Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Months

We survived seven months! Seriously, it is quite the accomplishment. As wonderfully precious as little Link is, this has been the most challenging months of my life. I never knew how hard it would be to have a fussy baby but now I feel for every mom out there who has ever had a fuss face like this guy. Good thing he is so darn cute...

About our little Link at seven months:

-He is eating lots of different foods. His favorites are sweet potatoes and peas. He doesn't love the cereals, but he gets them down. We recently introduced little puffs and soft finger foods. He especially loves those.

-Unfortunately he still spits up (or pukes, more accurately) quite frequently, and since he is eating the more solid foods, it seems a lot messier. It feels like he should be keeping it down better?

-This little guy is crazy ticklish. Basically touching anywhere on his chubby little body will make him squirm with laughter. In fact, even just looking at him makes him laugh. The other day, I just touched my nose to arm and he was reduced to fits of giggles.

-As much as he loves to laugh, he also cries so much. I'm hoping this is a symptom of teething. 7 straight months of crying is taking its toll on mommy and daddy... Moreso mommy. Penny said the other day, "Daddy and me can go to a place for happy people, and mommy and Link can go to a place for sad people."  Sigh.

-Sleeping is our main challenge with Link. His naps are inconsistent and non-existent some days, and his night schedule is, well, not ideal. After several solid weeks of strict yet unsuccessful sleep training, we've resigned to the fact that our baby just is one of those babies who wakes up every 2-3 hours. He goes down around 7:30, and then as if he has a built in alarm, wakes up at 12, 3, 5:30 and 7:30. He absolutely will not go so sleep unless he eats, and even then, we're lucky if he goes back down easily. Some nights he just fusses between his 3 to 5 wakings. Jeff and I take turns sleeping on the couch these nights. Although, Jeff sleeps so heavily that he often times he'll just sleep right through the crying. If only I were so lucky. We often try to let him cry it out, but give in after close to 2 hours of crying. We need sleep, after all, and it takes 2 minutes of breastfeeding to put him back to sleep.

-When he does sleep well, it is because we have put him (safely) on a bed, in the softest, squishiest blankets. He loves to be cozy.

-Penny and Link are great friends. Penny said the other day, "I'm so glad we have Link. I wanted a brother so much before he was born, and I'm so happy we have him now. It is so much better now that he's here." I think so too, Pen.

-We're in the middle of extreme teething. All four of his front top teeth are coming down fast, with the far right and right middle already popped out. It looks rather painful, so this surely is the cause of some of his sadness.

-Link is pretty much crawling now. He gets up in his downward-facing-dog position so naturally, then pulls his legs in, an collapses forward. He gets around pretty quick this way, and he'll get into full crawling position on all fours but still has yet to figure out the coordination. I'm in no hurry for him to work that out.

-This little guy loves to snuggle, and boy, is he snuggly. He nuzzles you so sweetly into your neck, and gives the sweetest little hugs and squeezes. I need to remind myself to enjoy this little precious moments, because even though this is a hard time in our life, I know I will miss my tiny little guy as he grows up so quickly.

I couldn't just pick a few of my favorites from my photoshoot with Link today, so I picked a LOT of my favorites...

Best be off to bed while baby is sleeping! Here's to another month!