Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!!

It's Jeff's birthday, so I felt it only appropriate to make him yet another birthday surprise like the last few years.

Happy birthday Jefffff!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And another! This was an old sketch of mine that I thought would be fun to color. I think it turned out nicely!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The finished product.

I mentioned I was working on this drawing. Again, zoom in for the hi-res version, it looks much better.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keeping the creative juices a-flowin'.

Another art update. My little watercolor journal is quickly filling up! Here are some other things I have produced:
Every once in a while I rediscover a new medium that I have forgotten about. Yesterday I discovered the fun of drawing with simply a black prismacolor pencil. It is fun, aside from sharpening it every couple of strokes.

Can you guess who these girls are?
And here is me calling in love with Jeff('s long hair...) It am currently making a digital art of this one. And a few more sketches of Penny. She has such funny features, they translate well into my drawing style.
So much so, that I whipped this up during naptime today.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lius News!

Our bffs Lacie and Leland Liu are in town! It has been so much fun to have someone come to our side of the country. Penny warmed up to them right away, and apparently even started calling for Lacie in the night. It is so great to have other people for Penny to interact with, especially when they are so willing to play with her. (I'm looking forward to Christmas, when there will surely be lots of people in California happy to keep her occupied...)
Here's Pen snuggling with Lacie and Leland.

We've been doing so much with the Lius, I will have to save that for a different post, especially after they give me their pictures. But for now, here are a few from when we went to the park.

Penny went off the tallest slides. Take that, Drew.
Ah, zee parallel bars...
We had a great time on the swings.
As did Penny.
I did a grand total of one pull-up.

As we were leaving for the park, all the babies pilled into the window. They were making such funny faces, but Bennett won the prize.
I love Emily's big front window, it makes for such great lighting. Here are a few cute pics I snapped.

So, for those of you who own photoshop, you may know about actions. I usually try to avoid using them for some reason, as I feel like I know enough about photoshop to do make the effects on my own, but I downloaded some just to play around. They may look a little cliche, but it still makes a fun effect. You should download some for yourself and experiment with your own pictures!

In the end, I still think it is the subject that makes the picture cute, rather than the effects, of course :)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Midyear Update

We had the Robinsons down for dinner this evening for Tyler Florence's delicious chicken enchiladas with tomatilla salsa, and Em said she would bring dessert. Image our soopreese when she showed up with THIS! Don't be TOO jealous of this deluxe fruit pizza.
It was... so good.

Anyway, to the picture post! The other day, I got lost going home from a meeting while winding through some neighborhoods. Now, we don't live in the nicest area, so i was surprised to stumble upon this well-kept, fenced in park! Since we are always looking for something that meets those requirements, Em and I braved the stupid heat for a few minutes of fun.
Pen and Ben(nett) loved the swings, as always.

Ruby was brave and went down the slide all by herself.
And up it too, apparently.
We had a good time, but had to leave due to humid conditions, and some unfortunate sanitary concerns that we discovered...

A while ago, Jeff discovered that there was going to be a exhibition game between Manchester United and Barcelona at the FedEx field, which is about 10 minutes from our house. Since we knew our good friends, the Milnes, were big on soccer, we asked them to join us! Boy, was it hot, but luckily we were on the west side, so we were able to enjoy the game in the shade. We were rooting for Barcelona, who unfortunately lost. But it was a good game with lots of action even still.
Plus, the view was really cool from how high up we were. If you zoom in, you can see the Washington Monument and capitol building.I learned a few things at this soccer game. Everyone wastes their money on beer. Seriously, starting at $9 a bottle! And these people buy several! Also, there were younger kids all around us, and I was so surprised at the very unsportsmanlike behavior they were displaying, which was even encouraged by their parents. Fortunately it didn't spoil the game.

Also fortunate is Jeff's magical hair. He is hesitant to cut it for some reason. It's funny, as we thought that before his last hair cut, that was the last time he would ever have long hair again. But we didn't know that his work was lax with their dresscode, you know, being an internet company and all.
Penny's hair is getting longer now, which means it's much easier to do french braids!
Mom sent over some pieces of my doll house recently. Sorry to all those kiddies back home who no longer have people to play with! But I always took such good care of that dollhouse in hopes of someday giving it to a child of my own. I am surprised even after all the use it has had over the years that most of the pieces still remain in tact! Thanks, kids!
We went to our friend Hilary's house to play with her baby Jack and swim in her fun pool! She had a perfect little fenced in front porch, covered with trees so it was great to have a break from the heat.
Emily brought rainbow sugar cookies, which mostly ended up as a mush in the bottom of the pool. The babies didn't mind the sogginess as the scooped up the cookies and ate them. We tried our best not to gag. But other than mushy cookies, we had a great time! And Penny played happily for over and hour and a half, and it was fun to have some good conversation with Hilary as well.

The other day I felt the need to splurge on some little boots for Penny. I just can't wait until the weather turns colder and I can put Pen in some skinny jeans and these little "boops" as she calls them.
I challenged Jeff to sketch a picture the other day, and this is the picture of Penny he came up with. What do you think? Penny liked to point and laugh at it, and was sad when it SOMEHOW got erased from the whiteboard.
She should have been making this face at that picture instead.
Here are a few shots form the other day. I didn't have time to edit them at all, so sorry about that.

Cuteness! And finally, a little video of Penny singing a song from her recent favorite movie. She also loves Princess and the Frog and Tangled. Please ignore my raspy, tired vocals. Blech.