Friday, April 27, 2012

A new art.

This was a little 30-45 minute illustration of Pen I did today.  I was having a bit of an artist block, and when inspiration is low I turn to a source that keeps giving.

Penny LOVES watching the Princess Sing-Along DVD that Jeff's mom gave us for Christmas.  "Once Upon a Dream" really seemed to resonate with her, and every time she puts on this dress she feels like Sleeping Beauty, and runs around singing her song.

The other day I was sifting through some pictures, and found that I have taken a lot of jumping pictures over the years, so I made a little collage of a sampling of them...

Monday, April 09, 2012

8 Bit Ribs

I got tired of the orange on our blog, so I decided to amp it up a little bit.  I really wanted to do an illustration of us, but I have been way too swamped to do anything elaborate.  I mentioned to Jeff it would be cool to do an 8 bit version of ourselves.  Jeff was fully behind the idea, saying we should seal the deal, and suggesting we call our blog "The Ribeira Crowd" after one or our most favorite TV series, the IT Crowd.  I wish I could put on some awesome midi soundtrack to go along with it.  I could imagine some awesome video game going along with this.  It would involve mostly getting points by Jeff playing ping pong games and designing a website before work is done, me getting 5 arts completed before Penny wakes up from nap, and Penny successfully running to the potty in time.  Sounds like fun to me!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Mount Vernon

I have mentioned before how we want to take advantage of all there is to do around DC while we're here.  Jeff bought some tickets to Mount Vernon for half price on Living Social, and of course we waited until the day they expired to use them (in our defense, the weather has been pretty unpredictable and cold on weekends).

We headed there early in the morning to get there right when it opened at 8ish.  It took us about a half hour to get there. I was slightly nervous since we have been in potty training mode, but Penny has really taken to it and communicates with us really well about when she needs to go, so I felt ok about leaving the house.  It would stand as a good test as to where we are in the whole training process.  We went the entire day with out an accident (in fact, we have gone the whole week with only two or three accidents that I can recall) so naturally Penny had lots of treats.

We had a lovely time in the perfect weather.  Penny was a little angel, and loved seeing all the animals and gardens.  She especially loved the open spaces she could so freely run.  She got a little bored when we were touring the actual mansion, but so were the high school students in front of us.  Jeff and I, on the other hand, found it very interesting and informative.  My goodness, the shades of green Mrs. Washington had in that drawing room!

Jeff was baffled as he had previously visited Mount Vernon back in 11th grade, but had a very limited recollection of the place.  All he could remember was the long line of chairs lining the back porch overlooking the river.  It is such a lovely view, George picked a pretty awesome spot for his estate.

I'd also like to express my appreciation to the management of the estate for having such accessible, well maintained bathrooms.  We never had any close calls as there were toilets nearby whenever Pen asked to go. The self-flushing toilets made for great entertainment as well.

We finished up and headed to the new Cafe Rio in Falls Church for a mini mission reunion with everyone in the DC area.  Who knew there were so many mission friends around here?  We had a handful of people show up, and had a lovely time catching up/meeting everyone.  We also enjoyed eating Cafe Rio for the first time in quite a while.

We made it home just in time to watch conference, which was lucky as we got stuck in a bit of traffic driving through DC (I still can't believe we live here!  When we get stuck in traffic, it is hard not to get TOO upset when your driving next to the Lincoln and Washington Memorials.

Beautiful spring day!

Pen loved the animals.

The Washington Mansion

There were so many baby lambs prancing about!

The guy was very kind, and let the children pet the little lamb.

Washington's Coach

Too cool.

A beautiful view.

We had fun prancing around the grounds.

Literally prancing.

We are hardcore, and take our stroller up steep, rocky hills.

At this point, Penny said "night night" and curled up in her stroller.

Jeff's mission reunion.  Lots of fun people!
Hopefully we keep taking advantage of all the fun things to do in DC!

(In a slightly related note, I'm declaring Penny officially potty trained.  While writing this blog, she informed us she was going to the potty, and then proceeded to do her business.  Goodbye forever, diapers!! Or at least until another baby comes along.)