Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Great Adventure Part 2: Barcelona

Continuing on this very large task...

We finally arrived in Spain after a long several hours of travel.  It was great to finally be in a destination.  We immediately looked for an ATM to get some euros.  Once equipped with some cash, we very easily caught a cab, and were happy that we had Drew & Julie to split the cost with because it added up really quickly!

Drew found his knowledge of Spanish was very adequate, and was able to hold a conversation with the cabby the whole drive to our hotel!  It was very handy having an interpreter, so good job, Drew!

Our hotel we stayed at was included with our awesome deal.  The Abba Sants was very impressive, and let me tell you, that bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever layed in ever in my life. Though, after traveling that long, a cardboard bed probably would have been just as wonderful.

Lovely, king-sized bed.

A toilet and something we Americans don't have much use for.

Jeff immediately consulting his notes and maps.

Taking a shower after nearly a day of traveling is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

The Grahams were just one window away!

It took everything in me not to just stay here.

Jeff came prepared with appropriately themed shirts for nearly every day.

We were patiently waiting for D&J to finish freshening up.

We took a quick rest before we cleaned up and set out on our way around Barcelona. Our hours were numbered in this awesome city and we wanted to get everything out of it we possibly could.

The metro was right next to our hotel, so we decided that was the most efficient way to get around.  We were very impressed with the clean and updated state of the public transportation.  We were not very impressed with bare-chested breast implant ads plastered on the wall.  Oh, Europe!

We first stopped by the Sagrada Familia.  It was very awesome to see all these things I had learned about in my art classes.  Things I never thought I would see in my lifetime were right in front of me.

There was a lot of this jumping and dancing everywhere we went.  I just couldn't believe I was gallivanting around Europe!

 Of course we had to enjoy some Spanish tapas.  We found a nice looking restaurant called Tapa Tapa while walking around, and stopped in to eat.

 I knew we were in for a treat because the restaurant was well branded.

 Jeff couldn't be leave Spain without tasting some jamon.
 Our travel companions!  You can see the menu in front of them there.  It was cool because us English speakers could see what we were ordering :) (Though, Drew offered helpful translations of whatever we couldn't figure out.)
 Here is some tomato brushed toast.
 Everywhere we ate it seemed that Julie enjoyed some tomatoes and cheese.
 And also mushrooms.  I never knew about your love of mushrooms, Julie!
 So much tapas!!
 Since we were tucked away in the back of the restaurant, we didn't even realize that the rain in Spain had moved far from the plain, and into the city.  It was absolutely pouring.  We finally just booked it to the metro, getting absolutely soaked in the process.

Although there was still SO much we wanted to do, the rain really put a damper on things and that bed back in the hotel was sounding PRETTY tempting after a few days of no sleep and traveling.  I really wanted to take a nice hot bath in the soaking tub, but sleep got the best of me.  We passed out on that king bed watching spanish-dubbed wipe-out.

Fortunately, we had a good solid morning to knock out a few more sites before embarkation.

Barcelona was awesome, and Jeff and I have already resolved to go back there as soon as possible to explore the city some more.  It was definitely one of our favorite places we went on this trip.