Sunday, February 02, 2014

Lincoln at the Lincoln

We've discovered that Link is most happy when he is out of the house. Now we try to get out as much as possible. That has been a little difficult lately since our weather has been FREEZING and snowy lately, see?

But we finally had a few warm days that melted this wet, cold snow and allowed us to get out!  We decided since it had been a while since we trekked to the Mall, we'd head that way. Plus on Saturdays we can drive in with less traffic and more parking and not have to take the metro. It is so quick in the car. If we hit all the lights right, we can get there in less than 15.

We felt it appropriate to take Link to the Lincoln Memorial. We normally don't go there anyway since it isn't by any metro stop and it is a pretty long walk, but we found a good parking spot.

There were lots of people there, most likely enjoying the nice weather. This isn't really tourist season, so I was surprised to see such a big crowd. Though, not nearly as crowded as the summer. Yikes.

 (Notice his hat says Lincoln? Sis. Moore, a senior missionary serving in our ward make those for all the babies. Adorable, right?!)

These next pictures make me very proud of how my child is turning out. Ah, Pen. We love you.
So that was our grand day out. We discussed our hopes of frequent picnics and play times on the Mall this year when the weather gets better. Jeff works just a couple blocks away, and we have met up with him after work in the past for fun. Hopefully we'll follow through!