Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 Months!

Happy 3 months baby boy!

-More and more Link is talking and cooing at us. It is especially cute when it is combined with smiles and giggles.

-He likes to suck on his hands lately, which is cute.

-When he is fussy, I just belt out some Broadway songs and it gets him smiling again. He really likes the loud singing for some reason.

-He still spits up quite a lot, and has tummy troubles that make him sad. But we're working through it, and I think he is going to grow out of it soon enough. But otherwise he seems healthy in all other ways and is steadily gaining weight. He likes to be held most of the day which can be challenging, but it won't last forever, right?

-Diaper changes are among his favorite times of the day. He can be screaming his guts out and then I take off that diaper and he'll calm right down, and even start smiling and talking to me.

-Another favorite thing is bath time. He'd stay in there all day if I let him. I usually have to drain and refill the water 3 or 4 times because it gets cold while he is still in there.

-Penny is still so happy to have this baby around. She is seriously the best helper, and can even change diapers all by herself now, and wants to be involved with everything. She still takes a 2-3 hour afternoon nap as well, which means if I can get Link down at the same time, I can get lots of work done!

-He does pretty well with nights. We normally get him down for the night around 8-9ish, and he'll sleep until 2-4ish, and then until 7. I can't complain as this is a vast improvement from a few weeks ago, when he'd wake up every hour and a half. Now if I could get to sleep before 12, this would be even MORE awesome...

-We try to get out of the house most days. We have a standing appointment to go to Ikea every Tuesday, and we frequent Aldi, Target, Costco, & Wegman's to see what is on clearance sales. Chick-fil-a is also our favorite hangout (free wifi and a play area!). If we're really feeling adventurous, we'll head to Annapolis for the free daycare and shopping. It seems that Link really likes to be around crowds and out of the house. When it isn't insanely freezing, we even head downtown to see Jeff at his new office. We also go to preschool, dance lessons, and have lots of friends we like to play with.

Now, pictures!

My boys.

 Finally was able to catch some smiles today! He loves that singing.

 I love his round little face. He looks a lot like Penny these days (minus the hair).
Some fun B&Ws.

 (This one is from 3 months ago. Babies grow so fast.)
She is constantly asking to hold him.

In some ways it seems like time has gone by so quickly, but also very slowly at times. Link is so much different than Penny. While we love this little guy's guts, it has been one of the most trying times of my life.

There are the very long days where he won't sleep at all, and cries non-stop from the time he's awake until he goes down at night. Often times he is inconsolable, and I just sit there defeated and helpless with a writhing baby in my arms, crying along with him. It hurts so much because all I want to do is comfort and love him, and ease whatever is making him so sad. And Jeff not getting home until 10 pm for half of the week doesn't help. And I wish more than ever that I lived closer to family.

But then there are the better days, where I figure out a magical way to get him to sleep for longer than 5 minute stretches, and he takes several naps and is a happy, smiley baby. I can get work done and the house clean. Penny and I happily play together, with Link when he's awake or without him when he's asleep. It is quite a contrast. We have lots of friends too, who are so wonderful and caring. I'm so grateful to have good friends who make me feel better about living so far from my family and friends in Utah.

Either way, the most important thing I have been learning and remembering during this time is boy am I glad I have a Savior :) I want to give these kids the loving mommy they deserve, and often I slip up and make stupid mistakes, so thank goodness I have a loving Father that is forgiving and loving as well. When I begin to lose patience I go straight into prayer mode and try to put things into perspective and seek to feel the spirit. This practice has changed my hopelessness into joy and love. I'm happier, which means my family is happier, and life is easier. I am so grateful for the happy moments too, which are tender mercies indeed, and give me an opportunity to see how God has blessed us. What a learning experience this has been (and will continue to be!). Ah, life.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Months

We're finally back from California after being gone for over a month! We had an awesome time, and I loved all the help and support from family and friends during this transitional time. I will have to do a post about that trip all on its own, but for now, I wanted to jot down Link's stats as we went to the doctor yesterday.

Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz (30th percentile)
Height: 24 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 13.5 (35th Precentile)

Doc says he is growing nicely and normally.

Link now about 9 weeks old, or just over 2 months. We blessed him on Sunday the 29th of December in California as all of Jeff's family was around for the occasion. Baby has been a little less fussy than his first month, but certainly still has his moments. The poor thing has really painful gas issues, it would appear. We are looking forward to him growing out of this :)

Link can also be found cooing and smiling more often now. The other day while wearing him in the moby, he looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile. So sweet! He was an angel child the whole flight home from California (as was his sister). He maybe cried 5 minutes of the whole trip, and slept or kicked around for the rest of it.

He had his first long stretch of sleep about a week ago, sleeping from about 11 pm to 6:45 am. He has yet to do it again, but we were grateful for the glimpse of what is yet to come! For now we're making do with the three hour stretches.

This little guy loves the water. Whenever he is going nuts, all we have to do is stick him in the tub or shower and he calms right down. He doesn't mind the shower coming directly onto his face at all, or the splashes of the tub, he just loves the water so much. He really enjoyed the hot tubs at both Grandparents' houses.

I really am missing all the help we got while in California and Utah, as I am still a little nervous about this whole two-kids thing, but we are slowly getting into a groove. I would be completely lost without Jeff, who works so hard to keep me sane and to entertain these kids. He never hesitates to relieve me of a crying baby or play with an antsy Pen. He never complains when I wake him in the night to take over baby duty. Jeff is such a great daddy to these kids.  He makes up everywhere I lack as a mother, and then some.

Penny is still ever so much in love with Link, and can't stop talking about how she loves being a big sister and how she thinks he is just so cute. She tells everyone we come across how she is his big sister, and she is so proud of that.

We love this little guy so much! Happy 2 months.