Saturday, November 01, 2014

And then he was one.

I honestly am amazed we all survived to see this day. Saying this last year was rough is an understatement for sure. I can count on one hand the number of nights I have slept more than a 4 hour stretch in the past year. We have suffered through the unholy combination of postpartum depression mixed with a horrible case of colic. We live thousands of miles away from family and reinforcements.

And yet, this guy has been worth every minute of hardship.

Because for all the hard times, we have had just as many moments of joy and love from little Link.

Link lives life very intensely. He has the loudest, heartiest laughs (often vomit inducing). He has the snuggliest hugs. He is so curious about everything around him. He already shows a strong bond with his family, especially with Penny.

I've had many, many hours in the night spent holding and consoling this sensitive boy, and even during my hardest, darkest nights, I could feel God's love for both me and Link. This gracious gift of unconditional love has been the ultimate source of comfort and survival for our family this year. After all the mistakes I've made, the complaining, and sad thoughts, I am humbled by relief our Father's love gives me. I try every day to be the mother this sweet little boy deserves, and with all my failings there is still hope for all of us. Needless to say I've been learning a lot this year :)

Also a big shout out to Jeff for getting me through some crazy hard times. And also mom :)

With that out of the way, I'll move on to the other stuff!

-One of our favorite things Link does is he'll take our hand and just cover his face with it and just hold it there. Who knows why, he just likes it there.

-Link's vocabulary is steadily growing. His favorite words are: Nanas, Daddy, wheee!, uh-oh, no no no, and another sound we think is sounding like Penny.

-Still waking up several times in the night. I feel like weening this kid is going to be a hard time for all.

-Link still LOVES the water. He is a super star at his swim lessons.

-This kid knows how to snuggle. He has the sweetest coos and knows the perfect place to nuzzle into your neck. He also loves putting his forehead on mine. Silly kid.

-He is SO different from his sister when it comes to making messes. Penny hardly got into any thing and liked things tidy and neat. Link leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes.

-Link loves dancing and clapping to music. He gets SO excited when he hears a good song come on.

-His new favorite thing to do is point. The double point comes out if he is serious about it. Where ever we go, Link has to point out everything.

And now for a few more fun things I created for the big 1st birthday!

Keeping with tradition (who knows how long I can keep this up...) the 1st annual film of Link's life:

Link Year 1 from Elise Graham Ribeira on Vimeo.

And perhaps a new tradition, his 1st year illustrated infographic.
Happy birthday little buddy! Here's hoping mommy will survive to see another one!