Monday, September 17, 2012


Well, there has certainly been enough happening to blog about- I started going to boot camp with Emily, which has been awesome! I have never worked out like this before and it is definitely a big challenge. It was a reality check to really see how out of shape I was (I ended up tossing my cookies a wee bit on my first day. Embarrassing!)but I have already noticed a huge improvement on my stamina. Just four days after starting, I was able to keep up with Emily and the trainer, Lisa, on running day. That's saying something, because we ran three miles which normally seems impossible to me. It's encouraging though, because I'm doing this in preparation for our big adventure coming up, and if I am going to be running around Europe for 12 hours a day for 6 days in a row, I need to build up some serious stamina. Alex, Bennett & Ruby turned 3 on Wednesday. Extra fun that mom and dad are in town! Of course Emily had deliciously addicting cake options which I helped myself generously to. We went to Pump-It-Up, one of those giant-puffy-slides and bounce house places. The kids were hesitant to go on the big slides, but dad seemed to muster some kind of crazy, boundless energy and lugged all the kids on all the attractions (whether they wanted to go or not!).

On Saturday we visited the Amish Market in Annapolis and ate WAY too much delicious food, then drove all the way to the National Zoo on the other side of DC. They just finished an awesome exhibit of the pacific northwest with sea lions and gray seals, and to Penny's delight, a very fun splash pad. Any hopes I had of her staying dry were quickly dashed as she splashed to her heart's content. It was a perfect 75 degree day for playing in a fountain, so I couldn't tell her no! (I must say, visiting the zoo in cooler weather is a million times better than suffering in the 100 degree humidity.) We had a great time at the Arboretum yesterday. Emily packed up a picnic, and we played all over the children's garden and finished by walking up to the columns. It was a great way to tire the kids out.


And here are some other movies to catch up on the last month or two: Penny's a little ham in front of the camera. She often will start dancing or posing and ask me to film it. It must be in the blood:)

The other day I zapped a day-old donut in the microwave. When I cut it open, the cream filling spilled forth all over the place. Penny let out a loud "AHH!" then followed up by saying, "OH. MY.... CRAP!" I have NO idea where she picked that one up... *shift eyes*

We went to Six Flags just before the water park closed for good. It seemed like pools season came and went way too quickly! But we certainly got great use out of our season passes. I just had to document Penny's last hurrah wearing her bikini. It will probably be her last one :(



 Here's a film directed by Penny. She had me set up the camera, and wanted to put on a show for me to record.

The kids love singing together in the car, and it's always nice to be serenaded by a chorus of 4 toddlers. Unfortunately they ALWAYS stop doing it when we turn on the camera... Here's the end of Twinkle Little Star.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Recent Arts

Just some recent arts!  The birds were commissioned by Lacie Liu to go on her posters for her Jr. Recital coming up. If you are in Utah, I would highly recommend attending to hear her beautiful voice.

This is for another project we're working on.  More on that soon, but for now you can just enjoy the SF skyline.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Good heavens...

Emily brought this article to my attention today, and I can't seem to get over it.

I certainly feel for the mom in the perils of potty training, but it's a universal truth that you are kind of quarantined in your home until the kid gets the hang of the process. But really, not being able to go out and about for a few weeks of your entire life is really not that big of a deal. Not to mention the counter productive method of letting your kids sit on the potty while eating, etc.

And let's not forget the most important part, this was in the middle of a restaurant, where people eat food...  and the kids were naked, and on the toilet. Why not put them in  t-shirts, at least?  If they potty chairs weren't drawing enough attention, then two naked toddlers in a busy eatery certainly sealed the deal.

We all make mistakes as parents.  Perhaps the mom just wasn't thinking this one through (though, it does take a lot of contemplation to prepare for a lunch outing with twins, bringing the potty chairs and all other potty training equipment, etc.) and will have better judgement next time.

 Raising kids can be tough, but it is really important to be considerate of others, especially in public.  I think people should be forgiving of a fussy toddler in the store, or a stinky diaper here or there, but public potty training in a restaurant is asking a little too much.  No one should have to see someone do their business while eating.

A commenter on KSL said they emailed Thanksgiving Point, and they had this to say,
"yes I know of the incident (thought I didn't know there was a picture, nor have I seen it). Contrary to rumor, both the Assistant Manager and the Manager of the Deli did in fact ask her to leave and excuse herself to the restroom but she refused. So short of Security getting there in time to physically remove her and her children from restaurant we did what we could.

Sadly, at a place as large and popular as Thanksgiving Point, there will always be the occasional patron that acts inappropriately--be that destroying dinosaur exhibits, being rude other guests, or in this case bringing a port-a-potty to lunch. It just is the nature of the beast.

We take pride in our commitment to ensure every guest has a safe and enjoyable experience but occasionally you pull a wild card. And this was just one of those times. Lucky for us all they are few and far between. Thank you though for letting us know, that was very thoughtful of you.

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