Thursday, April 17, 2014

Much needed help...

So I guess I missed the 4 month post... and we are well into 5 months. Just for fun, here's some 4 months pictures. I decided to include a picture of Link's sad face to be historically accurate.
We have spent the last month in Utah out of complete necessity. Jeff still had a month left of night classes every other night, and I was completely defeated by this adorable yet insanely inconsolable baby. Throw in a little postpartum issues, and I was a wreck.  I called in reinforcements, and mom came running to my aid. After months of sleepless nights it was nice to have a little relief. I'm serious when I say sleepless nights. This boy has never slept a longer stretch than 1-2 hours in a row. EVER. Day or night. I hear all of your calls for me to sleep train... but this boy isn't being defiant. He has lots of pain and reflux and other things that keep him up. :( He wants to sleep, but he just can't. And not sleeping makes him even more fussy that he already is. So, we were basically just all going crazy.

With mom out in DC, I was scared for her to go home since Jeff still had lots of classes and I didn't feel like I could handle Link (it sounds so silly, not being able to handle a tiny little 15 pound baby). We decided the best thing to do was to go back to Utah where I had lots of reinforcements and help to get us through this (hopefully) temporary fussy stage.

We luckily found an awesome deal on tickets, and leaving Jeff behind left on March 11th for Utah. He planned to meet us there in a month or so (we hadn't bought return tickets yet).
 Kids did awesome on the plane, ironically. Link slept almost the whole time, and only fussed a little bit. Maybe I should just live on an airplane to keep him happy? We had what was supposed to be a small layover in Denver but got delayed an hour and a half. Link started to fuss in the last hour of our trip, so I count it a success as he would have done great had we been on time.

Already things were improving once we got here (minus the huge inconvenience of not having Jeff around). Mom and Dad have been so, so helpful constantly with Pen and Link, as have all of my siblings and friends. I have loved being able to visit everyone and hang out with my girly friends like old times. Link has still been pretty fussy, but I feel like we are making improvements. And it helps a lot that I have some relief and breaks through out the day. Now, if we could just get some sleep in the night. Someday!

I read about some probiotic colic drops online, and heard some good things from friends and decided to give them a try. So I invested the $30 for the tiny vial and started giving them to Link. I think it has made a HUGE difference! I don't think it is a coincidence, his behavior improved a considerable amount, and started taking better naps. I was hesitant to fork over the money for a tiny bottle of medicine was wasn't even sure would work, but now I feel stupid for not doing this sooner! Especially if it makes Link feel better. Poor little guy was suffering.

Well, a month has passed and we have Jeff back with us. YAAAAAY! We have less than a week until we go home (BOOOO) and I am still a little nervous, wondering if I will be able to get a grip on everything. But Jeff's classes are over now, and it is spring so we aren't stuck inside all the time. Hopefully things will be better. I just love being around my family so much. And Penny has had an INCREDIBLE time with all her cousins. There are just so, so many cousins to play with.

So now, I will use picture to recap my trip:

I love visiting with my besties, Nicole and Lacie. I especially enjoy the company of the charming Jack. That kid is... the best.
 We also love playing with our cousin Nora lots. She is the polar opposite of Link, with an adorably happy temperament and a solid sleep schedule. Well done, Cami!

Cami's house is also lots of fun, and I'm glad we got to play there before she moves out in a few weeks into their even more awesome new house! Link appreciated this swing.

Of course we have been spending lots of time with Uncle Drew and fam.
 And eating Wingers.
 And playing with our other hilariously cute cousin Charlie.
Triple Graham! Lincoln Graham Ribs, Charlie Graham, and Graham Lawyer.
The neighbors moved their horses right next to our yard! Penny could often be found climbing that fence to pat them on the head.
 We participated in a VERY windy 5k. The last leg was basically us just walking against the crazy winds. But, I discovered the BEST running song.

Nicole graciously let us borrow her supa deluxe swing, which saved our lives. He loved this thing.
 There were lots of lovely days for enjoying the park.
 And going for walks.
 Several trips to IKEA were made. We found these great hats for $1.50.
 We ran into unexpected peeps at the mall!
 Last picture of my long hair before...
 My sister in law Emma gave me a hair cut!
 Tada! I LOVE it. I wish I had cut off that stringy mess months ago. I have lost so much hair this time around post-birth, it was just getting ridiculous.

Someone else got their hair cut too!

 We also enjoyed spending time with Jason and Emma.

 More cousin times with Nora! And Amber looking as glamorous as ever.
 I made some bread pudding one night, which I think was one of my best ever.
 Here's mom using a clever tactic to keep baby calm and get some exercise in.
 Penny discovered how to pump, and spent many hours on the swings.
 This is a accurate depiction of the last month.
 Penny thought the Froyo was the coolest. I loved the spoons for feeding Link.
 I got to spend a lot of time with my besties. Wish I could have spent a lot more time with them. Sigh. If only we lived closer to each other...
 Nearly every night ended up with 2 sleeping companions. There went my hopes of having a king size bed to myself.
 I finally found time to head up to Salt Lake to visit the Cheneys. Every time I visit, I want to hide just like old times so I don't have to leave. How many times did we plant ourselves in each others' cars in protest of having to go home? Every time. That's how many.

Pen got the full-blown Cheney experience with 3 wheeler rides and candy from Daryl.
 We loved seeing Matt and Jack over so often now tha the lives down the streeeeeet!
 I somehow managed to burn off my hair with a blow dryer (?????). I was very upset because I already have lost so much hair, I don't have much to spare these days.
 Being away from daddy for an entire month was not awesome. We face timed every moment we could.
 And then Emily and the triplets came to town!!! This is the first time in over a year seeing this little kids. I mean BIG kids! They grew so much since we last were together.
 These two didn't take long to become reacquainted.

 We decided to recreate this picture of the Graham baby boom.

 It was easier the first time.

 It seemed like there were kids falling out every nook and cranny of this house.
 Penny wanted to direct her own photo shoot. This is what she came up with. Thank you to the willing participants of the shoot.

 I designed a new cellphone case! I love it every time I look at my phone!
 Hot tub times were constantly happening.

 As were Uncle Matty times.

 Penny was struggling focus on eating her food, so we tried some Mrs. Piggle Wiggle techniques on her, making her plates smaller and smaller. It was effective, for the most part!
 We also played a few spy games.
And that is it for March in Utah! Now there is half of April to get to, with more crazy adventures and hopeful Link updates! But we'll end here for now. Looking at all these made me miss everyone all over again. Sigh.

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