Tuesday, July 15, 2014

8 months

Happy (belated) 8 months to Link. Lots of changes have happened in these 8 months.

-Link's teeth are coming in strong. He has his 6, and is cutting some more! He likes to bite everything (OUCH).

-He is a lot more chatty these days with specific words. Lots of dadas and yayas. His favorite phrase is something like "ah bweee!" We think his "dada" is directed at Jeff, because he starts saying it whenever we pick up Jeff from the metro. Coincidence?

-Link is eating lots of solids- little bananas and mangos, peas, and lots of pureed anything. Those baby food pouches are a miracle invention for on the go (plus, Big Lots has all the name brand stuff for crazy cheap).

-This boy laughs at just about everything. When I am wiping his bum, when I buckle his seat belt, when I come around the corner, he is laughing at me. Penny especially loves this about Link.

-His favorite activities are (still) jumping in his bouncer, playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek, eating everything he finds on the floor, and playing outside. When we walk toward the door he squeals with excitement and starts jumping around.

-Once again, Link proved to be an awesome traveler. We made it on a cross country flight, plus several road trips with hardly a fuss.

-The bathtub is still his favorite place in the world. If I turn my back for one second, he is racing off toward the bathroom, pulls himself up and hits the inside of the tub hoping that I will fill it up for him.

-He is finally, FINALLY starting to sleep through the night. We have had quite a journey getting to this point. It has been extremely difficult living like we have, being constantly exhausted since the day he was born. I finally hit my breaking point and had to do something because I couldn't handlr one more night of waking up every two hours.

So, we attempted sleep training for the fourth time in his life. The first night, he woke up right on schedule at 11:30, and it took us until 1:30 to get him back down (I slept in the car for a good portion of this stretch) but he didn't wake up until 5:30!!! The next night we tried again, and this time it was only an hour and a half of crying time until he went back down, and again, slept until 5:30ish. The third night was only 20 minutes of crying, and only going in there to console him once. And last night he didn't wake up at all! (With the exception of Penny's nightmare crying waking him up once, but that would wake anyone up. He went back down after relatively quickly.) Woke up at 6:30! Ate, went back down until 9:30!!! A MIRACLE, my friends! I've been bouncing around all morning, happy as can be and more rested than I have been in months, or the last year, rather.

-We just love our little Link to pieces. While life can be challenging, we are so grateful for all the joy he brings to our lives. Now, cute pictures.

Hooray for 8 months!