Monday, January 16, 2012

There is a whole lot more about our trip that I'm hoping to document, but we'll get to that later.  Recently our big change around here was Jeff's haircut!  After 1 year, Jeff finally let go of the massive monster that had consumed his head.  Oh, sure, I'll miss running my fingers through it and practicing my french braids, but I guess he looks a bit more professional now, and perhaps our vacuum will catch a break as well with only one person with long hair.

The visit to the salon was pretty funny.  We walked in and the stylist just stopped and stared at us, then ordered Jeff into the chair.  She started hacking away with the trimmer, and after about 2 minutes stopped, looked at me and said, "I already need a break!" and pulled out the scissors.  I bid her good luck, and Penny and I ran away as I was WAY too nervous to sit and watch.  She was making witty and snarky remarks the entire time, and when we she was ringing us up, she calmly said, "That will be $400 please..."  We left her a nice tip (not $400...) and thanked her, and she told Jeff he looked SO much better.  Although I am a little more partial to a longer haircut, I do think that Jeff looks great with short hair as well.  It reminds me a lot of when we met, and also of all the Pops Concert videos from high school that we watched while we were in California.

 Goodbye, Jeff's glorious long locks.  Who knows if we'll ever see you again (though, that is what I said the last time he cut his hair...)
Helloooo handsome!

Now the question remains, what do I do with all THIS hair?


Drew said...

Hurrah! Jeph can certainly pull off the long hair OR the short hair look, but THAT particular long hair look... Well, it wasn't his best. He looks like a supastah now.

Janice Barrett Graham said...

Now, that's how Jeff looked when I first met him. What a difference a haircut makes.

And hair-do! Penny's messy bun is so cute!

melody said...

Oh man, imagine if Jonny grew his hair out that long! He would not look super cool like Jeff, he would look super nerdy like Ronald McDonald. Best not find out just how super nerdy...