Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Sunday and some new art.

Easter came up real fast this year, having only been back less than a week from our trip. We didn't really have time to find the perfect Easter outfits, but them I remembered the adorable little shirt Jeff's family had sent Pen for her birthday. I threw together a few more things and our kids actually looked put together on Easter.

I also have found a few spare moments here and there to create some art!!! It is some kind of miracle. It is mainly because Penny wanted a coloring page of herself, and that got me in the drawing mood.

 Penny coloring it looked like fun, so I did it too.
 I then wanted to try drawing something a little less cartoony and ended up with this. It looked a little creepy not colored, so I went all out with the photoshopping. Someday I will have time for my art again...

6 months!

Little guy is now 6 months.

So much is changing for the better! Here are some bullets:

-We still only get a few hour stretches of sleep at night (he is up 12, 2, 4, 6 most nights), and naps are spotty at best, but crying time has decreased a huge amount. I feel like the probiotics are really helping with that.

-We finally got him to take a binky, thank the heavens. We can sometimes stave off a middle of the night feeding with it.

-He is a good boy now when we go on outings, and happily rides in the cart. Our IKEA trips are much more pleasant.

-He loves playing with toys, and chews on everything. His right tooth has popped out, and the left is soon to follow. He will bite you HARD if you aren't careful.

-This guy rolls all over the place now! I'm sure crawling isn't that far off. Yikes!

-Link is the tickliest guy ever. He does the cutest little gut laugh when you squeeze his legs or even rub his back. For the fussy baby he is, he certainly love to laugh.

-He is also very snuggly. When you hold him he will nuzzle right into your neck and wrap his arms around you.

-The free standing bouncer is one of his favorite places. He will jump like crazy pants in that thing.

-He eats lots of solids, mostly things like cereal, sweet potatoes and pears. I found a hoard of crazy cheap baby food pouches at Big Lots one day which have been awesome.

-Bathtime is still Link's most favorite time. He soaks the entire room with his joyful splashing.

As tough as these past few months have been, I am so grateful to have a healthy, adorable baby boy. It is bittersweet that these days are going by so quickly, but I feel like time passing is making things a lot easier. Someday these sleepless nights and days and nights will be behind us, so I am trying to enjoy all the happy moments we have and savor them.



April 2014

And then April happened. Lots more hanging out with friends, eating at delicious restaurants, out doors activities, etc. We feel like Link has made some big improvements over the past month. Since we were there, he has become a lot less fussy, has started to actually take naps (however short they may be...) and sleep better at night. We tried out some probiotics, which we think have really helped the little guy out. He also has been eating lots of solids like a champ, rolling over, babbling and playing with toys, which has helped too. I don't think I could have survived these past few weeks without the help of Mom and Dad, especially with Jeff's night classes. As cute as little Linky is, I was just out of ideas on how to help him, and the change of scene and helping hands made a huge difference in our quality of life. Anyway, onto the pictures!

Since all of us siblings were here, we thought we'd call in a few favors from one of Dad's awesome friends. We got a huge inflatable slide right in our front yard for 3 days! We used that thing like CRAZY!! We set it up at around 11 am, and the kids didn't stop playing until 7pm. They slept very well that night.

 Mom even used it for her work out. She went up and down 20 times, which really is a crazy work out!

 Even Link had a few slides.
 We had to then say goodbye to our cousins :(Gone are the days when goodbye meant going downstairs. We are SOSOSO happy we go to see the Robinsons again. Thank you for all the sacrifices and troubles you went through to come!

 Matt had a couple of three wheelers and a tire swing at The Property that he invited us to come play on. Even Jason and Emma joined us for the evening. Pen had such a good time she didn't want to leave!

 We went to ... Hang Time? I forget the name. But it is a giant place with tramps and foam pits, etc. Us adults were free, and Pen was only $6. We went a little earlier, so the place wasn't all that crowded. I wasn't expecting to have so much fun here! Penny was fearless jumping into the pits. She even did the biggest drop, which I was even a little hesitant to do.

On the picture below, I told her to do a pose on the tramp. I meant do a jump or something, but she naturally did this. Pfffft.
 That's better!

Julie was participating in a triathalon and we tagged along to cheer her on.

 Drew was my test subject for my pics.
 She had to run 3 laps around the city block.
 First lap
 Second lap.
 A winner's jump! Way to go, Julie! We then went and stuffed our faces at Tucanos.
 So, going back in time since I am too lazy to rearrange these...

Back when Em was still visiting, we took our kids to Ikea with the Rejholecs. We had 7 kids in tow, and for the most part were very well behaved!
 Penny and Woody are making the same face in this picture.
 Of course we had a sister's night out! We ate some J Dawgs (SECRET SAAAUUUUUCE!) and ended the evening with some much needed pedicures. Mom was so sweet and entertained Link while we finished up. Eventually, mom got hers done too so we ended up passing link back and forth down the line of sisters in massage chairs. Luckily he was a good boy.

 We took advantage of our pass of all passes and went ice skating. I was surprised at how well all the kids did. I took a few spills attempting to do some moves I learned back in my college days when I took an ice skating class. I wish I could ice skate more, it is one of my favorite things.

 It was WONDERFUL having our daddy back. Link missed those fuzzy kisses.
 Mom's newest hobby is running a Little Free Library! She and dad built the cutest little library that is now in the front yard awaiting lendees! We made a logo to put on all her books and things. So legit!
 For Cami's birthday, we all went to eat at Golden Corral (we decided a buffet would best accommodate all the different diets present.) and enjoyed some shopping at the mall.

 Wouldn't be a trip to Utah with out some biking on the Murdock Trail.

 Penny really misses seeing her Uncle Matt almost every day.
 Fussy face.
 Nicole's husband Garrett came up with a very intricate version of the game Quidditch! It is basically dodgeball, soccer, and steal the flag all in one. Once we got the gist of it, it was really quite fun! I was terrible at most positions I played, but even still.

 We enjoyed the half price pastries at Kneaders a little TOO much...

 Then we sadly said goodbye and we were on our way back home. The flights went amazingly well with Penny entertaining herself completely and Link sleeping almost the entire time. Blessings!
 But boy was I glad to see this again!
What a much needed and fun trip we had. I am forever in debt to my family and friends for all the help they were to us. It has helped me survive this really super challenging time. I can't wait until our next trip out west!