Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My not so little girl.

I have been neglecting Penny of this blog ever so much, so I thought I would do a little highlight on my not-so-little girl. We also recently did a quick photoshoot, so I have picture to accompany the post.

Penny recently has exploded with creativity. I was a little worried this past year, as she wasn't very motivated to color/cut/paste/draw without a lot of pushing on my end. Even during the summer during art camp, she seemed uninterested in the art projects that her peers were working on. But, just a few weeks ago, suddenly she couldn't get ENOUGH of crafting. I can't print/draw coloring pages fast enough for her. Sometimes I just show her an idea from pinterest, and with out even explaining how to do it, she'll figure it out all by herself, making modifications as she sees fit by cutting out papers, using paper plates or wrapping paper, or any other materials she can find. I am very pleased that this is finally happening, because the panic was starting to set in that our girl wasn't artistically minded. Well, she proved me wrong :) Now, to ensure she's photoshop fluent by the time she's 8...

Pen is starting to read really well! We got her some simple rhyming books from the library (stop, pop, top) and showed her the basics of sounding out things, and would practice while driving around and reading the street signs and storefronts. Now she is reading things all by herself and even writing things by sounding them out (I had a chuckle when she wrote the classic 'luv' spelling the other day). She is absolutely DYING to go to school. I guess she'll just have to hold her horses while we do preschool here at home. We found some awesome school books in the $1 at Target, which she blew through in just a few days.

Recently Penny learned how to count all the way to 100. Lately, she likes to just pick random numbers, and then count up to them. It's a fun way to pass the time in the car.

We are very busy lately with activities. Currently Penny is doing soccer and dance class, and I had to cancel her swimming lessons because of a scheduling conflict with her soccer games. We'll save it for Winter. She loves all these activities, mostly for the socializing aspect. Making friends is one of her favorite things in the world.

One of my favorite things about Pen right now- she still takes a 3 hour nap daily. Yes, she is almost 5 and still naps from 2-5. It is one thing that I am sure to thank Heavenly Father for every single day. Two napping kids makes for a little more sanity in this house.

Penny is really awesome at riding her balance bike. I am a total believer in those things. She is definitely ready for a regular bike, and we'll hopefully be getting her one of those soon.

Her favorite show is My Little Pony, of course. I tried to hold off as long as I could, but there was no stopping it. She is just obsessed with it. Sigh. I guess it could be worse. I bet most people would call me crazy wishing she loved SpongeBob instead. I miss the Adventure Time phase of last winter. Is it too early to introduce Simpsons??

Pen is very helpful around the house. She helps clean the kitchen by sweeping and clearing the dishwasher. She is very good at cleaning her room (when I can get her to focus long enough to do it!) and loves to vacuum. If I gave her a rag and a spray bottle, she would wipe every surface in the entire house.

Our favorite places to go- the new park by our house, the kidcare at the Annapolis Mall, Aldi, IKEA (always and forever), friends' houses, and going downtown to see Jeff at work is probably the best day ever for her.

She is starting to become very independent, to the point where she doesn't like me to pick out her clothes anymore, especially because I usually choose pants and a "boring" shirt. She much prefers dresses and skirts. But I've just bought so many cute pants and shirts :(

Pen is the sweetest big sister to little Link. I asked her if she remembered what it was like without him around, and she said she can't even imagine it! When she hears him stirring from his nap, she loves to run in there and jump in the crib with him. Those two are such good buddies. They make each other laugh and play together so well. Of course we aren't without incidents here and there, but over all they're awesome.

We are well in the curiosity phase. Pen asks questions nonstop. She asks how houses are stuck to the ground, she asks if people can live older than 100 and what happens after that, she asks how babies come out at the hospital, she asks about money and how we get it and save it. She wonders about getting older and going to school, she tries to figure out how my phone works, there is never and end to her questions and curiosities.

She loves to quote her favorite shows. I wonder where she gets that from?

Often she'll want to do photoshoots with me. Yes, they are her idea most of the time. When I have the energy, I'll humor her. I suppose I've brought this upon myself. But she does know her way around in front of a camera, I'll say that much.

She is constantly asking for treats and snacks, which I usually deny her because she is so terrible about eating her meals. It takes her an hour just to eat a sandwich sometimes. I know I'm not alone here, and this is just a phase, but maaaaaaaan it drives me nuts sometimes. Penny's favorite foods are any kind of cheese (string, feta, goat, cheddar, etc.) and PB&J. She loves artichokes and avacados, peaches, mangos, and any other normal kid favorites. I realized though, I haven't made boxed Mac and Cheese in... years. It would probably blow her mind. I should pick some up next Aldi run.

Penny has the silliest sense of humor. Jeff and I are constantly laughing at her antics and quips. I'm enjoying this stage before she realizes she's so being funny. She will also talk your ears off. About everything that has ever happened to her. She will never stop talking.

I'm sure I could go on forever (ironic, following that last sentence), but I just wanted to capture the essence of little 4 1/2 year old Pen. What a silly head.