Monday, July 15, 2013

Picture post! March and April recap.

Hello little neglected blog. Boy have we been busy. I can't remember a time when I have been this busy before. But it is all good things, and we have been having lots of fun. Some recent highlights are:

-We went to see Lacie down in Virginia and went camping in Shenandoah. That trip is much deserving of its own post, and hopefully I will get around to that soon. It was our first time taking Penny camping, and overall we had a great time. It was also so much fun to see Lacie for just a little bit on our side of the country!

-I started doing deep water aerobics classes with my friends Kira and Rachael at the PG Sports and Learning Complex. We are enjoying it SO much, even if it is only twice a week for a month. Such  a low impact work out, but we definitely work up a sweat.

-We are excited for our upcoming trip to Utah!

-I have been keeping busy with clients here and there. I am trying to ease back a bit because I miss being just a mommy, and I really miss having the time to explore my own projects. I have an eternally long list of personal projects I want to do.

I guess the best way to talk about everything else is through pictures...

Here's March:

Penny loves helping out on the kitchen whenever she can. It is especially nice when I am doing the dishes and she is always volunteering to help.

 Emily came to town for the Rock and Roll half marathon she had signed up for before she moved. It was fun to have her back again!

 Penny's hair is getting longer and thicker than ever.
 We took a little trip to NYC. Jeff had a conference to go to, and we thought we'd bum along for. We took the bus up there and stayed in a nice hotel in the Flower district. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and rainy, and both Jeff and my phones were on the fritz so we were a little cold and lost a lot of the time. We left a little miffed at the city, but perhaps someday we'll give it another chance. Also, I was used enjoying the free venues and museums of Washington DC, so I had a bit of sticker shock.

 At least Pen got to play on the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz.
 And we certainly didn't pass up street dogs and pretzels.
 Penny doing her best "Statue of Liberty" impression.

 This blasted playground saved our lives. Penny was so, so, so bored and I was about to lose my mind if we didn't find something kid friendly besides a giant, overpriced toy store. We stumbled upon this park and it saved the day. It may have been freezing cold, but none of us cared.
 We also went to the Museum of Natural History. It was pretty cool, but I feel like the free one in DC is very comparable. It kept Pen happy, I suppose.

The story of getting home from NYC was a sad one filled with delayed buses, freezing rain, looking homeless waiting for the bus under scaffolding in the ghetto, drying our wet coats in the McDonald's bathrooms, barely making the last metro home from Union Station in DC, and then by some miracle finding a cab in the middle of the night in Cheverly to get us home from the station. It might be a while before we venture back to New York...


I jump at any opportunity to take pictures of my little Penny. She looked adorable in her little French dress that we bought on our cruise. It was finally warm enough to wear it! And it was also Easter.

Jeff's Aunt Jolene invited us over for dinner. We also love a little jaunt over to Virginia, and enjoy the fun conversation and delicious food. The boys had a cross bow, and Jeff was eager to sharpen his skills for the zombie apocalypse. We've been watching a lot of Walking Dead...

So that was March!

We were invited to our friend Melody's birthday party! Penny is finally old enough to know how exciting and fun parties are, so this was a much anticipated event. Here's a picture Sarah snapped of some of our friends in the ward.
 We tried to enjoy the nice weather before it got too hot around here. Pen and I had lots of picnics together.
 She posed herself for this picture.
 Feeding ducks is always a highlight.

Jeff's parents came to visit! It is always fun when people make the effort to come all the way out to the East Coast, because we know how out of the way it can be. But we had lots of fun with trips to the Alamo, the Amish Market, the Arboretum, downtown, etc.

 We visited the Playseum in Chevy Chase. It was cool, and Penny had a great time. With a little TLC, that place has some serious potential. 

 It was also really close by the Temple!
 Jeff took Penny to a Young Men camp out just for the evening. She had hot dogs and s'mores and thought it was pretty awesome. She was totally bummed when she realized they were not going to be sleeping over. But Jeff made it up to her by setting up our tent in the front room. She thought it was one of the coolest things we have ever done. I also enjoyed having my bed to myself just for one night :)

 Our friends Rachael and Steve invited us to the Columbia Stake's annual Rose Ball. I believe Cami and Jake were avid attendees of this dance back in their MD days. Rachael and Steve performed two ballroom numbers and did a lovely job. It was fun to dress up for a night and enjoy some dancing with Jeff. The refreshments were also superb.

Next up, our trip with Rachael and Steve to the Florida Keys! More on that soon.