.

Penny has a little friend in our ward named Jack. He is my friend Hilary's son, and is only about a month and some younger than Penny. It is so cute to watch them play in church. Today was especially cute while chasing them around in Sunday School, Jack was following Penny everywhere she walked for a while, and after she noticed she turned around and gave him a big hug to show how happy she was! Sadly, upon the release, she knocked Jack down, and he was pretty upset. He quickly got over his sadness, and was happily running about soon enough.

Here are some cute interaction shots of the two.

Of course, it was fun to have our triplet friends present as always!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Poor Penelope...

Pen had a pretty consistent fever the other night, which I brushed off slightly thinking it was teething (she has a pretty big tooth trying to break through) but this morning Emily pointed out some speckles on her back, so we headed off to the doctor's. Turns out she had strep! My poor baby, I have just been giving her oragel and tylenol when she really needed antibiotics! That would explain the terrible nights and loss of appetite. She is still a lively girl, but lays down on a pillow or blanket for a while in between playing with her toys. It has been a little fun, I must admit, to have a snuggley friend for a change instead of me tirelessly chasing her around this small apartment. Especially since I have quarantined ourselves down here, hoping EVER so hard we didn't pass this along to anyone upstair... please, oh please. It is going to be a long 48 hours...(Penny just crawled over to me almost like a worm, both both arms dragging underneath her body, using only her feet to push her along... Poor, poor Penny.She has been quite happy otherwise. She has been having lots of fun getting around by foot! It seems so weird to see my little girl just running around.
Even more strange is seeing her face when I turn around in the car!
Pen is growing up much too fast.

We have had fun playing in Emily's sand and water stations.
Babies always think the sand is delicious... gross, babies. You should make this face after you eat sand:
We received this in the mail the other day:It was from Jeff's work! A little welcome basket, it was very thoughtful of them. It was full of snacks and cheese galore!

Anyway, I am going to try and feed this sick baby. Ta.