Friday, May 25, 2012

4 Solid Years!

Jeff and I were married 4 years ago.  Since it is such an awesome day to remember, we usually like to have a big celebration.  Previous years have included homemade dinners of bison bourguignon, trips to Hawaii, and also Disneyland.  Since Jeff is always full of surprises, I wanted to surprise him this time.  I tricked him into going to Annapolis, where we ended up at The Melting Pot!  I have wanted to go here ever since Jeff missed out on our last fondue experience because Pen was acting up.  It was so, so delicious, and I think I gained at least 3 pounds from all the cheese and delicious food.  They just give you SO many yummy things to dip in that chocolate!

Yummy cheese that had blue cheese and artichoke in it!

Pre-cooked lobster, steak, pork, chicken and pastas.

We arrived to a nice card from all the servers wishing up an anniversary!  A very nice touch.


Of course Jeff can never pass up the opportunity to surprise me, so his big plan on our actual anniversary was attending the members-only, private, after-hours drinks and appetizer date-night at the Baltimore Aquarium!  It was our first time ever visiting Baltimore, and I think I am way too spoiled now, and will have a hard time going back to the aquarium with crowds of people.  We practically had the entire place to ourselves! (Thanks again, Em, for putting Pen to bed!

We enjoyed live, acoustic guitar music while we ate our sliders, spinach puffs, mini enchiladas, loaded mashed potatoes and peach cobbler.  After we had our fill of delicious food, we leisurely toured the entire place, which was incredible! 

The Australia exhibit was very interactive, with birds and crickets roaming freely, making for a great ambiance.  The fish and aquatic life were very awesome too!  I have never seen so many difference species of turtles (including the dreaded snake-necked turtle.  SICK!)

 This place was SO empty.  We loved just sitting in silence, watching the dolphins swim by.

 Jeff had fun taking pictures of these little jellies.  They were like some kind of x-ray.
 This was probably my favorite part.  A walkway was built over this giant pool filled with so many different sea creatures including sharks, rays and turtles.
 This sea turtle was HUGE!  It was bigger than me, seriously.  (And had no left arm, sadly...)
 There were big sharks too!

 These rays were HUGE!  Like 3 feet wingspan at least!

 Really cool, open exhibits.


 We walked around the pier for a little bit afterward, then headed back home.
It was an extremely romantic evening, and a wonderful way to celebrate our marriage.

Oh!  I forgot about Jeff's other surprises (as he is full of them).  The first including a date night cooking class at Lebanese Taverna (we love this place!) where we will be making
  • Lebanese Potato Salad
  • Spicy Hommos
  • Fatteh Bathenjan (chicken layered over chickpeas on roasted lebanese bread smothered with warm yogurt and sauteed pinenuts and garlic)
  • Sasame Creme Brulee: carob molasses, tahini, caramelized bananas  
 Sounds amazing, I can't wait!

Then he had yet another surprise!  Way back when we moved here, Jeff had bought me a spafinder gift certificate that I have still yet to use a year and a half later.  Well, he printed it out again (I was relieved to hear he didn't buy another one) and then printed out a paper with an appointment for a full body signature massage downtown at Spa on the Hill!  Brilliant!  I am counting down the hours until my massage.  I have never had one before.

My prize pales in comparison to Jeff's big surprises, and it didn't even arrive on time.  Lame.  But I was working on this for quite a while:

Happy 4 years, my love! You can't spell forever without.... four... for...blast, that didn't quite work out.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flashback to Sandy Point Beach

I just realized I forgot to document our fun day at Sandy Point.  While all the sisters were in town, they decided they wanted to visit a beach of our non-landlocked state.  Since we didn't really have the time to go all the way to Ocean City or anything like that, we made the 30 minute drive to Sandy Point Beach on the Chesapeake Bay.  It is pretty legit as far as beaches go, and it is only a half hour from our house!  That's much more than we could say while living in Provo!

The kids loved playing in the giant sandbox with their new umbrellas.  Penny is a little bit weird with getting her hands and feet dirty, but she eventually had a good time in the sand.  She also kept me on my toes with a few false bathroom trips. Running back and forth to the restroom in sand is not easy or fun...

Here's the million pictures I took: