Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dusting off the blog!

I suppose it has been a month since I last updated my blog, and I promise I do have a good excuse, which includes:
-Going out of the country for 2 weeks
-Getting all my graphic design jobs finished before leaving the country for 2 weeks.
-Getting a huge rush of work right before leaving.
-Recovering from leaving the country for two weeks.
-Hurrica- I mean super storms.
-Penny getting more cavities filled than I want to admit.
-Working on my Christmas card (It's my favorite one yet!!! I can't wait to print it.)
-Halloween busy times

 But most importantly, Penny is no longer using a deebee... which is huge. Let me explain.

We went to the dentist the day after we got home. I knew something was up with Pen's teeth because there was some decay on her front left tooth. So, we come to find out she has at least 3 cavities on her front 3 teeth. Obviously I was extremely upset with this news, since I have been so diligent with brushing this girl's teeth since as long as I can remember! But there they were. So apparently due to her age and the amount of cavities and the possibility for more, the best option for us would be to take her to the hospital and to put her under to do the work. Ugh.

Our initial appointment was scheduled for the day of the hurricane, so obviously we had to push back to the day after Halloween. (I felt a little stupid asking if she would still be able to go trick or treating... It wasn't for the candy's sake, but because she was SO excited to dress up. She has only eaten one roll of smarties and nothing else from her stash!)

 So on Thursday, Nov. 1, we left the house by 6am to drive all the way to Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville. We were the first case of the day, which I was thrilled about. Penny was VERY excited, because she loves the doctor's office so very much. Who knows why, she used to be terrified. She climbed right up onto the bed, they pulled the TV up to her face, gave her a bunch of toys and she was perfectly content with life. She thought the backless hospital gown was the greatest thing in the world, and went around showing all the nurses, "Look! My back is OPEN!!!" She was certainly not shy with any of the nurses or doctors, commentating on everything they were doing.

Soon, they gave her a sedative to calm her down before they knocked her out. She got really tired, then really loopy grasping for non-existent things in the air and telling Jeff "You have TWO glasses!!"

Jeff got suited up to walk back with her to the OR, and from what Jeff explained, she got really excited about the operating bed in the middle of the room, then looked really concerned when they started prepping her, but quickly fell asleep in 15 seconds.

Jeff and I ate some food in the cafeteria while we waited, and a little over an hour later, they were already done!  We walked in to find a flailing, screaming Penny coming off of the anesthesia.  They said it was normal for them to be upset and angry about the IV.  But Pen was REALLY upset.  We could not get her to calm down for the life of us.  Even Jeff could hardly contain her.  They put a diaper on her hand to prevent her from tearing off the IV, and we held her down while they finished with the last little bit of medicine. 

I knew exactly what would calm her down, but I was not willing to give in, since the deebee is what caused a lot of her dental problems in the first place.  I held strong and didn't give in, as tempting as it was.

The dentist explained that she found a few more cavities than the initial 4 (!!!) and also straitened out her front teeth so they were a little more even. I found it funny and a little sad that my 2 year old was already having "cosmetic surgery."  Luckily there were no infections in any of the teeth so none of them had to be extracted.  I guess our little Penny has extra sensitive teeth, and we need to be extra thorough from here on out.

She never stopped crying and refused every Popsicle and juice we offered her. So they let us leave, and she screamed for about a half our in the car before she fell asleep (only 10 minutes from our house, of course).

But, the point is that she FELL ASLEEP.  WithOUT the deebee.  Which has never been done, well, since the beginning of her life. Unforuntely she woke up when we got home, and didn't go back to sleep.  I tried putting her down for a nap as she was beyond tired, and was met with an hour long protest, begging for her deebee.  Finally, I went to her and said, "It's just a stupid piece of plastic that has cost me $2000!!! You don't need it!!!"  And then, silence!  She actually went to sleep!!  It wasn't her best nap, but it was some serious progress.

She also put up a fight at bedtime, but again, was able to sleep without it.  She's slowly getting better and better, and will hopefully soon just forget about it. In the end, the binky was great, but it was selfish of me to not take it away sooner.

Pen is back to her normal, silly self (she just mooned me and said, "HA HAAAA!") and I'm glad that's all over with.  Hopefully we'll have much better luck with her teeth in the future.  We've certainly had a rough start.