Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tablet Love

I can't seem to gush enough about how much I like this little contraption.  I was hesitant at first to even pull the trigger and get one, because I was afraid I was setting myself up for disappointment, and perhaps I wouldn't even be able to use it properly, or worse, it would make me regress artwise.  But no, just a little getting used to it (still am) and what a difference it has made in my efficiency and range!  I probably need to hold back a little because at times I get so consumed with drawing and painting I feel like I may be neglecting my husband, but he is very supportive and kind and patient. 

It has also been great for business, as I can pump out sketches and drawing much more quickly than before.  I can make more accurate sketches, not even have to do any scanning, cropping or rotating!  That alone shaves off about 10 minutes per sketch.

Here are some sketches I did just last night:

And the design business is keeping me busy as well.  Here are some logos I did today:

Download PDF here

Monday, January 16, 2012

There is a whole lot more about our trip that I'm hoping to document, but we'll get to that later.  Recently our big change around here was Jeff's haircut!  After 1 year, Jeff finally let go of the massive monster that had consumed his head.  Oh, sure, I'll miss running my fingers through it and practicing my french braids, but I guess he looks a bit more professional now, and perhaps our vacuum will catch a break as well with only one person with long hair.

The visit to the salon was pretty funny.  We walked in and the stylist just stopped and stared at us, then ordered Jeff into the chair.  She started hacking away with the trimmer, and after about 2 minutes stopped, looked at me and said, "I already need a break!" and pulled out the scissors.  I bid her good luck, and Penny and I ran away as I was WAY too nervous to sit and watch.  She was making witty and snarky remarks the entire time, and when we she was ringing us up, she calmly said, "That will be $400 please..."  We left her a nice tip (not $400...) and thanked her, and she told Jeff he looked SO much better.  Although I am a little more partial to a longer haircut, I do think that Jeff looks great with short hair as well.  It reminds me a lot of when we met, and also of all the Pops Concert videos from high school that we watched while we were in California.

 Goodbye, Jeff's glorious long locks.  Who knows if we'll ever see you again (though, that is what I said the last time he cut his hair...)
Helloooo handsome!

Now the question remains, what do I do with all THIS hair?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pen has been having lots of fun helping me bake lately, though she refers to it as "making."  Which I guess makes sense as well.  Anyway, it really helps pass the time, and gives us something to do as well.  Plus we get lots of baked goods out of it.  Here she is helping me with our bread today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tablet fun!

 I love my new tablet!!!  Oh, tablet, where have you been all my life?  I'm Still getting the hang of it, but here are some sketches.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In addition!

I forgot to say what we got for Jeff's parents for Christmas!  All of the kids worked on compiling their favorite recipes, and we also were sure to include classic Ribeira recipes.  Jeff had the idea for the cover to be a tribute to a similar sign they made for their mom as children, with a few additions, of course :)  We printed it off at, and it arrived just in time, and turned out awesome!  I think Jeff was hoping to add a few flourishes and fancy things inside, but perhaps we will do that on the next installment.  Thanks, everyone for your help!

Monday, January 02, 2012

The actual Christmas Post.

 Christmas has already come and gone so quickly, and in just two days we will be flying home, which seems insane!  Three weeks just absolutely flew by.  But I wanted to update with a little Christmas post, just to remember the good times.

Seen above is us pushing our way down the stairs.  We had just previously had our little bowls of cereal up in the girls' room, so Penny was anxious to see what Santa brought.  And boy, oh boy did he deliver, much to my surprise.  Really, most of the presents I was unaware of.

 This was a little sleeping bag that fits inside of the pillow dog.  Obviously it was one of her favorite presents.  But her MOST favorite present of the day was this:
 She spent a better part of Christmas morning in this backpack, insisting to go for rides, which was such a relief to me.  I was afraid she wouldn't quite take to it.

 Ryan and Gaylynn gave us lots of fun things like chocolate covered cheerios for Pen and these delicious chocolate covered pomagranate seeds.  These are the real deal, seeds and all.  So delicious.
 Becky surprised Penny with this awesome doll!  And a game of Cranium for us.  Penny loves her Punzel doll.  We sang her songs as we brushed her hair, but my wrinkles and stretch marks live on... blast.
 The wrapping paper Becky used was a present itself.  It was from threadless, which explains a lot.  I loved it so much I gently folded it up and intend to journal it away.

 The BIG surprise of Christmas was my NEW WACOM INTUOS 4 TABLET!!!!!!!  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMG!!!!  I have been wanting one of these puppies for QUITE some time now, and I have already gotten our money's worth out of it.  I have been drawing with it whenever I had the chance.  I can't wait to get home and test 'er out on our big computer.
Oooooooo, look how pretty it is...

 I surprised Jeff with a lil' bit of Saffron, which I've been putting off for several Christmases due to the high cost of this little spice.  But I found a deal I couldn't refuse, and now Jeff can finally make that paella he's been dreaming about for years.
 Oh!  Also, we made pull-aparts.  This is the last of it.
 Here was another big surprise was this little costume! Needless to say, Penny loves dressing like her favorite princess.  Thanks, guys!
 Penny has been getting along quite well with all her Uncles and Aunts, and they are so sweet to indulge her.  Here is Pen and Jason opening presents together.
 To give you a clue as to how many presents we all went through, here is our pile.
 A fun wrapping pile quickly turned tragic.  Pen didn't like getting sucked into the endless pile of trash.

 In the end, this was our haul.  Score!
 Jeff's big present this year was a really fancy electric razor.  And since we all are aware of Jeff's facial hair situation, this has been due for a while. 

Now, the question is how in this world do we get everything home...

Rosie was given this awesome cookbook, which we have already made several recipes from.  We had a Harry Potter feast on New Years Eve, including Pumpkin Pasties, Treacle Tart, Molly's Meatballs and Onion Sauce and of course some Butterbeer!  I will have pictures of that in a later post.

 Our DVD collection wasn't as big as previous years (I don't think we will ever get 17 DVDs in one go again, now that netflix is in our lives.) but we got some good ones.  I have been spending some good, quality time with that 14th season of Simpsons.
 Jeff gave me some very cool books that I have been wanting. An Illustrated Life, which is a compilation of so many different Artists' sketchbooks, and the Creative Workshop, which gives you lots of different challenges and assignments to sharpen design skills and get those creative juices flowing.  I can't wait to start!
 Of course, we got our new additions of our photo books that Jeff works so hard on.  It is fun to look back on our year in book form, especially since they all start with the previous year's Christmas.
 Jeff and Penny also got some books:
 Pen had an eventful morning playing with her toys.  Jeff's parents also bought him a new ping pong paddle, which he will surely make good use of at his workplace.
 Somehow we managed to get ready for church mostly on time.  Excuse the terrible picture...  Unfortunately it was the only picture we got of Penny's cute dress.
 We had a wonderful musical Sunday as I'm sure most of you did, which of course gave us even more opportunity to turn our focus to Christ.  Janna and Rosie sang Oh Holy Night in the meeting, which brought me to tears, it was so lovely, and that song is just so truthful.  It was just what the day needed.  The rest of the day was spent as most Christmases are, lazing about and playing with our toys.

A delicious dinner was prepared, and Christmas was saved.  I guess it wasn't in any danger of being ruined, but we had a long standing joke that if anyone did anything wrong, Christmas was ruined.  I guess you had to be there.  But, seriously, it was an awesome Christmas.  Thank you everyone for your generosity, we truly appreciated it!