Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penny Potty

On my facebook album the other day, Jordan thought it would be funny to label every picture with Penny in it with some kind of P-word before her name. (The album and comments can be seen at this link.) Perhaps I will start each of my blogs like that. There are copious amounts of p-words out there...

So, I had this crazy idea to introduce Penny to the potty. She does really well with her daily routines, like bath time and bed time, and even reminds us to brush her teeth when we forget after the tub. So, with very low expectations, and for mostly experimental reasons, I bought a little potty from ikea.
At first it was just a funny new toy.
But she eventually got the hang of it.
I usually only spend about a half hour of each morning with potty time, just sitting her on it while she watches Sesame Street or Blue's Clues. Here she is VERY fixated on her show.
And I thought I may as well buy panties since I would have to eventually anyway. She was very excited to put them on, but it was weird to see my 15 month old running around in panties!
She was having a great time in her new unders while wearing her favorite shoes. Lucky girl!
This is her in the "oh" of "e-i-e-i-oh!"
Like I said, very low expectations. So far, it has been going much better than planned! The first time I put her on, less than a minute later she let loose! She has had more successes these past few days. It will be a while before I do some hard core training, but I am just familiarizing her with the toilet for now, and it seems she's starting to grasp the concept! We'll see!

Aside from potty training, I am enjoying my time with this silly, silly baby! She is teething like crazy with lots of molars coming in (keeping us all up at night...), loves to sing Old McDonald and the Alphabet song (my favorite part is when she gets to l-m-n-o-p, and says, "uh-uh-uh-o=peeeeee!") We also recently visited the Museum of Natural History, and she loved pointing at all the animals, and was very excited to see some she recognized (elephants, bears but oddly no tigers! Those are her favorite.)

It makes me really look forward to our upcoming trip to Florida. I think she is going to have an awesome time playing the the splash pad and pool at the resort, and exploring a few Disney parks. I am looking forward to have Jeff to myself all day for a week! Some relief, finally!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pixar Faces

Emily just posted a blog about Alex's obsession with his little glasses. I laugh every time because I think he looks like a young Carl Fredrickson from Up. We also like to laugh really hard at Penny's teeth and hair situation. Which we felt looked a lot like Ellie from Up as well. What do you think?

You will also recall I likened Alex unto another Pixar character earlier. Perhaps he will grow up to be Mike Wazowski?

Thursday, June 09, 2011


When Jeff got a job, I thought perhaps now I could make that trip back to Utah that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I was starting to miss everyone, and I was especially sad my little girl was growing up, and lots of people were missing it! So, since we were a little more financially stable, I called up dad who helped me buy the ticket. It was then I decided to keep the whole thing a secret! Only dad and Lacie knew. Lacie generously agreed to pick me up from the airport, so that an unsuspecting mother would remain so.

The plane ride wasn't as bad as anticipated. Penny did really well. I was only slightly frustrated that my layover in Denver was an hour longer than planned, but Penny was a good girl, and it gave us time to stretch out and get our wiggles out. Thank goodness for all those dollar aisle toys. Her favorite were the strands of beads from Dollar Tree.

Lacie and Leland were so nice to come all the way to SLC and especially nice to get me some insanely delicious Crown Burger, which I have basically been craving since I left Utah. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So, on the way home, Lacie called Drew, discussing their plans to watch Top Model that night, asking if he could come to Cedar Hills instead. After slightly protesting, she handed the phone to me, and I said, "I REALLY think you should come to Cedar Hills...." and you can imagine his surprise :) So, they immediately drove to Mom and Dad's house to witness the surprise of all surprises. I put sleeping Penny in her carseat on Mom's front porch, called her up and asked if she had received my package yet. She replied no, so I told her to go check the front porch. She asked dad to do it, but I said something like the wrapping was part of the present, so she could go get it. I had to think of something! So, as she opened the door, she just stood there, and said very confused, "It's"

Well, I couldn't stand to prolong that state of confusion, so I ran out of the bushes and yelled surprise, and I think it still took a little bit to register that I was actually there. She was initially worried that something was wrong, and couldn't understand why I was there, but eventually she embraced the fun surprise. :)

Penny luckily was still tuckered out from the long day of travel, and transferred right into the crib. We stayed up late talking, and finally went to bed. The next day, Pen had an awesome time exploring my house.

SO many places to wander! She found this little bear (bobo) which I thought was precious, because I have a picture of me at her age holding the same one. I will probably scan it in soon.
Of course the next day, we ran around surprising all my sisters. Mostly it just consisted of someone carrying Penny up to the door. We had lunch together, and we missed having Emily with us to complete our little sister rendezvous.

We went up to Logan on Friday to visit Grandma on her 80th birthday! She was quite surprised to see us as well, and we were surely happy to see her happy face.
It was very nostalgic to see Penny crawling around Grandma's house. She loved looking through the stairs.
Due to a very long series of unfortunate events, we ended up with out a crib that night, so I ended up creating one between the dresser and the bed. She slept through pretty much the whole night!
Everyone came up for Grandma's surprise 5K.
Penny and Molly reunited for the first time since they were just wee babes.
Here are some runners gearing up for the surprise!
The surprise was awesome, Grandma was overwhelmed with all the love, and it was definitely a big climax to her 80th birthday! Here's to several more fun years, Grandma!

Mom and dad ran a race right before our 5k, and ended up winning 2 free dinners to Golden Corral! So we headed there for dinner. We were careful not to overdo it, and shared lots of the food instead of piling up our own plates.
They had cotton candy! This is AWESOME!
Penny was a good girl, and was happy to watch baby einstein while we ate.
Grandma and Penny had a fun photoshoot.
I was able to attend Britney's wedding while I was in town, which is great, because not only are we cousins, but also best friends. It was very hard to find a babysitter on a weekday morning, but luckily Uncle Jason was available for the job (though, I think he had just finished up with an all night shift at his job... THANK YOU JASON!) and Penny had an awesome time bonding with him.
We had lots of times where Penny would be naughty. Those are the times that I missed having a husband the most. It is HARD to take care of a baby all by yourself!! This picture just cracks me up. Her poor hair, she looks homeless.
Penny loooved playing with dad. Every time she saw him, she would say, "PAPA!" and tug on his pants until he would pick her up.
Thanks for your patience dad!
I was able to hang out with my best peeps as well! We saw Seussical at the Hale, which was adorable and fun, played Just Dance, went Laser Tagging (thanks for making the effort to come all the way to Provo, it was awesome!) and watched movies. Lacie and I ate dinner at La Jolla Groves in Provo. It was VERY delicious, I highly recommend it! Afterwards we visited the cute toy store next door which made Penny very happy. She developed a new obsession with bears, and this store had an abundance of giant bears. She hugged everyone she saw.
She was running through the store, saying "YAAAAAAAAY!" Over and over.
I ate at other delicious places. Of COURSE I had to hit up Wingers! They have changed the menu a little, but the sticky fingers are still there!
Penny also loved seeing Uncle Matt, who brought her a little bear toy, which she loves to this day, especially with the new bear obsession. Penny is a lot more social than I thought, she loves meeting new people. Perhaps it is all the attention she gets, when normally she shares it with 3 other babies?
I cut off 10 inches of my hair! I scheduled an appointment, and when I arrived, I just decided it was time to let it go! So, just like that, my hair was gone. I am surprised and pleased to find that I am not missing it so much, but I think I am going to work on growing it out again. We'll see.
We ate at Tucanos for 4 of our May birthdays! Nicole, Leland, Julie and I had birthdays to celebrate. We stuffed ourselves silly, and laughed our heads off, and ended the day by making a music video which was on my previous post.
On Sunday, Melody and her kids came and slept over, which was so much fun (even if Gabey was just a little bit naughty about going to sleep)! We had some great bonding time, and it was fun to have other kids for Penny to play with. It was so much fun seeing ALL of my nieces and nephews, who have all gotten so bit and adorable. Penny loved playing with Jane, especially in Cami's fantastic basement, and I think Ethan had a pretty good time playing with Penny. It was cute to see Brady and Penny reunited as well. I s'pose they didn't play much, but just seeing them together tickled me inside.

We were so, so sad to leave everyone since we had so much fun, and I love my family and friends so much, but we really missed our Jeff. The flight home was probably the hardest part of the whole trip, even with a whole row to myself. I had an over tired baby who didn't want to sleep, and lots of turbulence, so we couldn't walk around much. But we survived, and came out of the terminal to see a long haired Jeff holding a big bouquet of flowers. Definitely
Thanks, everyone for all that you did and do! We had an awesome time, hopefully we will see you soon!

Next up, Disneyworld in just a week and a half! Hopefully Penny will survive this trip. Fortunately I will have a husband this time.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

After a several year break, I back to film making!

One of my favorite activities growing up was making movies. Most of the time, my films consisted of horrible, plotless, unsteady footage of my friends and I doing silly things. But I think the most fun part about the process was actually filming, mostly because until the end of my senior year, I wasn't even capable of editing these films.

It has been fun to recently be able to get back into making some movies. With a baby, it is especially hard to make it happen, but I have been just dying to make something. (And with Jeff's new mac, imovie makes it especially easy to do so.)

The other day while Emily and I were just sitting around during our regular day, I wondered if anyone looking in would find humor in our daily routine. Especially because these babies make us laugh all day long. So, enjoy these funny babies!

Another film we were able to make recently was the music video set to Mika's song Grace Kelly. Since I was with all my bffs, I wanted to make sure I remembered such a happy time, and of course, my happiest times with them before was making movies! It was fun in incorporate some new friends as well, who definitely exceeded expectations.

Here's to 132 faithful subscribers left on my videos who stuck through my drought of movies!