Sunday, August 31, 2014

10 Months!

Little Link is not so little any more. Our big boy just passed the 10 month mark.

-He loves bananas, and usually eats a whole one by himself. He starts every morning by saying, "aaah nananananana" until we give him one. He can eat the pieces all by himself, which is a time saver for me. He is also a big fan of grapes these days (but who isn't, right?).

-He is still waking up at least once a night for a feeding, but it is a welcome change from how things used to be.

-Link is still obsessed with water. Bath time is the best!

-He has been wearing size 12m clothes for the past few months, and size 4 diapers. He is a round little guy.

-He will eat everything and anything he sees on the floor (like babies do) which is hard to keep up with. I am terrified a rogue cricket will end up in there one of these days.

-We have been playing with Penny's pop-up tent, which makes him giggle and scream, especially when we play peek-a-boo. He also likes to play chase around the food stool.

-Walking is not far off. Link stands up on everything, and has attempted to stand unsupported! I predict he'll start walking within the next month or two.

-He likes to read books and stories, and is really good about turning the pages.

-This little boy is still the best snuggler. He just cozies right up to you and nuzzles your neck.

That's all I can think of for the moment. He's such a cute little guy, we're glad we have him around.

 Gotta keep this door closed, or else we'll find him here 100% of the time. You can't be in the tub all day, Linkers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leaving California, and Bend Reunion

We road tripped up to the reunion in Bend, Oregon. To make the drive easy on the kids we made frequent stops. One of them was the beautiful Crater Lake. There was plenty of snow, which Penny was quite excited about.

 Of course we had to take some jumping pictures. It was fun to have my sister-in-law Emma join in the fun.

 We arrived in the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon. What a fun escape from reality! And Jeff has the most fun loving, welcoming family so it was fun to see everyone again and get to know others a little better.  All the Aunts and Uncles put so much hard work into these reunions, and we all appreciate it so much. There was constantly things to do. Crafts, art, games, river rafting, horse back riding, swimming, talent shows, pinatas, and of course delicious foods! I think Penny has never had so much fun in all of her life, especially being surrounded by several dozens of kids her age.
 Jeff and Jason worked hard to make these loom bracelets. The children on the other hand, whipped these things out in a matter of minutes.

We did paper bag skits, using random objects to do retellings of mashed up Disney stories. We had Cinderella and Aladdin.
 Here's Aladdin battling Jafar.
 Just as things looked grim, Cinderella used her last wish to defeat the evil sorcerer!
 Link is amused.
 Here's some washi tape journals I made.

Penny was a lucky girl to have her aunties pamper her and turn her into a princess! You can see the beautiful pictures of my little princess here. Penny loved the photo shoot, and was very serious about practicing her modeling and poses.

 One of my favorite parts was painting with Aunt Jolene. She is a very inspirational, accomplished artist and I was soaking in every piece of advice and wisdom she had to offer.

 A few of us adults joined a bunch of kids for a horseback trail ride! This was one of my favorite activities of the whole reunion. I felt myself remembering all my old lessons, and it made me want to take up riding again.

 The wee little ones were able to go on the ponies, which was adorable.
 Link didn't actually ride them, but he loved sitting on them.
 I should also mention that Link was very popular among the children. And he did not have a problem with that at all. This kid eats up attention.
 They had this awesome little trail to walk kids through with the ponies.

 Jeff and the others were bike riding while we were horseback riding and we crossed paths! He snapped some picture.

 Jeff and I were the official photographers of the reunion. The edited pictures are on the other computer, so you get them in the raw.

 All the grand/great grandkids above, and everyone below.
 The Rallison kids and Grandpa.

And Link.

 The talent show was very entertaining. Janna and Becky serenaded us all.
 And there was more than one break dancing routine.
 Which was obviously inspiring to Pen.
And we packed it up the next day. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures at the pool, as we were there almost every night. Also, we didn't have any pictures of our river rafting :( 

We were so glad we were able to make it out there. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it across the country (especially you, Jill and Randy! And Grandpa for putting us all up in really nice condos!). We had a blast, and can't wait to see everyone again.