Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The end of an era.

We always knew this day would come, but it always seemed so far away that I never thought it would REALLY come. But here we are, and Emily, KC, and the triplets are gone off to Colorado.  There are no words to properly express the awesomeness of these past few years, but I can give you an idea. Hopefully it will make sense as my brain is as scattered as the piles of boxes and baskets strewn through out our new home.

Living in the same house as your sister has some serious perks (just to clarify as some may be confused- we have two completely separate apartments.  We do not live together, we just rent two apartments in the same house. Two kitchens, two bathrooms, you get the picture. The only thing we share is a laundry room.)  We have enjoyed dinner swapping, shared lunches, even breakfasts. Easily splitting a babysitter for double date nights, or having live-in, FREE babysitting whenever needed. A lot of ingredient borrowing happened (Emily is always well stocked with butter among other things.) and we were always giving each other rides here and there.  We loved leaving the men with the kids and going out shopping or to dinner for a much needed girls night.

Our children always had someone to play with, and the whole house was at our disposal if they needed a change of scene.  We always had fun playing games or having movie nights.  And of course, I don't think I need to explain how awesome it is having a certified pastry chef living above you.  There were a lot of times on outings when one of us would forget our wallet, but had each other to pick up the tab. Impromptu grocery or library runs were so convenient with someone to leave Penny with.  I think other moms out there can attest to the sometimes tedious nature of raising a toddler, but it has been SO much more fun having Em around to liven things up and keep us busy.  Emily was always coming up with new ideas and places to go to.  We had the same friends, drove together everywhere. Holidays were always more fun with the Robinsons right upstairs.  And of course, I'm sure my parents appreciated us being in one house when they visited.

That is just a small recap of all the awesome things about living by your sister.  That has been our life for the past 2 1/2 years, so we're going to have quite an adjustment to make.  In the week that the Robinsons have been gone, Penny has persistently asking when the kids are coming back, or asking where Mimi is.  I keep explaining that they moved far away to Colorado, and we won't see them for a while, and she sighs and says, "I just have to miss them..."  That's right, Penny.

Now, for pictures:

Playing with the window.

Can you spy Nana?
Last tub picture of all these kids together.

Saying goodbye to KC :(

 There may have been hideous pictures taken... and this was the only one I dared show. (Forgive me, Emily! It could have been a lot worse, you know...)

Mom refused to participate.

Emily gave us this Salt & Pepper matryoshka. It went perfectly with our borscht we had the other night.

Penny was so sad to lose her Mimi.
We miss these silly faces.

And lots of hugs.

It was nearly impossible to get a picture of these four kids together.

Goodbye hugs.

Unwanted goodbye hugs.

Trying to keep it together.

My final picture with these three little guys.
 It is crazy to think they were all only this big when we first moved out here!

Penny got increasingly upset. She was crying hysterically as they drove away.


Goodbye high-five.

Good thing that solar flare is there, because I was simply crying my eyes out.

Saying goodbye to my little babies.  I feel like they are my own children.
Final goodbye...
So, there are lots of fun pictures!  We miss our family so much, but we are glad they are having big, exciting changes.  We have had lots of changes ourselves, which will be documented soon enough...