Monday, October 27, 2014

The Bahamaaaahhhhhhhs part 1

Often times, Jeff will send me crazy travel deals that he digs up, often times only as wishful thinking. When he sent me a crazy deal for the Bahamas, I got all sorts of serious and told him to go for it. After dealing with a fussy, colicky, non-sleeping baby for the past year, I was ready for a white sand vacation. Plus the price was very right, and the flights were straight out of DC (did you know it is only a two hour flight from here!?) so we planned it up and bought those tickets. The travel agent we worked with was quite astounded by the deal as well, at around $350 per person, which included air, four nights in a hotel, and all access to the Atlantis Resort.

After procrastinating getting our passports and a very stressful week before we left trying to get them here on time, we were all set to go! I was a little nervous that this trip seemed too good to be true, and something was bound to go wrong.

Well, nothing did. It was as great as I thought it would be. It was exactly what this exhausted, defeated mommy needed, and I never wanted to go home. Sigh. Now, for pictures.

We took the metro very early in the morning over to DCA. These kids were giddy with excitement.

 We flew Jet Blue and were very impressed. We didn't hear a peep from Penny the entire flight thanks to those personal screens with live TV.
 Goodbye dreary DC.
 Hello paradise!

When we landed we took a quick 30 minute taxi ride to Paradise Island. The whole island looked like a postcard!

Our hotel was literally steps away from the Atlantis Resort, but for a fraction of the cost. Plus we got free breakfast! We immediately put on our swim suits and headed to the Resort.

This place is INCREDIBLE. I would recommend it to anyone. Jeff said it was a combination of Disneyland and Las Vegas. Heavily themed, but not in a tacky way. It was also hurricane season, so crowds were very low and it only rained for about an hour the entire time we were there.

 There were 4 impressive aquariums. The main one had a little poster for kids to identify the fish. This was one of Penny's favorite things to do the whole trip.

 Jeff tagged this picture below with the official Atlantis hashtag, and it was chosen as their photo of the week! Way to go, Jeff!
 I think my favorite part was the beaches. Soft, white sand, crystal clear waters, gentle waves rolling it. It was literally the perfect beach. Link ate a lot of sand at first, then quickly learned it wasn't as delicious as it looked.


 This was a little marina of shopping and dining. It was right across from our hotel. We ate at Johnny Rockets and another fancier restaurant here. I can't recall what it was called...
The next morning we had our full breakfast of waffles, cereal, pastries, fruits, and juice and threw on our swim suits again and headed to the several pools and awesome water park. The Rapid River was probably one of my favorite things at the Resort. Jeff and I took turns taking Penny on the river, featuring lots of rapids, tunnels, 6 foot waves, and waterfalls. The slides were also awesome.

 There were two kids water parks, but one of them was closed for repairs. This one was definitely enough fun for us.

 Link was a good little guy for once in his life, and took a good pool-side nap every day.

 These pools were incredible! Penny also made lots of friends that kept her busy.

End of part 1.