Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boating Preview!

We took the boat out yesterday, and the kids had the BEST time (as did we). Lots of wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, and I tried wake surfing for the first time ever. We took over 800 pictures, so while we edit through those, enjoy this little preview.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Prepare for a picture overload!

First, we'll focus on these two peas in a pod.

 Seriously, though. These kids love each other like crazy. They always can make each other laugh- here's a great example:

I like to take little photo shoots of Linkers periodically. I realized I hardly had any nakie shots, to this commenced.

I often have to make sure I get a few pictures of me and my kids, as I am normally behind the camera.

Link is cruising all over the place. Not quite to a full crawl yet, but his worm-scoot is just as fast

We enjoyed the small window of time where it wasn't insanely hot and humid outside. If only it would last longer.
Penny had a dance rehearsal for her big recital coming up. Since they had us get all dressed up, I took advantage of my little spruced up sun to take some pictures. Oh, the little tapping is so cute.

Turns out Penny likes to pose for the camera...

We also were able to get a few shots of Penny and her friend Melody.
More random pics...

Trying to beat the peak of tourist season, we visited a few museums. Pictured below is obviously the Air and Space. I told Pen to pose for the pictures. She did not disappoint.

Link is a great snuggler. He loves his mommy, which is great and all, but sometimes a little taxing.

The park is great when it's not too hot. Link loves the swings (even though he's not showing it below).
We visited the National Arboretum with friends. I'm always grateful how close we live to this beautiful place!

We went to the truck touch AND Six Flags in one day! Very ambitious, but we have got to use our season passes as much as possible.

I drew this picture of Jeff, and Penny said I forgot his beard and added it for me.
We had a bring-a-friend-for-free day at Six Flags, so we had the Barkers join us!

Mother's Day! So begins the annual marathon of holidays. Jeff has Mother's Day, Anniversary, and my birthday all in a row! He never disappoints, ever.

This year he woke me up with mini omelets, and prosciutto asparagus pastries.

I bought myself a new dress for my present.

 And Jeff made an amazing dinner worthy of Iron Chef, especially that CAAAAAKE.
 Jeff shoved Pen's face in it. Har har.

Turns out one of Penny's teeth had died, resulting in an infection. So, it had to be extracted. I stewed and stewed over this for days, almost mourning the loss of the tooth. I had to smother my vanity and realize that my little girl's pearly whites weren't permanent anyway and she would still be just as cute as ever. And she is.

She did awesome at the dentist. The whole thing only took about 20 minutes, and she only said one "OUCH!" when they poked her with the needle. Understandable, as those make me cry.
A little comparison shot!
I am glad that we made it to 4 years without having to remove the teeth, because she is nearly to the age where it starts to happen naturally. We are extra, super careful with Penny's teeth since the incident when she was 2. She hasn't had a cavity since.

The tooth fairy came, and was extra nice since Penny had to get a tooth pulled.

Tis a rare occasion when Link actually takes a good nap. This day was one of those days, and I had to document it as proof that it CAN happen.
He's big enough to sit in the carts now!
Penny loves to crawl into the crib with Link, and he doesn't seem to mind.
We do lots of Chick-Fil-A runs these days to keep cool and sane.
One day we met Jeff downtown after work and went to the National Portrait Gallery, which has these really cool water scrims. Perfect and safe for kids to splash around in. Both kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Then we celebrated our 6th anniversary! Every year just gets better!! We dropped the kids off at the Barkers' house (thanks Kira!!) and did a few monuments by sunset before heading to dinner. DC really is a lovely and romantic city.

We ate delicious Greek BBQ style tapas.

Another comparison shot- our honey moon on top, 6 years later on the bottom.
Random pic of Pen in a little towel. Ha!

Then, finally it was my birthday! I made this giant cookie that we got sick from eating too much of.
Then, on my birthday Jeff told me to pack our bags and get ready to go on a surprise birthday trip!! I had absolutely no idea where we were headed, but knew it was ocean-related when we headed east on 50.
We ended up in Chincoteague! A sleepy little seaside town located on the edge of Wilderness Refuge and beach. It was the perfect little retreat just a few hours from home. Early enough in the season to beat the crowds, but warm enough to soak up some rays on the beach!

 This is the iconic lighthouse.
 They had lots of nature trails and look-out points. This place is a gold mine for birders, as it is a national bird refuge. We also saw 2 snakes, which caused me to almost toss my cookies and never leave the hotel room...

The beach was lovely! Plenty of shells to be had, not many people and soft sands to play in.

Link was a huge fan of the beach! The sand was delicious.

Since Chincoteague is famous for its wild ponies, the whole horse theme is a big selling point for the tourism circuit. So naturally, Pen was dying to ride a pony.

Aw, wild baby pony :)

"I believe I ordered the large ice cream..."
And that was May!